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ISM: International Studies of Management****
ISM: Interactive Studio Management****
ISM: In Singapore in May****
ISM: International Scientific and Medical****
ISM: In the Safety Management****
ISM: Inter Sessional Meetings****
ISM: In School Mentors****
ISM: Indiana State Museum****
ISM: Individual Service Member****
ISM: International Student Ministry****
ISM: Information Sharing Management****
ISM: Institute of Service Management****
ISM: International School Moshi****
ISM: IT Service Management****
ISM: International School of Medicine****
ISM: Integrated System Model****
ISM: International Study Mission****
ISM: Industry Structure Model***
ISM: Indexed Sequential access Method***
ISM: Institute for Social Marketing***
ISM: International School of Monterey***
ISM: in supply management***
ISM: Integrated Service Management***
ISM: International Sports Management***
ISM: International Student Mentor***
ISM: International Solidarity Mission***
ISM: Integrated Solutions Management***
ISM: International Symposium on Microwave***
ISM: Induction Sealing Machine***
ISM: Institute for Systems Medicine***
ISM: International Sports Multimedia***
ISM: Inspection Surveillance and Monitoring***
ISM: Industry Scientific and Medical***
ISM: Internet Service Monitor***
ISM: Information Systems Manager***
ISM: Indian Systems of Medicines***
ISM: Is Supply Management***
ISM: Institute of Statistical Mathematics***
ISM: Information System Media***
ISM: Indiana Secondary Market***
ISM: In-Kind Support & Maintenance***
ISM: Information Systems and Management***
ISM: Industrieel Smalspoor Museum***
ISM: Integrated Systems Management***
ISM: Inter Service Migrants***
ISM: Intensive Supervision and Monitoring***
ISM: Institute Service Management***
ISM: International Space Museum***
ISM: Indian Systems of Medicine***
ISM: Innovative Solutions in Media***
ISM: Institute of Materials***
ISM: Industrial Science Medical***
ISM: In Kind Support and Maintenance***
ISM: Institute of Molecular***
ISM: Information System Management***
ISM: Infrastructure Services Model***
ISM: Independent Study Mentorship***
ISM: International Swim Meeting***
ISM: International School of Monaco***
ISM: Information Systems Marketing***
ISM: Innovative Systems Management***
ISM: Internetwork Status Monitor***
ISM: Interval Scale of Measurement***
ISM: In Situ Mesocosms***
ISM: Integrated Sports Management***
ISM: Immune System Management***
ISM: Interactive Storage Management***
ISM: Idaho Space Materials***
ISM: Incompletely Specified Machines***
ISM: International Systems Management***
ISM: International School of Mountaineering***
ISM: Image Sticking Minimization***
ISM: Implicit Surface Model***
ISM: Integrated Solution for Management***
ISM: Intergrated Security Manufacturing***
ISM: Internet Shop Maker***
ISM: Impact of Supply Management***
ISM: Instrumentation Scientific and Medical***
ISM: International School Management***
ISM: Illinois Skills Match***
ISM: Institute of Structural Medicine***
ISM: IHI Shibaura Machinery***
ISM: International School Maastricht***
ISM: Istituto Studi Mediterranei***
ISM: Integrated Security Manager***
ISM: International Ship Management***
ISM: Industry Science and Medical***
ISM: Italian Social Movement***
ISM: Image Stream Medical***
ISM: Institut Supérieur Maritime***
ISM: Industrial Scientific Medicine***
ISM: IKARUS Security Manager***
ISM: Institute for Supply Managers***
ISM: Incremental Servicing Model***
ISM: Innovation Strategy Management***
ISM: Integrated Solution for Many***
ISM: Intelligent Shelf Manager***
ISM: Information Structure Management***
ISM: Institute for Supervision and Management***
ISM: Insurance Services Malaysia***
ISM: Independent Sheet Metal***
ISM: Individual Support Model***
ISM: Internet Search Management***
ISM: Integrated Sensor Module***
ISM: Information Security Manager***
ISM: Into the Surrounding Molecular***
ISM: Industrial Sheet Metal***
ISM: Intelligent Servo Module***
ISM: Industry Scientific Medical***
ISM: In Situ Measurements***
ISM: Implicit Shape Models***
ISM: International Sign Magazine***
ISM: Integrated System Monitor***
ISM: International School of Milan***
ISM: Indian School Muscat***
ISM: Inter Sessional Meeting***
ISM: Institute of Spiritualist Mediums***
ISM: Inter Stellar Medium***
ISM: Information Systems for Museums***
ISM: Integrated Services Model***
ISM: Indian Summer Monsoon***
ISM: International Symposium on Microchemical***
ISM: IPolicy Security Manager***
ISM: IT Services Miami***
ISM: Industrial Science and Medical***
ISM: Industry Science Medicine***
ISM: Institute of Supply Managers***
ISM: Investment Strategy Meetings***
ISM: Islamic Struggle Movement***
ISM: Integrierte System Modelle***
ISM: Industry Science and Medicine***
ISM: Institution of Surveyors Malaysia***
ISM: Inositol Signaling Molecules***
ISM: Institute of Spa Management***
ISM: Integrated Service Managers***
ISM: It Sport Montagna***
ISM: Information Solutions and Management***
ISM: Integrated Sports Media***
ISM: Internet System Management***
ISM: Ideas by Statistical Mechanics***
ISM: International School of Monagas***
ISM: International Society of Meccanomen***
ISM: Independent Study Modules***
ISM: Industry Sponsored Marketplaces***
ISM: Installation Safety Manual***
ISM: Industrial Services of Mobile***
ISM: Industrial Scientific or Medical***
ISM: Internet Strategy Management***
ISM: Implementation Specific Model***
ISM: Industrial Supply Management***
ISM: Integrated Science Model***
ISM: Integrated Signal Management***
ISM: In Situ Monitoring***
ISM: Intelligent Selection of Materials***
ISM: Ishikawajima Shibaura Machinery***
ISM: Intergrated Sports Management***
ISM: International Snowboarder Magazine***
ISM: Illinois and Missouri***
ISM: Integrated Service Module***
ISM: Intelligent Systems Management***
ISM: Inventory of School Motivation***
ISM: Imation Security Manager***
ISM: Ion Selective Microelectrode***
ISM: Induction Skull Melting**
ISM: In Service Management**
ISM: Israel Society for Microscopy**
ISM: Integrated Security Manufacturing**
ISM: In Situ Microscope**
ISM: in-situ Microparticle**
ISM: industrial, scientific, medical**
ISM: informational spectrum method**
ISM: infrared spectral mapping**
ISM: Injectio Salvia Miltiorrhizae**
ISM: injectio salviae miltiorrhizae**
ISM: instant shear modulus**
ISM: Institut des Sciences de la Mer**
ISM: Instruction Set Model**
ISM: intracellular salts medium**
ISM: Intradural spinal metastases**
ISM: ion-selective microelectrodes**
ISM: ion-selective micropipette**
ISM: Ion-sensitive microelectrodes**
ISM: iron sufficient mothers**
ISM: Information Services Management**
ISM: Interface Subscriber Module**
ISM: Integrated Sports Marketing**
ISM: Information Systems Manual**
ISM: Instructional Systems Manager**
ISM: International Securities Market**
ISM: Identity Sub Matrix**
ISM: Investor in Mining**
ISM: Industrial Scientific and Medial**
ISM: Iron and Steel Manufacturing**
ISM: Independent Style Merchants**
ISM: Integrated Systems Models**
ISM: Institute of Shipping Management**
ISM: Internetworked Social Movements**
ISM: Institute of Supervision and Management**
ISM: in situ sectioning method**
ISM: industrial, scientic, and medical**
ISM: Injection of Salvia miltiorrhizae**
ISM: internal simulation of movements**
ISM: intracarotid sodium methohexital procedures**
ISM: Intramedullary spinal cord metastasis**
ISM: Independent Spatial Management**
ISM: Inter Stellar Matter**
ISM: Interactive Strategy Model**
ISM: Issues and Supply Management**
ISM: Information and Systems Management**
ISM: Information Security Markings**
ISM: iridium security module**
ISM: Institutdes Sciences Math**
ISM: Interact System Model**
ISM: Is an Molecular**
ISM: ITSC Staffing Model**
ISM: Interpretative Structural Modeling**
ISM: Industrial Supply Machinery**
ISM: Institute of Surveyors Malaysia**
ISM: Islamic Salvation Movement**
ISM: Institute for Supply ManagementTM**
ISM: Institute of Supply Managment**
ISM: Island System Management**
ISM: Israeli Society for Microbiology**
ISM: Industrial Steel Manufacturing**
ISM: Institute of Security Management**
ISM: Internet Station Manager**
ISM: Institute of Sport Management**
ISM: Inter Services Migrants**
ISM: Indoor Simulated Marksmanship**
ISM: ISDN Subscriber Module**
ISM: Israel Society for Microbiology**
ISM: Information Systems Modeling**
ISM: Institut Sosial Malaysia**
ISM: Industrielles Symposium Mechatronik**
ISM: Internet Sales Management**
ISM: Internet Standard Multicast**
ISM: Institute for Supply Mgmt**
ISM: Intermediate Service Module**
ISM: Ion Selective Membrane**
ISM: Indiana Scoring Model**
ISM: Instrument Scientific Medical**
ISM: Intelligent Software Modules**
ISM: Irish Standard Mark**
ISM: Intelligent System of Music**
ISM: Interactive Sales Managers**
ISM: Islamic Society Movement**
ISM: Integrated Supply Matrix**
ISM: Integrated System Methodology**
ISM: Inter Site Messaging**

Note: Acronym Finder has 119 verified definitions for ISM

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