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ITL: Institute for Teaching and Learning****
ITL: IEP Italian Lira****
ITL: Instructional Technology Lab****
ITL: Instructional Technology Leaders****
ITL: Information Technology Linke****
ITL: Implementation Team Lead***
ITL: Imperial Tobacco Ltd***
ITL: Iterative Template Library***
ITL: Interval Temporal Logic***
ITL: Independent Testing Laboratories***
ITL: Integrated Teaching and Learning***
ITL: Interactive Technologies Limited***
ITL: InGenious Targeting Laboratory***
ITL: Imperial Tobacco Limited***
ITL: Independent Test Lab***
ITL: Integrity Testing Laboratory***
ITL: Institute of Teaching and Learning***
ITL: Interested Transaction List***
ITL: Invitation to Listen***
ITL: Inflation Targeting Lite***
ITL: Independence Township Library (Clarkston, MI)***
ITL: Independent Township Library (Claflin, KS)***
ITL: Imaginative Technologies Limited***
ITL: Integrated Task List***
ITL: Interact TV Labs***
ITL: International Trade Loan***
ITL: International Transaction Log***
ITL: International Telcom Ltd***
ITL: Integrated Testing Laboratories***
ITL: Intralock Tools Ltd***
ITL: International Theological Library***
ITL: International Tractors Ltd***
ITL: Information and Technology Literacy***
ITL: International Transmissions Ltd***
ITL: Isolated Trailing Link***
ITL: Internet Teaching Laboratory***
ITL: Independent Testing Laboratory***
ITL: Integrated Technology Ltd***
ITL: Independent Test Laboratory***
ITL: Integration Technologies LTD***
ITL: Instructional Technology Laboratory***
ITL: Improving Teaching and Learning***
ITL: Island Tennis League***
ITL: Integrated Transport Logistics***
ITL: Institute for the Transformation of Learning***
ITL: International Technologies Lasers***
ITL: Innovations in Teaching and Learning***
ITL: Internet Tribune Libre***
ITL: Inland Theatre League***
ITL: Instrument Technology Limited***
ITL: International Transload Logistics**
ITL: BACKGROUND--Incremental threshold loading**
ITL: immature T lymphocytes**
ITL: incremental threshold loading**
ITL: infiltrating T lymphocytes**
ITL: initiator T lymphocytes**
ITL: inspiratory threshold load**
ITL: inspiratory threshold loading**
ITL: intermuscular transverse ligament**
ITL: Isatis tinctoria L**
ITL: Ischemic type lesions**
ITL: ischial tuberosity line**
ITL: Information Theoretic Learning**
ITL: Injury Threat to Life**
ITL: Islamic Tools and Libraries**
ITL: Ink Technologies Ltd**
ITL: Import Transport Logistik**
ITL: Initiator Target Lun**
ITL: Interpreting Translation Line**
ITL: Integrated Technologies Limited**
ITL: idling time lying down**
ITL: Information Tech L**
ITL: Internet Teaching Labs**
ITL: Interested Transaction Lists**
ITL: Integration Technology Laboratory**
ITL: Integrated Teaching Laboratory**
ITL: intestinal T-cell lymphoma**
ITL: Interface Technology Laboratory**
ITL: Interactive Teacher Learner**
ITL: Innovative Technology Ltd**
ITL: Institution for Teaching and Learning**
ITL: Integrate Transfer Launch**
ITL: Independent Test Laboratories**
ITL: illuminating the lamp**
ITL: Integrate Transfer and Launch**
ITL: International Team League**
ITL: Israel Testing Laboratories**
ITL: Indo Trans Logistics**
ITL: Integrated Test Laboratory**
ITL: international transport logistics**
ITL: Industrial Tribology Laboratory**
ITL: Interchange Tag Language**
ITL: Into the Labyrinth**
ITL: International Trade Links**
ITL: International Tax Law**
ITL: International Trading Logistics**
ITL: Internet Teaching Laboratories**
ITL: Invitation to Love**
ITL: Information Transparency Law**
ITL: International Trade Linkers**
ITL: Image Technology Laboratories**
ITL: Indigo Technologies Ltd**
ITL: Intelligence Task Lists**
ITL: Instructional Teacher Leaders**
ITL: Integral Test Loop**
ITL: INFINISTORE Tape Libraries**
ITL: Inline Team Limmattal**
ITL: Interaction Technology Laboratory**
ITL: In Training Leiggener**
ITL: India Tyres Ltd**
ITL: Inspection Team Leader**
ITL: Industrial Tires Limited**
ITL: International Trade Loans**
ITL: Invitation to Life**
ITL: Institute for Technical Literature**
ITL: Instrument Technology Ltd*
ITL: Insulated Tools Limited*
ITL: Integrated Technologies Laboratory*
ITL: International Toll Local*
ITL: International Transactions Ltd*
ITL: Islamic Tools Library*
ITL: Imation Tape Library*
ITL: International Trimmings and Labels*
ITL: Ishwar Textiles Limited*
ITL: Ispravitelno Trudovoi Lager*
ITL: Industrial Testing Laboratory*
ITL: Interface Testing Language*
ITL: Imaging Template Library*
ITL: Innovative Teaching Laboratory*
ITL: Institute for Transformative Leadership*
ITL: Instructional Technology Leader*
ITL: Integration and Test Laboratory*
ITL: Integration Test Laboratory*
ITL: Inferior Transverse Ligament*
ITL: Information Terminological Language*
ITL: Innovation Technology Laboratory*
ITL: integrated transit liability*
ITL: Interdivisional Technical Liason*
ITL: Interpolated Table Lookup*
ITL: Iowa Testing Laboratories*
ITL: Industrial Testing Laboratories*
ITL: Illinois Township Lines*
ITL: Independant Technology Leasing*
ITL: Index Theremin Links*
ITL: Inhouse Technology Limited*
ITL: Innsbruck Tiroler Landtag*
ITL: Insect Taxonomy Laboratory*
ITL: Institute of Technology Lausanne*
ITL: Internet Tools List*
ITL: Introductory Tagalog Lessons*
ITL: Irish Tenant League*

Note: Acronym Finder has 33 verified definitions for ITL

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