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IRL: Interno Raseljena Lica****
IRL: Institute for Research on Learning****
IRL: Indy Racing Leauge***
IRL: Institute on Religious Life***
IRL: Internet Repeater Linking***
IRL: ITRW in the Real***
IRL: Industrial Revitalization Law***
IRL: Information Retrieval Lab***
IRL: In the Real Life***
IRL: Ice Research Laboratory***
IRL: India Resources Limited***
IRL: Indian River Library (Chesapeake, VA)***
IRL: Insurance Research Letter***
IRL: Indus Refinery Limited***
IRL: I Riktiga Livet***
IRL: Im Realen Leben***
IRL: Instructional Resource Library***
IRL: Image Research Laboratory***
IRL: Interoperable Replication Logic***
IRL: Irish Air Corps***
IRL: Indy Race League***
IRL: Independent Records Ltd***
IRL: Interested in Lad***
IRL: Interlock Roofing Ltd***
IRL: Indianapolis Racing League***
IRL: ILOG Rule Language***
IRL: India Resources Ltd***
IRL: Internetworking Research Laboratory***
IRL: Institute for Religious Life***
IRL: In Reality Live***
IRL: Internet Research Lab***
IRL: Ipswich Rugby League***
IRL: Indochina Research Ltd***
IRL: Industrial Reproductions Ltd***
IRL: Information Research Ltd***
IRL: Indochina Research Limited***
IRL: Interrupt Request Level***
IRL: Interior Roads Ltd***
IRL: Internet Real Life***
IRL: Internet Regulation and Legislation***
IRL: Infiniti Racing League**
IRL: incipient root lesions**
IRL: infarct-related lesion**
IRL: inner retinal layers**
IRL: inspiratory resistance loading**
IRL: inspiratory resistive loaded**
IRL: inspiratory resistive loads**
IRL: insulin receptor-like**
IRL: intestine + reduced liver**
IRL: ipsilateral reflex latency**
IRL: IndyCar Racing League**
IRL: Imaging Research Laboratories**
IRL: Innovative Retail Laboratory**
IRL: International Radioecology Laboratory**
IRL: inspiratory flow-resistive loading**
IRL: inspiratory flow-resistive loads**
IRL: inspiratory muscle resistive loading**
IRL: inspiratory resistive loaded breathing**
IRL: interferon reaction of leucocytes**
IRL: interferon reaction of leukocytes**
IRL: interferon response of leukocytes**
IRL: isoflavone reductase-like proteins**
IRL: Interrupt Request Latch**
IRL: Intercontinental Recycling Limited**
IRL: information requirements list**
IRL: Indian River Labs**
IRL: Indoco Remedies Ltd**
IRL: Islamic Rugby League**
IRL: immunoassay for lipase**
IRL: Initial Resource Limit**
IRL: Independent Reading Level**
IRL: International Rugby League**
IRL: Informatics Research Laboratory**
IRL: Internal Repeat Long**
IRL: India Research Laboratory**
IRL: Integrated Regional Labs**
IRL: Industrial Reactor Laboratories**
IRL: Inter Repeater Links**
IRL: Indomin Resources Ltd**
IRL: Insert Row Locking**
IRL: Incoming Register Link**
IRL: Intermediate Reference Laboratories**
IRL: Irish Rural Link**
IRL: Installment Repayment Loan**
IRL: Implementation Readiness Level**
IRL: Independent Records Limited**
IRL: International Racing League**
IRL: Image Recognition Laboratory**
IRL: Interactive Realities Laboratory**
IRL: Investment in Rural*
IRL: Individual Rating List*
IRL: Imaging Research Laboratory*
IRL: input return loss*
IRL: Integration Rule Language*
IRL: Internal Representation Language*
IRL: International Record Licensing*
IRL: I Remember Larry*
IRL: Irving Research Laboratories*
IRL: Import REplenishment Licence*
IRL: Insane Racing League*
IRL: Intermec Reader Language*
IRL: Internet Resources List*
IRL: Itres Research Limited*
IRL: Initiating Reference Letter*
IRL: Instrumentation Research Laboratory*
IRL: Indomin Resources Limited*
IRL: Internet Resources for Latin*
IRL: Independent Resources Limited*
IRL: Integra Resources Limited*
IRL: Intellectual Resources Limited*
IRL: Interaction Resources Limited*
IRL: International Rule of Law*
IRL: Internet Racquetball Ladder*
IRL: Internet Resources for Leaders*
IRL: Istrian Resources List*

Note: Acronym Finder has 30 verified definitions for IRL

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