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LDC: London Development Centre****
LDC: Located in the Directory C****
LDC: Lawful Development Certificate****
LDC: Land Development Code****
LDC: Local Distribution Companies****
LDC: Legislative Data Center****
LDC: Leadership Development Council****
LDC: Local Development Corporation****
LDC: Literature Distribution Center****
LDC: Law Development Centre****
LDC: Learning Diagnostic Clinic****
LDC: Lesser Developed Countries***
LDC: Local Development Council***
LDC: Load Duration Curves***
LDC: Long Duration Crew***
LDC: London Diving Chamber***
LDC: Light Duty Chassis***
LDC: Landlocked Developing Countries***
LDC: Local Development Center***
LDC: Leadership Development Centre***
LDC: Local Development Centres***
LDC: Life Development Centre***
LDC: Library Directors Council***
LDC: Learner Driving Centres***
LDC: Laser Diode Controller***
LDC: Land Development Corporation***
LDC: Learning and Development Committee***
LDC: Long Duration Call***
LDC: Load Duration Curve***
LDC: Least Developing Countries***
LDC: Lehigh Dialogue Center***
LDC: Land Drainage Consent***
LDC: Least Developed Contracting***
LDC: Learning Discovery Centre***
LDC: Load Dispatch Center***
LDC: Local Dental Committee***
LDC: Least Development Countries***
LDC: Learning Development Centre***
LDC: Limited Duration Contracts***
LDC: Laboratory Data Control***
LDC: Local Data Collector***
LDC: Lincoln Developmental Center***
LDC: Leadership Development Commission***
LDC: Long Double Crochet***
LDC: Local Development Coalition***
LDC: Learning Development Center***
LDC: Liquor Distribution Center***
LDC: Load Dispatch Centre***
LDC: Liquid Development Company***
LDC: Long Distance Charges***
LDC: Lesser Developed Country***
LDC: Leadership Development Chairman***
LDC: Libya Desert Challenge***
LDC: Lawyers Dot Com***
LDC: Leadership Development Committee***
LDC: Lakewood Development Corporation***
LDC: Learning Disabilities Center***
LDC: Land Development Center***
LDC: Labor Defense Council***
LDC: Leadership Development Course***
LDC: Literature Distribution Centre***
LDC: Local Development Company***
LDC: Load Despatch Centres***
LDC: Livingston Design Centre***
LDC: Linguistics Data Consortium***
LDC: Load Despatch Center***
LDC: London District Cage***
LDC: Long Distance Communications***
LDC: Less Developped Countries***
LDC: Large Detector Concept***
LDC: Legacy Data Center***
LDC: Local Distribution Channel***
LDC: Lutheran Deaconess Conference***
LDC: Language Development Companies***
LDC: Less Development Countries***
LDC: Low Developed Countries***
LDC: Lower Division Clerks***
LDC: Language Documentation Center***
LDC: Leadership Development Camp***
LDC: Lightman Drum Company***
LDC: Land Development Committee***
LDC: Lower Dead Center***
LDC: Local Database Creation**
LDC: lactating dairy cattle**
LDC: lactose digesting capacity**
LDC: large decidua cells**
LDC: large decidual cells**
LDC: large, dense cells**
LDC: lectin-dependent cytotoxic**
LDC: left dorsal colon**
LDC: leprosy derived corynebacteria**
LDC: Leprosy-derived corynebacteria**
LDC: lesion-derived cell**
LDC: leucocyte differential count**
LDC: light density component**
LDC: light-dark cycle**
LDC: light-dark cycles**
LDC: limiting dilution culture**
LDC: limiting dilution cultures**
LDC: local death certificates**
LDC: long delay component**
LDC: long diastole control**
LDC: low degree caries**
LDC: low density compartment**
LDC: low dopa chorea**
LDC: low dose collagen**
LDC: low-dose citrate**
LDC: low-dose cytarabine**
LDC: lowest detected concentration**
LDC: lung density change**
LDC: lung dynamic compliance**
LDC: lymphoid dendritic cells**
LDC: Life Directions Center**
LDC: Laundry and Dry Cleaning**
LDC: Leishmania donovani chagasi**
LDC: Learning Differences Centre**
LDC: Learner Driver Centres**
LDC: Long Distance Calling**
LDC: Leadership Development Chairperson**
LDC: L-lysine decarboxylase**
LDC: Lenso Datacom Co**
LDC: large diameter containers**
LDC: lymph-borne dendritic cells**
LDC: Laboratory for Dependable Computing**
LDC: Local Data Center**
LDC: Laboratory Data Consultants**
LDC: Licensed Design Center**
LDC: Least Development Country**
LDC: Lord Draakens Clan**
LDC: Landscape Design Concepts**
LDC: Leachate Detection Collection**
LDC: Lysine decarboxylase reactions**
LDC: Large Document Copier**
LDC: Local Data Company**
LDC: Landscape Design Certificate**
LDC: Large Drift Chambers**
LDC: LloydsTSB Development Capital**
LDC: Landscape Design Council**
LDC: Language Data Consortium**
LDC: Learning Design Centre**
LDC: Litchfield Dance Company**
LDC: Lands Development Corporation**
LDC: Laurel Development Corporation**
LDC: Library Development Cluster**
LDC: Less Developed County**
LDC: Lactose Digestion Capacity**
LDC: Leadership Development Courses**
LDC: Lila Digital Communications**
LDC: Local Distributing Company**
LDC: Location Development Committee**
LDC: Lagoon Development Corporation**
LDC: Labor Data Collection**
LDC: Logical Device Code**
LDC: Lead Development Center**
LDC: Land Developers Council**
LDC: Laptop Data Collector**
LDC: Learning Disabilities Council**
LDC: Link Data Controller**
LDC: Link Destination Card**
LDC: Legal Defence Centre**
LDC: London Drawing Classes**
LDC: Landes Delegierten Convent**
LDC: Lista Dyskusyjna CAVALIERY**
LDC: Land Disposal Cell**
LDC: Laser Data Command**
LDC: Labor Distribution Code**
LDC: laborers district council**
LDC: Local Display Controller**
LDC: Leadership Diploma Course**
LDC: Learning and Development Center**
LDC: Load Double Coprocessor**
LDC: Load to Control**
LDC: Losang Dragpa Centre**
LDC: laser disc controller**
LDC: Lesbian Drama Centre**
LDC: Librarians Day Committee**
LDC: Lower Division Collegiate**
LDC: Leader Development Center*
LDC: linked dipole chain*
LDC: Local Development Committees*
LDC: Luis Donaldo Colosio*
LDC: LAN Drebkau Clan*
LDC: Language and Dining Center*
LDC: Lapeer Development Corporation*
LDC: Le Developpement en Cooperation*
LDC: Leadership Development Core*
LDC: Least Developed Countires*
LDC: Logistiek Diensten Centrum*
LDC: Leisure Development Consultants*
LDC: Little Dry Creek*
LDC: Livelihood Development for Conservation*
LDC: Learning Disabilities Clinic*
LDC: Librarianship and Documentation*
LDC: Light Dull Cyan*
LDC: Line Drop Compensators*
LDC: Logistics Database Commerce*
LDC: Lunar Development Council*
LDC: Last Diary Company*
LDC: Leather Dog Collar*
LDC: Legal Date of Collection*
LDC: Licensed by Click*
LDC: Lister Disciplinary Committee*
LDC: Literacy Development Cycle*
LDC: Lithonia Distributor Center*
LDC: Load Drop Compensation*
LDC: Low Density Cells*
LDC: Logical Device Coordinates*
LDC: Library and Documentation Center*
LDC: La Dynamique du Climat*
LDC: Laser Design Company*
LDC: Less Developed Countr y | ies}*
LDC: Less Developed Countr y ies*
LDC: Less Developed Country ies*
LDC: Last Day of the Calendar*
LDC: Lazy Dog Confections*
LDC: Le Domaine du CinTma*
LDC: Leaders in Digital Courtroom*
LDC: Lee Distributing Company*
LDC: Legislative Development Center*
LDC: Lego Duplo and Compatible*
LDC: Life to Detectable Crack*
LDC: Lighting Design Consultant*
LDC: Lincoln Deer Creek*
LDC: Link Digital Campus*
LDC: List Disconnected and Changed numbers*
LDC: Listing of Digital Cameras*
LDC: Little Dog Coal*
LDC: Louver Drape Company*
LDC: Lower Division Clerk/Long Distance Carrier*

Note: Acronym Finder has 57 verified definitions for LDC

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