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LCR: Least Cost Router****
LCR: Left Center Right****
LCR: Lexington Center for Recovery****
LCR: London Continental Railways****
LCR: Leeds City Region****
LCR: La Causa Radical****
LCR: Load Compensating Relay***
LCR: Languages Compilers and Run***
LCR: Lutheran Church of the Resurrection***
LCR: Long Control Region***
LCR: Liga Comunista Revolucion√°ria***
LCR: Left Center and Right***
LCR: Lilies and Cannonballs Review***
LCR: Leather Club Roma***
LCR: Lifetime Community Rating***
LCR: Little Colorado River***
LCR: Latin Cool Records***
LCR: Leukemia Cup Regatta***
LCR: Left Centre Right***
LCR: Liberty Corners Road***
LCR: London College of Reflexology***
LCR: Local Continuous Replication***
LCR: listed company relations***
LCR: Lake Chapala Review***
LCR: Lutheran Church of Rwanda***
LCR: Least Call Routing***
LCR: Love Chandigarh Radio***
LCR: Local Civil Registry***
LCR: Leonine Computational Resources***
LCR: Lower Current River***
LCR: Lithium Cooled Reactor***
LCR: London Carrier Ring***
LCR: Lower Colorado River***
LCR: Last Chance Rescue***
LCR: Leadership Community Resource***
LCR: Lower Columbia River***
LCR: Lancaster Chester Railway***
LCR: Last Channel Recall***
LCR: Lifestyle Choice Realty***
LCR: Low Compression Ratio***
LCR: Lowest Current Rate***
LCR: Low Cost Retail**
LCR: Low Complexity Regions**
LCR: beta-locus-control region**
LCR: enhancer-locus control region**
LCR: enhancer/locus control region**
LCR: laparoscopic cecal resection**
LCR: laparoscopic colon resections**
LCR: laryngeal cough reflex**
LCR: last completed ratio**
LCR: late cardiac rejecting**
LCR: late cutaneous reaction**
LCR: late cutaneous reactions**
LCR: late cutaneous response**
LCR: lick/chew response**
LCR: ligase chain reactions**
LCR: light chain restriction**
LCR: limited colon resection**
LCR: Limon Costa Rica**
LCR: linear circulation rate**
LCR: living cell rate**
LCR: local circulation rate**
LCR: local control rate**
LCR: local cutaneous reactions**
LCR: log concentration-response**
LCR: Lombardy Cancer Registry**
LCR: long closure rate**
LCR: long curved rods**
LCR: low-Ca2+-response**
LCR: low-capacity runners**
LCR: Low-clinical-relevance**
LCR: lung clearance rate**
LCR: Lycium chinense , root**
LCR: list cost routing**
LCR: Liberia Costa Rica**
LCR: low-Ca2+ response**
LCR: Larimer County Road**
LCR: Local Contribution Rate**
LCR: level of convulsive readiness**
LCR: local-regional control rate**
LCR: long transcriptional control regions**
LCR: Long-term calorie restriction**
LCR: low conductance inwardly rectifying**
LCR: low copy number repeat**
LCR: low-Ca(2+)-response**
LCR: Local Capacity Requirements**
LCR: Land Condition Records**
LCR: Liga Comunista Revolucionaria**
LCR: Long Control Regions**
LCR: Liquido Cefalo Rachidiano**
LCR: Litchfield County Realty**
LCR: Locus Control Regions**
LCR: Laser Collagen Replenishment**
LCR: Limited Combat Ready**
LCR: Link Credit Reset**
LCR: Local Continous Replication**
LCR: P-like sequence responding**
LCR: Leadless Chip Resistor**
LCR: Little Creek Ranch**
LCR: Lead Copper Rule**
LCR: Low Cost Router**
LCR: Lower Colorado Region**
LCR: Lower Canada Reports**
LCR: Low Consistency Refining**
LCR: Large Compact Range**
LCR: Linux Command Reference**
LCR: Lysed Cell Removal**
LCR: Left Center RightTM**
LCR: Local Charity Review**
LCR: Local Council Review**
LCR: Laundry Clean Ring**
LCR: Local Clock Reference**
LCR: Large Claims Review**
LCR: Louis Christen Racing**
LCR: Low Complexity Representations**
LCR: Lily Creek Ridge**
LCR: Load Complement Register**
LCR: Low Complexity Region**
LCR: Lake County Railroad**
LCR: Leichtathletik Club Regensdorf**
LCR: Labor Center Reporter**
LCR: Laboratory Center Review**
LCR: Lantau Closed Road**
LCR: Learning Curves Riding**
LCR: Liquid Chlorine Remover**
LCR: Local Criminal Rules**
LCR: Low Ca2 Response**
LCR: Lippo China Resources*
LCR: Living Coastal Resources*
LCR: Load Collector Ratio*
LCR: Local Civil Rules*
LCR: Low Copy Repeats*
LCR: Large Calibre Rocket*
LCR: las casas residence*
LCR: level crossing resonance*
LCR: Local Computing Representative*
LCR: Loose Cannon Racing*
LCR: Land Compensation Reports*
LCR: Laparoscopic Colon Resection*
LCR: LC75 in Calibration*
LCR: Leveraging the Customer Relationship*
LCR: Liquid Concrete Repair*
LCR: Logic Computation and Reasoning*
LCR: LOH Cluster Region*
LCR: Low Cross Range*
LCR: Land Condition Recording*
LCR: Latin Countries Records*
LCR: Leader in Color*
LCR: Leadership Coaching Report*
LCR: Library for Caribbean Research*
LCR: Listade Certificados Revogados*
LCR: Listed Character Reference*
LCR: Logical Consistency Report*
LCR: Lear Chemical Research*
LCR: Loubomo Congo Republic*
LCR: Loaded Cost Rate*
LCR: Land Conservation and Reclamatio*
LCR: Land Conservation and Reclamation*
LCR: Langlitz Chiropractic and Reha*
LCR: Langlitz Chiropractic Reha*
LCR: Lapeer County Rockers*
LCR: Lasalle County Rockwell*
LCR: Legislative Commission Report*
LCR: Library of Classical Recordings*
LCR: Library of Congress*
LCR: Library of Congress Resources*
LCR: Lightwave Communications Research*
LCR: Lilongwe Central Region*
LCR: Links of Christina Ricci*
LCR: Links to Christian Resources*
LCR: Links to Coal Resources*
LCR: Links to the Cydonia Region*
LCR: Llagas Creek Railways*
LCR: Local Currency Resources*
LCR: Lodging in Costa Rica*
LCR: Log Chalet vacation Rentals*
LCR: loop calibration report*
LCR: Lower Cache River*
LCR: Lynch Consulting Richmond*
LCR: Lyon Cedex Rhone*

Note: Acronym Finder has 58 verified definitions for LCR

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