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MARS: Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale****
MARS: Medford Association of Rocket Science****
MARS: Medieval and Renaissance Studies****
MARS: Message Archiving and Retrieval Service****
MARS: Microarray Analysis Retrieval and Storage***
MARS: Media Arts Research Studies***
MARS: Multimodal Adaptive Recognition System***
MARS: Multiple Active Results Sets***
MARS: Monitored Atherosclerosis Regression Study***
MARS: Multivariate Additive Regression Splines***
MARS: Massachusetts Afterschool Research Study***
MARS: Media Art Research Studies***
MARS: Microgravity Advanced Research and Support***
MARS: Medical Air Rescue Service***
MARS: Mid American Racing Series***
MARS: Multi Agent Robotic Systems***
MARS: Mobile Access and Retrieval System***
MARS: Marriage and Relationship Support***
MARS: Mason Archival Repository Service***
MARS: Mid America Racing Series***
MARS: Memory Array Redcode Simulator***
MARS: Mediterranean Agency for Remote Sensing***
MARS: Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval System***
MARS: Mini Aussie Rescue Support***
MARS: Mixed and Redundant Storage***
MARS: Massachusetts Association of Roadside Stands***
MARS: Migration Agents Registration Scheme***
MARS: Measurement and Research Services***
MARS: Member Audio Response System***
MARS: Monitoring Agriculture by Remote Sensing***
MARS: Memory Address Register Storage***
MARS: Modelling Animation and Rendering System***
MARS: Monuments at Risk Survey***
MARS: Mobile Access Retrieval System***
MARS: Machines Assisting Recovery from Stroke***
MARS: Microwave Accelerated Reaction System***
MARS: Management and Reporting System***
MARS: Marin Amateur Radio Society***
MARS: Michigan Animal Rights Society***
MARS: Monroe Astronautical Rocket Society***
MARS: Multi Area Reliability Simulation***
MARS: Martial Arts Research Society***
MARS: Membrane Aromatic Recovery System***
MARS: Maintenance and Recovery Services***
MARS: Metropolitan Amateur Repeater System***
MARS: Mid Atlantic Regional School***
MARS: Marine Animal Response Society***
MARS: Materials Analysis and Research Services***
MARS: Martial Arts Resource Site***
MARS: Molecular Adsorbent Recirculation System***
MARS: Modified Age Race Sex***
MARS: Multiple Adaptive Regression Splines***
MARS: Manuscript and Archives Reference System***
MARS: Midwest AllStar Racing Series***
MARS: Medical Archival Retrieval System***
MARS: Marquette Alger Resolution Service***
MARS: Master Agent Reporting System***
MARS: Medication Adherence Rating Scale***
MARS: Military Affiliated Radio Service***
MARS: Market Attitude Research Services***
MARS: Mid Air Retrieval System***
MARS: Multimedia Audience Research Systems***
MARS: Magic Analysis and Reconstruction Software***
MARS: Mittlere Artillerie Raketen System***
MARS: Memory Assessment and Research Services**
MARS: Moroccan Association of Researchers and Scholars**
MARS: Mesothelioma and Radical Surgery**
MARS: Mobile Autonomous Robot Society**
MARS: magnetic acoustic resonant sensor**
MARS: Medication Awareness Reporting System**
MARS: metal artifact reduction sequence**
MARS: Missouri Automated Radiology System**
MARS: molecular adsorbent recycling system**
MARS: Motor Activity Rating Scale**
MARS: mouse androgen receptor suppressor**
MARS: mouse anti-rabbit sperm**
MARS: Mobile Automatic Roadblock System**
MARS: Medical Access and Referral System**
MARS: Moss Attention Rating Scale**
MARS: Military Amateur Radio Service**
MARS: Maryland Artifact Recovery Society**
MARS: Meteorological Archival and Retrieval System**
MARS: Medical Accounts Receivable Systems**
MARS: Multi Agency Referral System**
MARS: Management Administrative and Reporting System**
MARS: Manitoba Association of Registered**
MARS: Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society**
MARS: Mutual Aid Radio System**
MARS: Maudsley Attention and Response Suppression**
MARS: Middlesex Advanced Rocketry Society**
MARS: Motor Agitation and Retardation Scale**
MARS: Multimodality Acquisition and Review System**
MARS: multivariate adaptive regressi on spline**
MARS: Management Accounting and Reporting System**
MARS: Military Affiliate Radio Station**
MARS: Marine Acoustic Research Ship**
MARS: Multiple Access Radio System**
MARS: Management Administrative Reporting System**
MARS: Mauritius Amateur Radio Society**
MARS: Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society**
MARS: Manarat Al Riyadh School**
MARS: Multipurpose Aiming Reflex Sight**
MARS: Medical Accounts Receivable Solutions**
MARS: Medical Automated Record System**
MARS: Men Against Rape Society**
MARS: Management and Reporting Systems**
MARS: Monotone Advection and Reconstruction Scheme**
MARS: Maryland Automated Registration System**
MARS: Magister Administrasi Rumah Sakit**
MARS: Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies**
MARS: McGill Arctic Research Station**
MARS: Men Against Rape and Sexual**
MARS: Molecular Adsorbent Recirculating System**
MARS: Mittleres Artillerie Raketen System**
MARS: Mid Atlantic Regional Showcase**
MARS: Montserrat Amateur Radio Society**
MARS: Memory Awareness Rating Scale**
MARS: Molecular Adsorbents Recirculation System**
MARS: Matching and Ranking System**
MARS: Munich Antidepressant Response Signature**
MARS: Minority Access to Research**
MARS: minds above reality state**
MARS: Multiphase Areal Remediation Simulator**
MARS: matrix-attachment DNA regions**
MARS: Medical Accounts Receivable Software**
MARS: Meteorological Archive and Retrieval System**
MARS: Ministry Among Rural and Slum**
MARS: Management Analysis and Reporting System**
MARS: mid atlantic realty services**
MARS: Media Asset Retrieval Systems**
MARS: Military Affiliated Radio Station**
MARS: Milwaukee Airport Railroad Station**
MARS: Modular Advance Reconnaissance System**
MARS: Model Assisted Reasoning in Science**
MARS: Market Analysis Review System**
MARS: Museum Astronomical Resource Society**
MARS: Machine Assisted Reference Services**
MARS: Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport**
MARS: Military Applications in Reconnaissance and Surveillance**
MARS: Mission to America S**
MARS: Military Affiliate Radio Systems**
MARS: Multimedia Archaeological Research System**
MARS: Multiple Application Reinjection System**
MARS: Minimal Access Retractor System**
MARS: Multiple Antenna Research and Solutions**
MARS: Membership and Activity Records System**
MARS: Moab Archaeological Resource Survey**
MARS: Modular Analysis and Research System**
MARS: Music and Recording Superstores**
MARS: Management Action Reporting System**
MARS: MIPS Assembler and Runtime Simulator**
MARS: Motion Artifact Rejection System**
MARS: Madison Area Reef Society**
MARS: Making Aerospace Real for Students**
MARS: Malaysian Association of Research Scientists**
MARS: Management and Administrative Reporting Subsystem**
MARS: Military Affilate Radio System**
MARS: Minimum Angle of Resolution**
MARS: Marine Aquaria and Reefkeepers Society**
MARS: Midwest Auto Racing Series**
MARS: Magic at the Red Sea**
MARS: Modular Advanced Rheometer System**
MARS: Montgomery Associates Resource Solutions**
MARS: Multiple Allergic Response Syndromes**
MARS: Manufacturers Applied Renovation System**
MARS: Maui Animal Rescue and Sanctuary**
MARS: Mission Awareness Rating Scale**
MARS: Model Aircraft Recreation Society**
MARS: Maintenance Activity Reporting and Scheduling**
MARS: Mitigation and Response System**
MARS: multi agency regulatory system**
MARS: Maniacs Attempting Robot Science**
MARS: Manufacturing Automation and Robotic Systems**
MARS: Martial Arts Reality Superfighting**
MARS: Mediation and Restitution Services**
MARS: Medical Article Record System**
MARS: Mega Awesome Robotics Systems**
MARS: Mid Atlantic Regional Services**
MARS: Middlebury Automated Registration System**
MARS: Mobile Autonomous Robotic System**
MARS: multiple analytical radionic system**
MARS: Mutual Assistance Routing System**
MARS: Marine Aviation Reporting Station**
MARS: Market to Asset Ratios**
MARS: Mathewson Automated Retrieval System**
MARS: Matrix Alliance Recovery Systems**
MARS: Mid Air Recovery System**
MARS: Midland Amateur Radio Society**
MARS: Monitoring Alpine Regions Sustainability**
MARS: Morpho Archive and Retrieval System**
MARS: Motorcycle Asphalt Racing Series**
MARS: Mutual Aid Resource Sharing**
MARS: Management and Administrative Reporting System**
MARS: Manitou Air Response System**
MARS: Medical Accounts Receivable System**
MARS: Medium Altitude Reconnaissance System**
MARS: Middlesex Amateur Rocketry Society**
MARS: Midwest Animal Rescue Services**
MARS: Military Affilliate Radio System**
MARS: Multiphase Areal Remediation Simulation**
MARS: Multiple Autonomous Robotic Systems**
MARS: Municipal Analysis and Retrieval System**
MARS: Machine Assisted Reference Service*
MARS: Major Accidents Reporting System*
MARS: Medical Amateur Radio Society*
MARS: Mississippi Area Remapping Strategies*
MARS: Mitigation and Repair Solutions*
MARS: Modeling and Reduction of Soft*
MARS: Modern Army Recordkeeping System*
MARS: Modular Analogue Rack Synthesizer*
MARS: MRI Acronym Registration Service*
MARS: Multiple Access Retrieval System*
MARS: Master of Arts in Rabbinic Studies*
MARS: Microwave Acceleration Reaction System*
MARS: Model Aquaculture Recirculating System*
MARS: Music at Rectory School*
MARS: MySQL Apache Ruby and Solaris*
MARS: Machines Assisting Recovery in Stroke*
MARS: Management and Reporting Subsystem*
MARS: Manga Anime Resource Site*
MARS: Mechanical Anti Reflection Switch*
MARS: Member Audio Response Service*
MARS: Mini Assault Rifle System*
MARS: Minnesota Association of Restitution Services*
MARS: Mixed Antagonist Response Syndrome*
MARS: Mobile Asset Repair Station*
MARS: Movimento Azione Riforme Sindacali*
MARS: Manpower and Resource Scheduling*
MARS: Marine Analytical Reference and Standards*
MARS: Marketing Analysis and Reporting System*
MARS: Martin Automatic Reporting System*
MARS: Massachusetts Age Race and Sex*
MARS: Math and Related Sciences*
MARS: Microgravity Applications Recoverable Satellite*
MARS: Model for Aerosol Reacting System*
MARS: Monitoring Adolescents in Risky Situations*
MARS: Monthly Activity Reporting System*
MARS: Multi Agent Religion Simulation*
MARS: Multi Aperture Red Spectrometer*
MARS: Management Analysis Reporting Service*
MARS: Manned Astronautical Research Station*
MARS: Marine Accident Reporting System*
MARS: Marley Assured Roofing Specification*
MARS: Mathematical Assessment Resource Service*
MARS: Michael Aaron Reyes Songs*
MARS: Micro Adjustable Resistance System*
MARS: Microsoft Alphanumeric Recognition System*
MARS: Midstate Aquarists Reef Society*
MARS: Mission Analysis and Reporting System*

Note: Acronym Finder has 111 verified definitions for MARS

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