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JACC: Japanese American Cultural Community****
JACC: Journalism Association of Community Colleges****
JACC: Japanese American Cultural Center***
JACC: Jackson Area Career Center***
JACC: Japanese American Community Center***
JACC: Jazz Ao Centro Clube***
JACC: Jersey Anime Cosplay Crew***
JACC: Joe Arrington Cancer Center***
JACC: Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce***
JACC: J2EE Authorization Contract for Containers***
JACC: Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving***
JACC: Jordan Area Community Council***
JACC: Journal of the American College of Cardiologists**
JACC: Joyce Athletic and Convocation Center**
JACC: Just Another Clothing Company**
JACC: Jeffersonville Area Chamber of Commerce**
JACC: Journal of the American Chiropractic**
JACC: Japan Adventure Cyclist Club**
JACC: Japan Association of Comparative Culture**
JACC: Japanese American Chamber of Commerce**
JACC: Jefferson Area Community Corrections**
JACC: Jersey Assistance for Community Caregivers**
JACC: Journal of American Cardiology**
JACC: J A Carroll Consulting**
JACC: Japan Association of Corrosion Control**
JACC: Joint Assessment of Commodity Chemicals**
JACC: Jamesburg Area Chamber of Commerce**
JACC: Jewish American Chamber of Commerce**
JACC: Joint Airborne Command and Control**
JACC: Just Another Compiler Compiler**
JACC: J of the Am College of Cardiology**
JACC: Jerusalem Association of Community Councils**
JACC: Jicarilla Apache Cultural Center**
JACC: Joshua Area Chamber of Commerce**
JACC: Joint American Control Conference**
JACC: Joint Audit and Compliance Committee**
JACC: J American College Cardiology**
JACC: Joint Ambulatory Care Center**
JACC: Jandakot Airport Chamber of Commerce**
JACC: Joint Airborne Communications Center**
JACC: Justice and Anti Crime Cooperation**
JACC: Janesville Area Chamber of Commerce**
JACC: Jewish Arts and Culture Council**
JACC: Joint Advisory Committee for Church**
JACC: Joint Anti Corruption Council**
JACC: Joint Action for Children**
JACC: Joint Agricultural Consultative Committee**
JACC: Joint Airspace Command and Control**
JACC: Justice Across the Campus Committee**
JACC: japanese american cultural club*
JACC: Jave Authorization Contract for Containers*
JACC: Judges Appointed by Clinton and Carter*
JACC: Japan Adventure Cycling Club*
JACC: Japanese American Culture Club*
JACC: Jones Academic Computer Center*
JACC: Just Another Counterstrike Clan*
JACC: Joint Association Certification Committee*
JACC: Japanese Anime and Culture Club*
JACC: Journal Article Citation Convention*
JACC: Joyce Athletic Convention Center*
JACC: Japan America Cooperative Conference*
JACC: Japanese Association of Chinese Cuisine*
JACC: Joint Air Cargo Complex*
JACC: Joliet Area Catholic Conference*
JACC: Journalism Association for Community Colleges*
JACC: Jimeoin Australian Comedian Company*
JACC: Job Advertising Chair in Communication*
JACC: Joliet and Aurora Coal Company*
JACC: Joliet Arsenal Coordinating Council*
JACC: Jones and Adams Coal Company*

Note: Acronym Finder has 17 verified definitions for JACC

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