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What does LRE stand for?

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LRE: Language Reading and Exceptionalities****
LRE: Learning Resource Exchange****
LRE: Linguistic Research and Engineering***
LRE: Least Restrictive Environments***
LRE: Language Recognition Evaluation***
LRE: Les Routiers Europeens***
LRE: Learning Resources for Education***
LRE: Land Rover Enthusiast***
LRE: Light Rare Earth***
LRE: Linux Runtime Environment***
LRE: Laser Ranging Equipment***
LRE: Least Restrictive Educational***
LRE: Least Restrict Environment***
LRE: Least Restricted Environment***
LRE: Local Root Escalation***
LRE: lamina rarae externa**
LRE: Late radiation enteropathy**
LRE: let response element**
LRE: leukocyte removal efficiency**
LRE: Ligand Repulsive Energy**
LRE: light regulatory element**
LRE: light-responsive element**
LRE: light-responsive elements**
LRE: liquorice root extract**
LRE: localization-related epilepsies**
LRE: localization-related epilepsy**
LRE: Longitudinal Random Effects**
LRE: LPS response element**
LRE: LPS response elements**
LRE: LPS)-responsive element**
LRE: luciferin-regenerating enzyme**
LRE: Literal Result Elements**
LRE: lamina rara externa**
LRE: Local Revenue Enhancement**
LRE: Log Relative Error**
LRE: Land Rover Experience**
LRE: Laser Ranging Experiment**
LRE: Low Rate Encoding**
LRE: Limited Regular Expression**
LRE: Labeled Release Experiment**
LRE: Liquid Rocket Engines**
LRE: Load Redundancy Elimination**
LRE: Limited Relative Error**
LRE: Least Restrictive Enviroment**
LRE: Long Run Emphasis**
LRE: Low Resolution Entity**
LRE: Lake Rockwall Estates**
LRE: List of Radioactive**
LRE: Lifestyle Relational Evangelism*
LRE: Logic Return Equalizer*
LRE: Light Response Elements*
LRE: Lybarger Racing Enterprises*
LRE: Laser Radar Equation*
LRE: Licking Rural Electrification*
LRE: LPU Radium Evolv*
LRE: Logistics Retrofit Engineering*
LRE: Lowcountry Real Estate*
LRE: Laboratory of Rock Engineering*
LRE: Land Restoration Evaluation*
LRE: Legal Research Etc*
LRE: Legal Right of Entry*
LRE: Legal Right to Enter*
LRE: Leigh Resource Exploration*
LRE: Lesson Review Exercises*
LRE: Libraries Reference and Education*
LRE: List of Reference Ellipsoids*
LRE: Load Retention Efforts*
LRE: Longview Real Estate*

Note: Acronym Finder has 23 verified definitions for LRE

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