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What does LOL stand for?

Found 69 meanings of the LOL acronym and abbreviation
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LOL: Love and Laughter****
LOL: Legion of Losers****
LOL: Locked and Loaded****
LOL: Laughing Out Loudly****
LOL: League of Levity****
LOL: Ladies of Longford****
LOL: Lions on the Loose***
LOL: Looking on Line***
LOL: Level of Learning***
LOL: League of Lords***
LOL: Learning on Line***
LOL: Listen Out Loud***
LOL: Laugh Out Loudly***
LOL: Laughing Out Lout***
LOL: Library of Links***
LOL: Laughing Out Load***
LOL: Loss of Licence***
LOL: Legion of Llamas***
LOL: Loved the Oompa Loompa***
LOL: Loud Online Laughter***
LOL: Lifestyle of Learning***
LOL: Legion of Lions***
LOL: Linking Oral Language***
LOL: Legion of Lawless***
LOL: Laugh or Laughing***
LOL: Laughting Out Loud***
LOL: Legion of the Lost***
LOL: Look at the Other Links***
LOL: limits of linearity**
LOL: lingual odontoblast layer**
LOL: Limit of Linearity**
LOL: Lifles on Lunarstorm**
LOL: Laugh Out Lould**
LOL: Logging on Like**
LOL: Laptop Orchestra of the Left**
LOL: Laffing Out Loud**
LOL: Laugh Out Lound**
LOL: lada on legenda**
LOL: Life of Lesbianism**
LOL: Lokale Omroep Landsmeer**
LOL: Lenses on Learning**
LOL: Laugh Out Louad**
LOL: Legacies on the Landscape**
LOL: Loss of Learning**
LOL: Lagging Out Loud**
LOL: Life on the Lord**
LOL: Landlords of Lawrence**
LOL: Legionnaires of Light**
LOL: Lookalike the Official**
LOL: Lubricating Oil Laboratory**
LOL: Loadable Operator Logo**
LOL: Laught Out Loudly**
LOL: Listeners Out Loud**
LOL: Lease Operators Limited**
LOL: Legion of Old Ladies**
LOL: Low Operating Limit**
LOL: Library Oriented Lists*
LOL: Laughfing Out Loud*
LOL: Limit or Limited*
LOL: League of Leaders*
LOL: Little Old Lady affectionate*
LOL: Landowner Or Lessee*
LOL: Let~s Order Linguini*
LOL: Links of Learning*
LOL: Law Office Logan*
LOL: Linkage Online Limited*
LOL: Linz Oberosterreichischer Landtag*
LOL: Location Of Land*
LOL: Loudoun On Line*

Note: Acronym Finder has 111 verified definitions for LOL

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