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MAF: Management Assessment Framework****
MAF: Mid Atlantic Financial****
MAF: Manufacturers Association of Florida****
MAF: Missionary Aviation Fellowship****
MAF: Methods and Applications of Fluorescence***
MAF: Mutual Assistance Fund***
MAF: Municipal Advantage Fund***
MAF: muni advantage fd***
MAF: Magnetic Abrasive Finishing***
MAF: Manufacturers Association Faridabad***
MAF: Mean Annual Flow***
MAF: Mid Autumn Festival***
MAF: Minimum Acceptable Flow***
MAF: Maximum Arrest Force***
MAF: Mid Atlantic Fabrication***
MAF: Mini American Flags***
MAF: Microsoft Access Form***
MAF: Midwives Association of Florida***
MAF: Multimedia Application Formats***
MAF: Michigan Alliance for Families***
MAF: Mozilla Archive Format***
MAF: Malaysian Armed Forces***
MAF: Masonry Association of Florida***
MAF: Midwest Aikido Federation***
MAF: Museum Artists Foundation***
MAF: Maximum Air Flow***
MAF: Mobile Agent Facilities***
MAF: Medical Assistance for Families***
MAF: Manitoba Agriculture and Food***
MAF: Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry***
MAF: Malaysian AIDS Foundation***
MAF: Ministry of Agriculture and Forests***
MAF: Millions of Acre Feet***
MAF: Michigan Accountancy Foundation***
MAF: Medical Assistance to Families***
MAF: Management Application Function***
MAF: Michigan AIDS Fund***
MAF: Maintenance Administrative Facility***
MAF: Master of Applied Finance***
MAF: Medisave Authorisation Form***
MAF: Malaysian Association in France***
MAF: Medical Assistance Facility***
MAF: Methyl Arachidonyl Fluorophosphate***
MAF: Miss Address File**
MAF: Multidimensional Assessment of Fatigue**
MAF: activities-macrophage activating factor**
MAF: macromolecular adhesion factors**
MAF: macromolecular adhesive factors**
MAF: macrophage activating factors**
MAF: macrophage activating-factors**
MAF: Macrophage activation factors**
MAF: Macrophage activity factor**
MAF: macrophage agglutination factors**
MAF: macrophage aggregation factor**
MAF: Macrophage Arming Factor**
MAF: Macrophage-activating factors**
MAF: Macrophages activating factor**
MAF: maximal activity foce**
MAF: maximal activity focus**
MAF: maximum accelerative force**
MAF: maximum acceptable frequencies**
MAF: maximum acceptable frequency**
MAF: MDR1 activity factor**
MAF: mean alpha frequency**
MAF: mean aortic flow**
MAF: Microciona aggregation factor**
MAF: Midtrimester amniotic fluids**
MAF: Minimum allele frequencies**
MAF: Modal alpha frequency**
MAF: modified acid-fast**
MAF: monocyte activating factor**
MAF: morphine-admixed food**
MAF: motor activity function**
MAF: Mouse amniotic fluids**
MAF: mucosa-associated flora**
MAF: Murine amniotic fluid**
MAF: Macrophage Activation Factor**
MAF: Multiply Add Fused**
MAF: Malaysia Australia Foundation**
MAF: Maximum Aerobic Function**
MAF: macrophage activating factor(s**
MAF: macrophage-activating factor(s**
MAF: mammary cell-activating factor**
MAF: mean ascending aortic flow**
MAF: meconium stained amniotic fluid**
MAF: Microciona prolifera aggregation factor**
MAF: molecular weight aggregation factor**
MAF: Monocyte accessory cell function**
MAF: multidrug resistance activity factor**
MAF: Minimal ANS Forth**
MAF: Michigan Architectural Foundation**
MAF: Mouse Amniotic Fluid**
MAF: Madison Advertising Federation**
MAF: Master Account File**
MAF: Maximum Atrial Fragmentation**
MAF: Medical Assistance Facilities**
MAF: municipal advantage fd**
MAF: M phi-activating factor**
MAF: Management Accounting Fundamentals**
MAF: Mariani Alfredo Figlio**
MAF: Missile Alert Facilities**
MAF: IMP activating factor**
MAF: Milieu Actie Forum**
MAF: Mid Atlantic Front**
MAF: Mass Air Filter**
MAF: Moderator Application Form**
MAF: Mid Atlantic Finance**
MAF: Ministry Aviation Fellowship**
MAF: Maersk Ansattes Forening**
MAF: Multiple Asset Fund**
MAF: Memphis Advertising Federation**
MAF: Maintenance Application Form**
MAF: Missionary Advancement Foundation**
MAF: Metropolitan Arts Fund**
MAF: Marine Amphibious Forces**
MAF: Moisture Ash Free**
MAF: Monthly Adjustment Factor**
MAF: Muni Advantage Fund**
MAF: Meat After Flying**
MAF: Maintenance Action Forms**
MAF: Montgomery Advertising Federation**
MAF: Melbourne Art Festival**
MAF: Multiple Alignment Format**
MAF: Madagascar Ankizy Fund**
MAF: Manufacturing Association of Florida**
MAF: Monitoring of Agriculture and Forestry**
MAF: Macrophage Agglutinating Factor*
MAF: Merchants Association of Florida*
MAF: Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing*
MAF: Multidimensional Adaptive Filtering*
MAF: municipal advtg fd*
MAF: Micro Assisted Fertilisation*
MAF: Monika Astasov Frauenhoffer*
MAF: Master Appropriation File*
MAF: Minimum Assessment Feedback*
MAF: Model Advanced Facility*
MAF: Move Again Friend*
MAF: Multinational Accounting Firms*
MAF: Multiple Access Facility*
MAF: Maintenance Adjustment Factor*
MAF: Master Alarm Facility*
MAF: Maximum Audible Field*
MAF: Medical Aid Foundation*
MAF: Malaysian Air Filter*
MAF: Massey Aviation Fellowship*
MAF: Miles Art Forum*
MAF: Millbay Advisory Forum*
MAF: Ministry of Agric and Forestry*
MAF: Mission Analysis File*
MAF: Marine Abkuerzungs Fimmel*
MAF: Master Audit File*
MAF: Martial Art Forms*
MAF: Music Alternative Female*
MAF: Manganese And Flow*
MAF: Mariehamn Aland Finland*
MAF: Marketability And Fluctuations*
MAF: Marosko Angela Fine*
MAF: Married Asian Female*
MAF: Martinez Antonia Forafi*
MAF: Mary Ann Friedman*
MAF: Medical Access Form*
MAF: Mendel Agriculture and Forestry*
MAF: Mike Action Figures*
MAF: Mikes Action Figures*
MAF: Mining Application Forms*
MAF: Ministerio Agropecuario y Forest*
MAF: Ministerium fnr Arbeit Frauen*
MAF: Ministry of Agriculture Food*
MAF: Ministry of Agriculture Forestry*
MAF: Montana Architectural Firm*
MAF: mud aqueous fractions*
MAF: Multimedia Applications in Furniture*

Note: Acronym Finder has 70 verified definitions for MAF

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