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What does LCF stand for?

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LCF: London Civic Forum****
LCF: Liquid Crystal Filter****
LCF: Leuenberg Church Fellowship****
LCF: La Canada Flintridge***
LCF: Logic for Computable Functions***
LCF: Leasing Cash Flow***
LCF: Local Counter Fraud***
LCF: Lorenzen Cancer Foundation***
LCF: Lincoln Community Foundation***
LCF: Lawton Correctional Facility***
LCF: Lawrence Christian Fellowship***
LCF: Linker Control File***
LCF: Landsbanki Commercial Finance***
LCF: London Community Foundation***
LCF: Latvian Cynological Federation***
LCF: Leveraged Cash Flow***
LCF: Lorien Customer Focus***
LCF: Left Center Field***
LCF: Law Centres Federation***
LCF: League of Corporate Foundations***
LCF: Location Client Function***
LCF: La Conexion Familiar***
LCF: Local Currency Facility***
LCF: Local Cooperation Fund***
LCF: London Coin Fair***
LCF: Lighthouse Christian Fellowship***
LCF: Light Control Film***
LCF: Leadership Computing Facility***
LCF: Lake Cowal Foundation***
LCF: Logistics Center Fontana***
LCF: Les Copains Francophones***
LCF: Librarians Christian Fellowship***
LCF: Lighthouse Credit Foundation**
LCF: lactose-containing formula**
LCF: lateral circumflex femoral**
LCF: leaf chlorophyll fluorescence**
LCF: leukocyte chemotactic factor**
LCF: Leukocyte chemotactic factors**
LCF: ligamentum capitis femoris**
LCF: Light chain fragments**
LCF: light circumscribed foci**
LCF: linear classification function**
LCF: liquid crystal film**
LCF: localized current field**
LCF: Localized current fields**
LCF: Lymphocyte chemoattractant factor**
LCF: lymphocyte chemotactic factor**
LCF: lymphocyte culture fluid**
LCF: T-lymphocyte chemotactic factor**
LCF: Lexington Community Foundation**
LCF: Length to Caudal Fork**
LCF: Longitudinal Centre of Flotation**
LCF: Load Content File**
LCF: Longitudinal Center of Floatation**
LCF: Local Coastal Fora**
LCF: Lateral scatter Correction Factor**
LCF: leucovorin/carboplatin/5-FU**
LCF: Light-cured, Filled resin**
LCF: long-term care facility**
LCF: Lafayette Christian Fellowship**
LCF: Ladner Christian Fellowship**
LCF: Landfill Communities Fund**
LCF: Local Context Finder**
LCF: Low Coefficient of Friction**
LCF: Linden Care Foundation**
LCF: Law Christian Fellowship**
LCF: Lens Collar Foot**
LCF: Latymer Christian Fellowship**
LCF: Local Cost Financing**
LCF: Line Control Feature**
LCF: Ligno Cellulosic Feedstock**
LCF: Lodi Community Foundation**
LCF: Lower Carbon Futures**
LCF: Local Currency Financing**
LCF: Least Choice First**
LCF: lovelace clinic foundation**
LCF: Lawyers Christian Fellowship**
LCF: Link Center Foundation**
LCF: LAN Configuration Facility**
LCF: Loop Correction Factor**
LCF: Local Credit Fund**
LCF: Lafayette Community Foundation**
LCF: Leicester Christian Fellowship**
LCF: Lakehead Conservation Foundation**
LCF: Link Control Field**
LCF: Least Cost Formulation**
LCF: Loss Cost Factor**
LCF: Last Chance Filter**
LCF: Launch Control Facilities**
LCF: Lancaster Centre for Forecasting**
LCF: leopard cat foundation**
LCF: Landscape Conservation Forum**
LCF: Limon Correctional Facility**
LCF: Large Cargo Freighters**
LCF: Load Cycle Fatigue**
LCF: Local Communication Facilitators**
LCF: Leopard Cat Female**
LCF: Lowell Community Fund**
LCF: Legislative Campaign Funds**
LCF: Line Current Feed**
LCF: Local Christian Foundations**
LCF: Lawyer Christian Fellowship**
LCF: Little City Foundation**
LCF: Lower Cape Fear**
LCF: Landelijke Commissie FWG*
LCF: Language and Cultural Facilitators*
LCF: Laser Control Field*
LCF: Latent Cancer Fatality*
LCF: Letchworth Christian Fellowship*
LCF: Light City Flyers*
LCF: Linear Classification Functions*
LCF: Load Combination Factors*
LCF: Loop Current Feed*
LCF: Limited Command Facility*
LCF: Language and Culture Facilitators*
LCF: Laurentian Christian Fellowship*
LCF: LSC to Cut Funding*
LCF: Lung Cancer Frontiers*
LCF: Lava Cast Forest*
LCF: Leadership Class Facilities*
LCF: Lens Cleaning Fluid*
LCF: Leu Crompton and Fesenmaier*
LCF: Licensed Community Facility*
LCF: Lewis Central Foundation*
LCF: Liberian Community Foundation*
LCF: License Certificate File*
LCF: Lighthouse Christian Foundation*
LCF: Lincoln Conversion Flight*
LCF: Local Competitive Fund*
LCF: Local Control Facilities*
LCF: Latent Cancer Facilities*
LCF: Lake City Florida*
LCF: Laser Characterization Facility*
LCF: Less Color Finish*
LCF: Large Collection of Fossils*
LCF: Lawrence Consignment Furniture*
LCF: Less than Car load Freight*
LCF: Letter of Credit Form*
LCF: Liaison Corporation Feature*
LCF: Liberated Christians File*
LCF: Life Cycle Functions*
LCF: Lititgation Case File*
LCF: Longitudinal Centre of Floatation*
LCF: Lost Crown Fluorspar*

Note: Acronym Finder has 38 verified definitions for LCF

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