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What does LCL stand for?

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LCL: Less Container Load****
LCL: Lower Control Limits****
LCL: Let the Children Live****
LCL: Lincoln City Libraries****
LCL: Less Container Loads****
LCL: Lifting Condensation Level****
LCL: less than carload****
LCL: LivedoorDepart Category Link***
LCL: Large Cell Lymphoma***
LCL: Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers***
LCL: Languages Cultures and Linguistics***
LCL: Lustige Computer Liefhebberz***
LCL: Lafayette County Library (Oxford, MS)***
LCL: LaGrange County Library (Lagrange, IN)***
LCL: Lake Cities Library (Lake Dallas, TX)***
LCL: Lake County Library (Lakeview, OR)***
LCL: Lamb County Library (Littlefield, TX)***
LCL: Lancaster County Library (Lancaster, PA)***
LCL: Lancaster County Library (Lancaster, SC)***
LCL: Lane County Library (Dighton, KS)***
LCL: Lantana Community Library (Lantana, FL)***
LCL: Laurens County Library (Laurens, SC)***
LCL: Lawrence County Library (Louisa, KY)***
LCL: Lawrence County Library (Monticello, MS)***
LCL: Lawrence County Library (Walnut Ridge, AR)***
LCL: Lebanon-Wilson County Library (Lebanon, TN)***
LCL: Lee County Library (Marianna, AR)***
LCL: Lee County Library (Tupelo, MS)***
LCL: Lehi City Library (Lehi, UT)***
LCL: Lenawee County Library (Adrian, MI)***
LCL: Leonardville City Library (Leonardville, KS)***
LCL: LeRoy Community Library (Leroy, MI)***
LCL: Leslie County Library (Hyden, KY)***
LCL: Lewiston City Library (Lewiston, ID)***
LCL: Lewiston City Library (Lewistown, MT)***
LCL: Liberty City Library (Gladewater, TX)***
LCL: Liberty County Library (Chester, MT)***
LCL: Lincoln Carnegie Library (Lincoln, KS)***
LCL: Lincoln City Library (Lincoln, NE)***
LCL: Lincoln County Library (Kemmerer, WY)***
LCL: Lincoln County Library (Libby, MT)***
LCL: Lincoln County Library (Pioche, NV)***
LCL: Lindsay Community Library (Lindsay, OK)***
LCL: Lindsborg Community Library (Lindsborg, KS)***
LCL: Lisbon Community Library (Lisbon, MD)***
LCL: Litchfield Carnegie Library (Litchfield, IL)***
LCL: Livermore Community Library (Livermore, IA)***
LCL: Livingston County Library (Chillicothe, MO)***
LCL: Lockesburg County Library (Lockesburg, AR)***
LCL: Long Community Library (Silver Spring, MD)***
LCL: Lonoke County Library (Lonoke, AR)***
LCL: Lostant Community Library (Lostant, IL)***
LCL: Loudon City Library (Loudon, TN)***
LCL: Lower Cape Library (Villas, NJ)***
LCL: Lubbock City-County Library (Lubbock, TX)***
LCL: Lumpkin County Library (Dahlonega, GA)***
LCL: Lyndon Carnegie Library (Lyndon, KS)***
LCL: Lyon County Library (Yerington, NV)***
LCL: Large Cell Lymphomas***
LCL: Limited Community License***
LCL: Lebanese Campus Link***
LCL: Les Cristaux Liquident***
LCL: Lymphoid Cell Lines***
LCL: Lutheran Church in Liberia***
LCL: Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines***
LCL: Less than Carload Lot***
LCL: Learning Communities Lab***
LCL: Laboratory for Computational Linguistics***
LCL: Life Centered Learning***
LCL: Link Connection Liquid***
LCL: Lavitsky Computer Laboratories***
LCL: Loose Cargo Load***
LCL: Lendon Containers Limited***
LCL: Less Container Loading***
LCL: Link Connected Liquid***
LCL: Laboratory Control Ltd***
LCL: La Chaine Locale***
LCL: Loose Container Load***
LCL: Louisiana Coastal Law**
LCL: B-lymphoblastoid cell line**
LCL: B-lymphoblastoid cell lines**
LCL: B-lymphoid cell lines**
LCL: EBV-lymphoblastoid cell lines**
LCL: Lacquer crack lesion**
LCL: lateral collateral ligaments**
LCL: left caudal lobe**
LCL: local cutaneous leishmaniasis**
LCL: localised cutaneous leishmaniasis**
LCL: localized cutaneous leishmaniosis**
LCL: Long-circulating liposomes**
LCL: lower counting limit**
LCL: Lucilia Caesar larvae**
LCL: lymphoblast cell lines**
LCL: lymphoblastic cell lines**
LCL: lymphoblastoid cells line**
LCL: Lymphoblastoid cells lines**
LCL: lymphocyte cell lines**
LCL: lymphoid chronic leukemias**
LCL: Lymphoma cell leukemia**
LCL: lymphosarcoma cell leukemia**
LCL: T-lymphoblastoid cell line**
LCL: Liga Control Language**
LCL: Lens culinaris lectin**
LCL: Liberal Country League**
LCL: Lavasa Corporation Limited**
LCL: Lanka Ceramics Ltd**
LCL: Lower Contor Limit**
LCL: isolates causing localized**
LCL: large B-cell lymphoma**
LCL: large B-cell lymphomas**
LCL: large cell B lymphoma**
LCL: large T-cell lymphoma**
LCL: large-cell malignant lymphoma**
LCL: localized American cutaneous leishmaniasis**
LCL: luminal centre line length**
LCL: lymphoblastoid B cell line**
LCL: lymphoblastoid B cell lines**
LCL: lymphoblastoid B-cell line**
LCL: lymphoblastoid B-cell lines**
LCL: lymphoblastoid cell line cells**
LCL: lymphoblastoid cell proliferation**
LCL: lymphoid B cell lines**
LCL: lymphoid cell line cells**
LCL: Lancaster County Longrifles**
LCL: lower confidence level**
LCL: Lower Central Limit**
LCL: B-lymphoblastoid cells**
LCL: Logic for Computable**
LCL: Low Coolant Level**
LCL: Less-Than-Carload Lots**
LCL: Learning Center for Leadership**
LCL: lymphoblastoid cell cultures**
LCL: Loose Container Loads**
LCL: Localized Cutaneous Leishmaniasis**
LCL: Lucid Common Lisp**
LCL: Lake Charles Louisiana**
LCL: London Chess League**
LCL: Louisiana Coalition for Literacy**
LCL: Licentiate in Canon Law**
LCL: Lossless Codec Library**
LCL: Logging Cable Length**
LCL: Large Cell Lung**
LCL: Liquor Control and Licensing**
LCL: Logistics Challenge Logistics**
LCL: ladies choice limited**
LCL: Less Codec Library*
LCL: Lift Condensation Level*
LCL: Logical Channel Layout*
LCL: luminol-dependent chemiluminescence*
LCL: luminol-enhanced chemiluminescence*
LCL: Load Cells LCJB*
LCL: Local or Locally*
LCL: Latching Current Limiters*
LCL: Logical Connection Layer*
LCL: Laser Communication Laboratory*
LCL: Lebanese Cultural League*
LCL: Lowest Charge Levels*
LCL: Lymphocyte Continuous Lines*
LCL: Line Card Location*
LCL: Lower Control Unit*
LCL: Loose Change Linear*
LCL: Lady Chatterlys Lover*
LCL: Land Characterization and Land*
LCL: Landfill Capacity Limits*
LCL: Lane County Living*
LCL: Lansford and Company Lansford*
LCL: Lawbook Company Limited*
LCL: Lawrence Cycling Links*
LCL: Lawrences Cycling Links*
LCL: Le Club Lingerie*
LCL: Lebanon Cities Lebanon*
LCL: Leonardos Codex Leicester*
LCL: Leung Computational Laboratory*
LCL: Lifetime Control Level*
LCL: Lightwave Communications Laboratory*
LCL: Limited Capability Land*
LCL: Linx Complete Listing*
LCL: List of Coal mining Links*
LCL: Lois Clark Links*
LCL: Lois n Clark Links*
LCL: Longman China Limited*
LCL: Low Capability Land*
LCL: Luxury Chauffeured Limousines*
LCL: Lynn Cooley Laboratory*

Note: Acronym Finder has 39 verified definitions for LCL

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