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ITR: Industry Tourism and Resources****
ITR: Indiana Toll Road****
ITR: Interactive Teaching Resources****
ITR: Insurance Tax Review****
ITR: Iowans for Tax Relief***
ITR: Internal Tibial Rotation***
ITR: Internal Teaching Review***
ITR: Income Tax Returns***
ITR: International Trade Reporter***
ITR: Ignition Timing Retard***
ITR: International Truck Racing***
ITR: interpreter training resources***
ITR: International Training Resources***
ITR: Ifra Trend Report***
ITR: Intelligent Tag Radar***
ITR: Interim Test Range***
ITR: International Traders Research***
ITR: Information Ticketing Registration***
ITR: Integrated Test Range***
ITR: Islet Transplant Registry***
ITR: Indexable Tool Repair***
ITR: Information Ticketing and Registration***
ITR: Institute for Trend Research***
ITR: Investment Transaction Report***
ITR: Interactive Test Run***
ITR: inverted terminal repeats***
ITR: Indiana Theory Review***
ITR: International Tax Review***
ITR: International Time Recording***
ITR: Institute of Transportation***
ITR: Interkantonales Technikum Rapperswil***
ITR: Information Tickets and Registration***
ITR: International Time Recorder***
ITR: Information Technology Recruiting***
ITR: Income Tax Reports***
ITR: iranian transactions regulations***
ITR: Injury Trauma Rehabilitation***
ITR: Injection Timing Retard***
ITR: Irish Tax Reports***
ITR: Industry to Residential***
ITR: Interpretation and Translation***
ITR: Intent to Register**
ITR: Internet Time Recorder**
ITR: Idahoans for Tax Reform**
ITR: Illinois Trauma Registry**
ITR: immediate transfusion reactions**
ITR: induced tumor resistance**
ITR: internal tandem repeat**
ITR: interscapular-thoracic resection**
ITR: ipsilateral temporal reference**
ITR: Isolated testicular relapse**
ITR: iterative template refinement**
ITR: Inverted Terminal Repetitions**
ITR: International Telecommunication Regulations**
ITR: International Technical Review**
ITR: Intro to Rowing**
ITR: Improved Touring R**
ITR: International Teachers Recruitment**
ITR: inhibitor of trans-rescue**
ITR: Income Tax Regulations**
ITR: Inverted Terminal Repetition**
ITR: Is to Reinforce**
ITR: Institute For Theonomic Reformation**
ITR: Intrepid Technology and Resources**
ITR: Internal Throughput Rate**
ITR: Intent to Rename**
ITR: Internet Talent Registry**
ITR: Interactive TCP Relay**
ITR: instrument test report**
ITR: Initial Trauma Review**
ITR: Ineligible to Return**
ITR: idaho trauma registry**
ITR: Independent Technical Reviewer**
ITR: International Textile Research**
ITR: International Tourism Role**
ITR: Income Tax Reference**
ITR: Individual Training Record**
ITR: Inventory Transaction Register**
ITR: International Tribunal for Rwanda**
ITR: Indigenous and Tribal**
ITR: Incremental Tape Recorder**
ITR: IEEE Transactions on Reliability**
ITR: Implicit Tax Rate**
ITR: Integrated Trade Resources**
ITR: Internal Technical Report**
ITR: Indonesian Tax Review**
ITR: Information Technology Roundtable**
ITR: Issue Tracking Report**
ITR: Inpatient Treatment Record**
ITR: Instructional Technology Review**
ITR: Integrated Test Rig**
ITR: Industrial Tribunal Reports**
ITR: Integrated Thyristor Rectifier**
ITR: International Tropic Reisen**
ITR: Independent Technical Reviews**
ITR: International Tamil Radio**
ITR: Interfacial Thermal Resistance**
ITR: Infocomm Technology Roadmap*
ITR: Information Technology and Resources*
ITR: Inside Track Regeneration*
ITR: Institut Technique Roubaisien*
ITR: International Thermal Research*
ITR: Introduction to Trail Riding*
ITR: Isle in the River*
ITR: Instantaneous Turn Rate*
ITR: Institute for Training and Research*
ITR: Interim Training Report*
ITR: India Test Range*
ITR: Individual Training Records*
ITR: Information Tickets and Reservations*
ITR: Insane Trail Riders*
ITR: Integrated Testing Regimen*
ITR: Intent to Respond*
ITR: Intent to Review*
ITR: Invitation to Receive*
ITR: Illinois Trail Riders*
ITR: Information Ticketing and Recreation*
ITR: Inspection Test Record*
ITR: International Textile Reports*
ITR: Internet Trois Rivieres*
ITR: Idaho Training Range*
ITR: Information Technology Reports*
ITR: Inside The Ring*
ITR: Internal Technical Review*
ITR: Irrigation Training and Research*
ITR: Inability To Receive*
ITR: Information Tour Registration*
ITR: Inspection and Test Requirements*
ITR: International Taurus Resources*
ITR: Islamic Texts and Resources*
ITR: Importance of Trees in a Rural*
ITR: Indian Territory Roots*
ITR: Information Technology Recruitme*
ITR: Innovative Training Resources*
ITR: Institute for Technology Review*
ITR: Instructional Technologies Resources*
ITR: Integration Test Repository*
ITR: International Tin Research*
ITR: Internet Training Resources*
ITR: Internet Travel Reviews*
ITR: Interstates and Toll Roads*
ITR: Iquique Tarapaca Region*
ITR: Irrigation Training Research*

Note: Acronym Finder has 53 verified definitions for ITR

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