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What does IUC stand for?

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IUC: International Unicode Conference****
IUC: Innotek UltraSmart Contain****
IUC: Inter University Centre****
IUC: Instituto Universitario CEMIC****
IUC: Inter University Consortium****
IUC: Introduction to Use Cases****
IUC: Inter University Center***
IUC: Inter Unit Communication***
IUC: Inter University Council***
IUC: Internationalization and Unicode Conference***
IUC: Islamic Unity Convention***
IUC: intl uranium corporation***
IUC: Interconnection Usage Charges***
IUC: Interconnect Usage Charges***
IUC: Illinois at Urbana Champaign***
IUC: International Uranium Corporation***
IUC: Information Unit on Conventions***
IUC: Introduction to Unified Command***
IUC: Interactive Use Case***
IUC: International University Consortium***
IUC: Interviews Under Caution***
IUC: International User Conference***
IUC: Institutional University Cooperation***
IUC: International University College***
IUC: Interconnect Usage Charge**
IUC: indwelling urinary catheter**
IUC: infected, unmedicated control**
IUC: International Underwriting Congress**
IUC: Industrial Und Commercial**
IUC: Ingenieurs Uitzend Combinatie**
IUC: Institutional University Co**
IUC: International Union of Chemistry**
IUC: infarcts of undetermined cause**
IUC: Idaho University Consortium**
IUC: Idiopathic Ulcerative Colitis**
IUC: Internet Users Consortium**
IUC: IDX Users Conference**
IUC: Irish Underwater Council**
IUC: International Union for the Conservation**
IUC: Interval Usage Codes**
IUC: Intergraph Users Community**
IUC: Inter Univerzitetski Centar**
IUC: Instructional Use of Computing**
IUC: International Union for Conservation**
IUC: International Users Conference**
IUC: Islamic University Chittagong**
IUC: Instructional Use of Computers**
IUC: Inter University Centres**
IUC: International University of the Caribbean**
IUC: Invites University and College**
IUC: ISIS User Committee**
IUC: Information Users Committee*
IUC: Insulated Unscreened Conductor*
IUC: International Undergraduate Community*
IUC: Irish Universities Consortium*
IUC: Independent and Unaffiliated Caucus*
IUC: Inter University Centers*
IUC: Intergraph User Conference*
IUC: Intelligent Universal Controller*
IUC: Inter University Committee*
IUC: International Users Committee*
IUC: Igbo Union Cotonou*
IUC: Infarct of Undetermined Cause*
IUC: Integrated University Complex*
IUC: IRAF Users Committee*
IUC: International User Committee*
IUC: Integrated Utility Communications*
IUC: Independent User Centers*
IUC: Indiana University Computer*
IUC: Intelsat Use Charge*
IUC: International Union of Crystallo*
IUC: International Union of Crystallographers*
IUC: International Union of Crystallography*
IUC: Internet Users by Country*

Note: Acronym Finder has 16 verified definitions for IUC

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