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LSM: Line Speed Meter****
LSM: London School of Management****
LSM: Laser Scanning Microscope****
LSM: Light Surface Marks****
LSM: Large Scale Metrology****
LSM: Living Standard Measurement****
LSM: Linux Socket Monitor****
LSM: Liceo Scientifico Marinelli***
LSM: Learning Services Manager***
LSM: Live Speech Mapping***
LSM: Lead Streams Marketing***
LSM: Laser Scan Micrometer***
LSM: Laser Scanning Module***
LSM: Local Security Manager***
LSM: Lutheran Summer Music***
LSM: Lembaga Sosial Masyarakat***
LSM: Large and Small***
LSM: Land Surface Models***
LSM: Liberation Support Movement***
LSM: Light System Manager***
LSM: labor solidarity movement***
LSM: Link Status Message***
LSM: Lesbian Sex Mafia***
LSM: Laminated Sheet Metal***
LSM: Laser Surgery Medicine***
LSM: Lloyd Ship Management***
LSM: Land Surface Modeling***
LSM: Least Squares Method***
LSM: Laboratory for Surface Modification***
LSM: Linear Synchronous Motors***
LSM: Letter Sorting Machines***
LSM: London School of Marketing***
LSM: Lord Strathcona Medal***
LSM: Living Standards Measurement***
LSM: London and Scandinavian Metallurgical***
LSM: Local Storage Manager***
LSM: Liquid Soul Media***
LSM: Least Squares Mean***
LSM: Louisville Slugger Museum***
LSM: Leaf Specific Mass***
LSM: Layer Soil Model***
LSM: Least Squares Matching***
LSM: LAN Services Modules***
LSM: Least Squares Monte***
LSM: Limited Speed Motorcycle***
LSM: Lite Security Module***
LSM: Layer System Management***
LSM: living standard measures**
LSM: LTM Screw Mount**
LSM: Learning Support Materials**
LSM: Low Speed Modem**
LSM: lanthanum staining material**
LSM: Large suppressive macrophages**
LSM: laser scan microscope**
LSM: laser scanning method**
LSM: lateral sacral masses**
LSM: least square mean**
LSM: Least square means**
LSM: least squares means**
LSM: least squares methods**
LSM: least squares-minimization**
LSM: least-square means**
LSM: leg skeletal muscle**
LSM: lid-suture myopia**
LSM: light section microscopy**
LSM: light superficial massage**
LSM: limited sampling method**
LSM: limited sampling model**
LSM: Limited sampling models**
LSM: limited-sampling model**
LSM: limited-sampling models**
LSM: linked segment model**
LSM: linker scanning mutagenesis**
LSM: lipase-suppressing mediator**
LSM: lipid storage myopathy**
LSM: Lipovitellin-salt-mannitol**
LSM: liquid swine manure**
LSM: long slender microvilli**
LSM: Long Sukang Malaysia**
LSM: longitudinal smooth muscle**
LSM: low serum media**
LSM: low-sulfate medium**
LSM: lumbar sagittal motion**
LSM: Lymphocyte Separation Medium**
LSM: Lake San Marcos**
LSM: Lanthanum Strontium Manganate**
LSM: Law Society of Manitoba**
LSM: Login Server Module**
LSM: Luedtke Storm Mackey**
LSM: Local Service Manager**
LSM: Local Shared Ministry**
LSM: Limited Size Messaging**
LSM: Learning Subspace Method**
LSM: Lebih Senang Menggunakan**
LSM: Linear Sequential Machine**
LSM: library storage modules**
LSM: Lymphocyte Separation Media**
LSM: large-scale chrome miners**
LSM: large-scale flow model**
LSM: linear sire-maternal grandsire**
LSM: low serum differentiation medium**
LSM: Life Support Module**
LSM: Laser Straightness Monitors**
LSM: Lehman Smith McLeish**
LSM: Law Student Ministries**
LSM: Logistics Support Manager**
LSM: Lay School for Mission**
LSM: LAT Spacecraft Messages**
LSM: Laser Section Microscope**
LSM: Lower Surface Mount**
LSM: Lubrication Safety and Maintenance**
LSM: Level Set Method**
LSM: Leaf Spring Militia**
LSM: Large Scale Modeler**
LSM: Learner Support Materials**
LSM: Largs School of Motoring**
LSM: Linear Step Motors**
LSM: Liquid State Machine**
LSM: Logic Simulation Machine**
LSM: Law Society Medal**
LSM: Limited Speed Motorcycles**
LSM: Loudwater Systems Management**
LSM: Labor Service Management**
LSM: London School of Medicine**
LSM: LAN Service Module**
LSM: Linear Scheduling Model**
LSM: Living Standards Measures**
LSM: Laser Scan Microscopy**
LSM: Local School Management**
LSM: Low Self Monitors**
LSM: Local Service Managers**
LSM: Load Sharing Module**
LSM: Latvian Sports Museum**
LSM: Living Standards Measurements**
LSM: Lone Star Music**
LSM: Laurentian Ski Museum**
LSM: Liquid Surfactant Membranes**
LSM: Logistics Systems Management**
LSM: Law in the Service of Man**
LSM: Least Square Mittelwerte**
LSM: Lembaga Swadaya Masyrakat**
LSM: Local Shelf Monitor**
LSM: landing ships medium**
LSM: Layered Synthetic Microstructures**
LSM: Learning Support Manager**
LSM: Literacy Strategy Manager**
LSM: Little Samaritan Mission**
LSM: Living Stream Ministries**
LSM: Leiden Special Machinery**
LSM: Libre Software for Medicine**
LSM: Linear Select Memory**
LSM: Linear Shutter Module**
LSM: Logan Smith Machine**
LSM: Lake Superior Magazine**
LSM: Logistically Significant Material**
LSM: Life Science Management**
LSM: long semado malaysia**
LSM: line status monitor**
LSM: Little Small Man**
LSM: Logistics Systems Modernization**
LSM: Lab Safety Manual*
LSM: Land Surface Modules*
LSM: Link Security Management*
LSM: Linker Specific Motif*
LSM: Local Study Mission*
LSM: Location Services Manager*
LSM: Logic Systems Management*
LSM: Late Systolic Murmur*
LSM: Layered Synthetic Materials*
LSM: Left Spray Mist*
LSM: Legacy Systems Modernization*
LSM: Liberty Savard Ministries*
LSM: Lions Share Music*
LSM: Logistic Support Manager*
LSM: Landing Ship Mediums*
LSM: Line Select Module*
LSM: Linux Services for Macintosh*
LSM: Logistic Staff Meeting*
LSM: Lamcon School of Management*
LSM: Line Source Models*
LSM: Local System Management*
LSM: Lok Swasthya Mandli*
LSM: Long Service Medals*
LSM: Lutheran Student Ministry*
LSM: London Science Museum*
LSM: Lvdt Self Monitor*
LSM: Life Support Machine*
LSM: Line Source Model*
LSM: Lagrangian Stochastic dispersion Model*
LSM: Live Steam Magazine*
LSM: Logistical Sequence Method (construction scheduling)*
LSM: Logistical Support Mission*
LSM: La Signoria dei Malatesta*
LSM: Laboratory for the Structure of Matter*
LSM: Ladders and Stairways in Mines*
LSM: Lair and Schoder Mine*
LSM: Lake Superior Mifflin*
LSM: Lakeside Slope Mine*
LSM: Lamarsh Slope Mine*
LSM: Lamb and Son Mine*
LSM: Lamb Singleton Mine*
LSM: Lamb Slope Mine*
LSM: Lambert Strip Mine*
LSM: Land Survey Monument*
LSM: Lane Sheila Marie*
LSM: Lanham Slope Mine*
LSM: Larson and Sons Mine*
LSM: Larson Slope Mine*
LSM: Lawler Strip Mine*
LSM: Lawson Slope Mine*
LSM: Lawton and Sons Mine*
LSM: Layne Strip Mine*
LSM: Laynes Strip Mine*
LSM: Le Studio Mobile*
LSM: Leahy Strip Mine*
LSM: Leamington Strip Mine*
LSM: Lebar Slope Mine*
LSM: Lee Surface Mine*
LSM: Leica Site Manager*
LSM: Leitner Slope Mine*
LSM: Lete Slope Mine*
LSM: Lewis Safety Manual*
LSM: Lewis Slope Mine*
LSM: Liberty and Storme Mine*
LSM: Liberty Slope Mine*
LSM: Liberty Strip Mine*
LSM: Lifestyle Sports Magazine*
LSM: Lightbody Slope Mine*
LSM: Lime Spring Mine*
LSM: Limitless Storage Manager*
LSM: Lincoln Strip Mine*
LSM: Lind Slope Mine*
LSM: Lingenfelter Strip Mine*
LSM: Links to Some More information*
LSM: Links to Swedish Mining*
LSM: Linn Slope Mine*
LSM: Lip Service Magazine*
LSM: List of Servers in Mexico*
LSM: Little Sandy Mine*
LSM: Little Sister Mine*
LSM: Little Slope Mine*
LSM: Little Star Mine*
LSM: Little Strip Mine*
LSM: Liverpool Slope Mine*
LSM: Livers Strip Mine*
LSM: Livings Smith Mine*
LSM: local system managers*
LSM: Location of Such Measurements*
LSM: Locust Street Mine*
LSM: Loding Slope Mine*

Note: Acronym Finder has 79 verified definitions for LSM

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