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JAS: Job Assistance Services****
JAS: Joint Armed Services****
JAS: Joint Accreditation System****
JAS: Japan America Society****
JAS: Japanese American Society****
JAS: Java Analysis Studio***
JAS: Jarvis Accommodation Services***
JAS: Joan of Arc Society***
JAS: Jazz Action Society***
JAS: Jo Anne Sanford***
JAS: Japanese Agricultural Standards***
JAS: Journal of the Society***
JAS: July August September***
JAS: Joan Alice Smith***
JAS: Jayhawk Audubon Society***
JAS: Juried Art Services***
JAS: Joint Analytical Systems***
JAS: Japan Agricultural Standard***
JAS: Job Accommodation Services***
JAS: Japan Agricultural Standards***
JAS: Jewish Agricultural Society***
JAS: John Adams Society***
JAS: Joint Accreditation Scheme***
JAS: Journal of the Acoustical Society***
JAS: Justice for Asylum Seekers***
JAS: Juki Automation Systems***
JAS: Joint Assistance Sponsorship***
JAS: Jupiter Alto Sax***
JAS: Journal Abbreviations Sources***
JAS: Japanese Association of Surveyors***
JAS: Japanese Agriculture Standards***
JAS: Just Another Story***
JAS: Jane Austen Society***
JAS: Java Applet Service***
JAS: Jakt Attack Spaning***
JAS: JATE Asteroid Survey***
JAS: Journal of Structural***
JAS: Just Another System***
JAS: Jail Alternative Services***
JAS: Jenkins Activity Survey***
JAS: Jet Aviation Specialists***
JAS: Janus Aspen Small***
JAS: Jewish Apartments and Services***
JAS: Jeffrey Allen Semon***
JAS: Joint Active Systems***
JAS: Job Analysis Schedule***
JAS: Java Agent Services***
JAS: Jumping and Style***
JAS: Journal of Applied Spectroscopy***
JAS: Jydsk Automobil Sport**
JAS: Jenkins Activity Scale**
JAS: Jenkuns Activity Survey**
JAS: Job Attitude Survey**
JAS: Junior Academy of Science**
JAS: Journal of the Asiatic Society**
JAS: JOBS Automated System**
JAS: Journal of Aerosol Science**
JAS: June Agricultural Survey**
JAS: Junior Astronomical Society**
JAS: Juvenile Ankylosing Spondylitis**
JAS: juvenile onset ankylosing spondylitis**
JAS: Jouve Aviation Solutions**
JAS: Japanese Anime Society**
JAS: Jackson Avenue School**
JAS: Jail Aftercare Services**
JAS: Japan Aviation Service**
JAS: Jordan Astronomical Society**
JAS: Journal of Applied Science**
JAS: Java Archive Sun**
JAS: Job Applicant System**
JAS: Joint Assessment Strategy**
JAS: Japanese Association of Singapore**
JAS: Job Application Software**
JAS: Jail Addiction Services**
JAS: Journal of Aging Studies**
JAS: Japanese Animation Society**
JAS: Japan Air Service**
JAS: Joh Achelis Soehne**
JAS: Judge Advocate Support**
JAS: Juan Antonio Samaranch**
JAS: Japanese Ag Standards**
JAS: Joint Activities Service**
JAS: Journal of the African Society**
JAS: Janine A Schindler**
JAS: Junior Auxiliary of Slidell**
JAS: Java Algebra System**
JAS: Jazz Academy Summer**
JAS: Jorge A Silveira**
JAS: Judith Arts Society**
JAS: Job Analysis System**
JAS: Joint Assistance Strategy**
JAS: Jabatan Air Sabah**
JAS: Jysk Automobil Sport**
JAS: Japan Agriculture Standards**
JAS: Job Action Sheet**
JAS: Jewellers Association Show**
JAS: Job Activities Scale**
JAS: Japan Amateur Satellite*
JAS: Job Administration Service*
JAS: Journal of Aerospace Science*
JAS: James A Stanley*
JAS: Japanese Association of Suggestopedia*
JAS: Jitter Attenuator Select*
JAS: Journal for Actuarial Students*
JAS: Journals Access Service*
JAS: Job Announcement Service*
JAS: Japan Asia Securities*
JAS: Junior All Star*
JAS: Jamaican AIDS Society*
JAS: James Alfred Scotchford*
JAS: Joint Administrative Services*
JAS: Just A Songwriter*
JAS: job advertising system*
JAS: Java Applets Sun*
JAS: Job Advertisement System*
JAS: job advertising systems*
JAS: Jaggis Amitabh Site*
JAS: Jalan Abdullah Silandae*
JAS: Jill Ayn Schneider*
JAS: Job Advertisement Systems*
JAS: John Alan Simms*
JAS: Joliet and Aurora Shaft*
JAS: Jolly Abby Shaft*
JAS: Jones and Adams Shaft*
JAS: Journal of Aerospace*
JAS: Journal of Asian Studies*
JAS: Journal of Atmospheric Sciences*
JAS: Jozsef Attila Sciences*
JAS: Junction Advertising and Shopping*

Note: Acronym Finder has 42 verified definitions for JAS

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