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ISF: International Security Forum****
ISF: International Students Forum****
ISF: Israel Studies Forum****
ISF: International Society For****
ISF: International Skiing Federation****
ISF: Informazione Senza Frontiere****
ISF: Interior Security Forces****
ISF: Intermediate Scattering Function****
ISF: International Snowboard Federation****
ISF: Is Still on Full***
ISF: Illinois State Fair***
ISF: Internationale Schule Frankfurt***
ISF: Instituto San Fernando***
ISF: International Symposium on Forecasting***
ISF: International Special Force***
ISF: International Student Fellowship***
ISF: International Securities Finance***
ISF: International Studies Forum***
ISF: International Science Frontiers***
ISF: International Sailing Federation***
ISF: Israeli Science Foundation***
ISF: International Spiritualist Federation***
ISF: International Schizophrenia Foundation***
ISF: Israel Special Forces***
ISF: International Service Fund***
ISF: Iron Spring Farm***
ISF: Is to Submit the Final***
ISF: Independent Schools Foundation***
ISF: International Sports Federations***
ISF: Interlock Systems of Florida***
ISF: International Sports Federation***
ISF: Internet Strategy Forum***
ISF: Islamic Solidarity Fund***
ISF: International Society for Fat***
ISF: Islamic Services Foundation***
ISF: Irving Schools Foundation***
ISF: Israel Science Foundation***
ISF: In the San Francisco***
ISF: Isotope Science Facility***
ISF: Ingenierie Sans Frontieres***
ISF: International Scholarship Fund***
ISF: Information Systems Factory***
ISF: International Shinkendo Federation***
ISF: Incentive Servicing Fees***
ISF: Insurance Systems Forum***
ISF: Iron Sulfur Flavoproteins***
ISF: Informatori Scientifici Farmaco***
ISF: Idaho Shakespeare Festival***
ISF: Integrated System Framework***
ISF: Internal School Funds***
ISF: International Solarcar Federation***
ISF: International Stock Futures***
ISF: Institute of Forecasters***
ISF: International Solidarity Foundation***
ISF: Integrated Services Framework***
ISF: Illinois Shakespeare Festival***
ISF: Irrigation Service Fees***
ISF: Insane Strike Force***
ISF: International Sumo Federation***
ISF: In Substance Foreclosures***
ISF: International Shuttlecock Federation***
ISF: International Skiboard Federation***
ISF: Indonesian Society Foundation***
ISF: International Schoolsport Federation***
ISF: International Sport Federations***
ISF: Initial Service Flow***
ISF: Info Strike Force***
ISF: International Scientific Forum***
ISF: Initial Sounds Fluency***
ISF: Intermittent Sand Filters***
ISF: indian shoe federation***
ISF: International School of Florence***
ISF: Indian Seafarers Federation***
ISF: Information Society Foundation***
ISF: Institute for Safe Families***
ISF: Internal Services Funds***
ISF: Illinois State Fairgrounds***
ISF: Interdisciplinary Studies Field***
ISF: Information Systems Foundation***
ISF: International Special Forces***
ISF: Image Sans Frontiere**
ISF: Internal Service Funds**
ISF: Imaging Sciences Foundation**
ISF: Inclusion Support Facilitators**
ISF: Institute for a Sustainable Future**
ISF: idiopathic stone formers**
ISF: immune suppressive factor**
ISF: immune suppressor factor**
ISF: immunologic suppressor factors**
ISF: Impact safety factors**
ISF: in-source fragmentation**
ISF: infant skin fibroblasts**
ISF: intermediary sized filaments**
ISF: intermediate-sized filaments**
ISF: internal screw fixation**
ISF: International Student Friendship**
ISF: interpeduncular screw fixation**
ISF: interrupted slow freezing**
ISF: interstitial space fluid**
ISF: interstitial stripe fibrosis**
ISF: intestinal secretory factor**
ISF: introverted-sensing-feeling**
ISF: invasion stimulating factor**
ISF: isolated skull fracture**
ISF: Israeli spotted fever**
ISF: Information Systems of Florida**
ISF: iron-sulfur flavoprotein**
ISF: India Schoolhouse Fund**
ISF: Information System Factory**
ISF: Investment Services Firms**
ISF: Information Sharing Forum**
ISF: Individual Service Funds**
ISF: Independent Specialist Finance**
ISF: Indiana State Fair**
ISF: Incompletely Specified Functions**
ISF: ImgBurn Support Forum**
ISF: Indoor Sports Federation**
ISF: Internal Security Files**
ISF: Incoming Signal Failure**
ISF: Index of Sexual Function**
ISF: intraictal secondarily activated foci**
ISF: Interim Secure Facility**
ISF: Institut Schweizer Finanz**
ISF: Instrument Summary File**
ISF: International Surfing Federation**
ISF: Infrastructure and Specialised Funds**
ISF: insulin sensitivity factor**
ISF: Internet Security Framework**
ISF: International Scholarship Foundation**
ISF: Indian Students Federation**
ISF: Immittance Spectral Frequency**
ISF: Intermediate Sanction Facilities**
ISF: Inverse Syndrome Former**
ISF: Internationale Schelde Faculteit**
ISF: International Securities Fund**
ISF: ice sports forum**
ISF: Internal Sampling Frequencies**
ISF: International Stabilisation Forces**
ISF: Intervoice Solutions Framework**
ISF: International Socialist Forum**
ISF: Image Science Foundation**
ISF: industrial security foundation**
ISF: Islamabad Software Factory**
ISF: Indian States Forces**
ISF: Issaquah Schools Foundation**
ISF: Images Sans Frontieres**
ISF: Immittance Spectral Frequencies**
ISF: International Society of Fat**
ISF: Indexed Sequential File**
ISF: Information Systems Facility**
ISF: International Sexuality Forum**
ISF: International Shockwave Foundation**
ISF: International Schule Frankfurt**
ISF: Integrated Service Facilitators**
ISF: International Steel Fabricators**
ISF: International Social Fund**
ISF: Ireland San Filippo**
ISF: Individual Share Futures**
ISF: Impulse Sensitivity Functions**
ISF: induction spherically focused**
ISF: Institute for Fruit**
ISF: Islamic Society of Frederick**
ISF: Interscholastic Surf Federation**
ISF: Internet Skilled Forum**
ISF: Internet Squash Federation**
ISF: IETE Students Forum**
ISF: Industrial Specialty Fabrics**
ISF: International Spiritual Federation**
ISF: Iranian Scholarship Foundation**
ISF: IGC Stream File**
ISF: Iranian Students Foundation**
ISF: Indy Sports Foundation**
ISF: Indigenous Support Funds**
ISF: International Scientific Foundation**
ISF: Investigative Support Forensics**
ISF: Image Seeking Functions**
ISF: Independent Scholarship Fund**
ISF: Information System Frontiers**
ISF: Icebreaking Services Fee**
ISF: Implementing Secure Firewalls**
ISF: Indiana Sailing Foundation**
ISF: International Shintaido Federation**
ISF: Idrettens Studie Forbund**
ISF: Industrial Security Force**
ISF: International Sporting Federations**
ISF: Inner Strength Foundation**
ISF: International Shipping Fund**
ISF: International Sport Foundation**
ISF: International Studies Fund**
ISF: Iranian Student Foundation**
ISF: Induced Static Flotation**
ISF: Innovation and Science Fund**
ISF: International Sound Foundation**
ISF: International Stock Food**
ISF: International Students Fellowship**
ISF: Iowa Science Foundation**
ISF: Indian State Forces**
ISF: Indigenous Support Funding**
ISF: Innovative Specialty Films**
ISF: Institute Strategic Fund**
ISF: Intelligent Systems in Finance**
ISF: International Solar Federation**
ISF: International Solidarity Fund**
ISF: Italian Store Fixtures**
ISF: Idriss Stelley Foundation*
ISF: Impreial Space Fleet*
ISF: Intelligent Synthetic Forces*
ISF: International Science Forum*
ISF: International Society of Fats*
ISF: International SOFT Federation*
ISF: Internet Sans Fil*
ISF: Image Support Facility*
ISF: Intercommunale Spa Francorchamps*
ISF: Isreal Science Foundation*
ISF: Instituto Sem Fronteiras*
ISF: Insured Saving Fund*
ISF: Integrated Systems Facility*
ISF: Interstellar Simming Federation*
ISF: Invocation Stack Frames*
ISF: IASPEI Seismic Format*
ISF: Independent Soul Forum*
ISF: Inquire on a Single Facility*
ISF: International Stock Fund*
ISF: International Student Federation*
ISF: Inverse Square Factor*
ISF: Includes the Formulation*
ISF: Initiative for Social Forum*
ISF: Institutes for Sustainable Futures*
ISF: Intermediate Sanctions Facilities*
ISF: Internal Secret Files*
ISF: Intrinsic Stacking Fault*
ISF: Inwood Shakespeare Festival*
ISF: Israeli Science Fund*
ISF: IT Security Forum*
ISF: Item Score Function*
ISF: Illinois Storytelling Festival*
ISF: IngTnieurs Sans FrontiFres*
ISF: International String Figure*
ISF: Internet Services Fiji*
ISF: Illinois State Forests*
ISF: Illogical Synaptical Firings*
ISF: Industrial Society Future*
ISF: Information on Seasonal Flow*
ISF: Inland Steel Fluorspar*
ISF: Internet Sans FrontiFres*
ISF: Internet Software Files*
ISF: Internet Spelling Follies*
ISF: Interpeduncular Segmental Fixation*
ISF: Intro Salzburger Festspiele*
ISF: inventory stabilization factor*

Note: Acronym Finder has 62 verified definitions for ISF

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