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What does IRMS stand for?

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IRMS: Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer***
IRMS: Internal Risk Management System***
IRMS: Insecticide Resistance Management Strategies***
IRMS: Insect Resistance Management Strategy***
IRMS: Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers***
IRMS: Information Retrieval Management System***
IRMS: Institute of Risk Management South***
IRMS: Intelligent Radiology Management Software***
IRMS: Intelligent Robotics and Manufacturing Systems***
IRMS: Integrated Risk Management System***
IRMS: Isotopic Ratio Mass Spectrometry***
IRMS: Integrated Restaurant Management System***
IRMS: Insecticide Resistance Management Strategy***
IRMS: Industry Reports Management System***
IRMS: GC/pyrolysis/isotope-ratio mass spectrometry**
IRMS: immediate-release morphine sulfate**
IRMS: isotope ratio mass spectroscopy**
IRMS: isotope-ratio mass spectrometric**
IRMS: Institute for Research in Medical Statistics**
IRMS: GC/combustion/isotope ratio MS**
IRMS: immediate-release morphine sulfate solution**
IRMS: Isotope Ratio Mass Spectometry**
IRMS: Integrated Revenue Management System**
IRMS: Information Retrieval and Management System**
IRMS: International Research Mobility Scheme**
IRMS: Illinois Risk Management Services**
IRMS: Imperial Russian Music Society**
IRMS: Indonesian Resource Mobilization Study**
IRMS: Insurance and Risk Management Services**
IRMS: Information Resources Management Services**
IRMS: International Risk Management Services**
IRMS: Institute of Research in Medical Statistics**
IRMS: Integrated Records Management System**
IRMS: Information and Record Management Services**
IRMS: Independent Remote Monitoring System**
IRMS: Intelligent Resource Management System**
IRMS: Integrated Resources Management System**
IRMS: Inventory Resource Management System**
IRMS: Isotope Ratios Mass Spectrometry**
IRMS: Iowa Religious Media Services**
IRMS: Information Resource Management Service**
IRMS: Integrated Resource Management Strategy**
IRMS: Information Resource Management System**
IRMS: Integrated Risk Management Systems**
IRMS: Isotope Ration Mass Spectrometry**
IRMS: Indian Railway Medical Services**
IRMS: Isotopic Ratio Mass Spectrometers**
IRMS: Indian Railways Medical Service*
IRMS: Indian River Middle School*
IRMS: Information Request Management System*
IRMS: Institutional Review Management Suite*
IRMS: Insurance and Risk Management Systems*
IRMS: International Risk Management Society*
IRMS: Isotope Ratio Mass Spectometre*
IRMS: Information Resource Management Systems*
IRMS: Individual Raw Material Specification*
IRMS: Information Resource Management Services*
IRMS: Integrated Recycle Management System*
IRMS: investor relation management system*
IRMS: Incident Reporting and Management System*
IRMS: Incident Responder Monitoring System*
IRMS: Integrated Radio Management Systems*
IRMS: Integrated Road Management Systems*
IRMS: International Relations Management System*
IRMS: Industrial Related Music Styles*
IRMS: Information Resource Mgmt Service*

Note: Acronym Finder has 13 verified definitions for IRMS

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