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What does IRB stand for?

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IRB: Investiciono Razvojne Banke****
IRB: Industrial Revenue Bonds****
IRB: International Racing Bureau****
IRB: Is Required Before****
IRB: Industrial Relations Bill****
IRB: Internal Review Boards****
IRB: Information Resources Branch****
IRB: Internal Revenue Bulletins****
IRB: Institute of Radiation Breeding***
IRB: Investigational Review Board***
IRB: Inland Revenue Board***
IRB: Investigational Review Boards***
IRB: Is the Responsible***
IRB: Internet Remote Base***
IRB: Internal Revenue Board***
IRB: Industrial Review Board***
IRB: Insitutional Review Board***
IRB: Institute Review Board***
IRB: Institutional Research Board***
IRB: Illinois Racing Board***
IRB: Immigration Refugee Board***
IRB: Indian Reserve Battalion***
IRB: Indications Risks Benefits***
IRB: Information Research Bureau***
IRB: Instituto Rio Branco***
IRB: Industrial Research Bureau***
IRB: Issue Review Board***
IRB: Image Resource Block***
IRB: Information Review Board***
IRB: Ional Review Board***
IRB: Institute Rudjer Boskovic***
IRB: Ideal Road Builders***
IRB: Inflatable Rescue Boats***
IRB: Investigative Review Board***
IRB: Intermediate Range Ballistic***
IRB: Information Request Broker***
IRB: Immigrant and Refugee Board***
IRB: Information and Research Branch***
IRB: Interruption Response Block***
IRB: Instructional Review Board***
IRB: Instruction Reorder Buffer***
IRB: I131 rose bengal**
IRB: immediate response boxes**
IRB: insertive/receptive behavior**
IRB: inspiratory resistance breathing**
IRB: inspiratory resistive breathing**
IRB: Institute "Ruder Boskovi-ç**
IRB: interventional rigid bronchoscopy**
IRB: inverted repeat B**
IRB: Ibaan Rural Bank**
IRB: IV Review Board**
IRB: inhibitor-resistant beta-lactamase**
IRB: Institutional Review Board's**
IRB: Intercollegiate Religious Broadcasters**
IRB: India Reserve Battalions**
IRB: Internal Rate Based**
IRB: Industry Representative Bodies**
IRB: Instituitional Review Board**
IRB: Irish Resistance Books**
IRB: Interest Rate Buy**
IRB: Institut Rugjer Boskovic**
IRB: infrarenal aorta banding**
IRB: Institute of Research in Biomedicine**
IRB: Information Resource Board**
IRB: Inst Review Boards**
IRB: Instrumentation Request Broker**
IRB: Istrische Rauhhaarige Bracke**
IRB: Includes Rubgy Background**
IRB: ISEF Rules Booklet**
IRB: Institional Review Board**
IRB: Invert Record and Branch**
IRB: Institution Review Boards**
IRB: Interrupt Request Block**
IRB: Issue Review Boards**
IRB: Institutions Review Boards**
IRB: Instititutional Review Board**
IRB: Institute for Research in Biotherapy**
IRB: Industrial Relations Bureau**
IRB: Industry Review Board**
IRB: Installation Remote Bus**
IRB: International Research Branch**
IRB: IB to the Responsible**
IRB: Intern Resident to Bed**
IRB: Incident Review Board**
IRB: Internet Ready Buildings**
IRB: Instutional Review Board*
IRB: Inter Repeater Backplane*
IRB: Incentive Review Board*
IRB: Indirect Reference Buffer*
IRB: Institute Reviewing Board*
IRB: Instruction Recoder Buffer*
IRB: Integrated Routed and Bridging*
IRB: International River Basins*
IRB: International Ruby Board*
IRB: Idiot Roomate Blog*
IRB: Ice Research Base*
IRB: Interdisciplinary Reproductive Biology*
IRB: Investigator the Behavioral*
IRB: Irish Rock Band*
IRB: Individual Record Brief*
IRB: Inertial Reference Base*
IRB: Investment Review Boards*
IRB: Illinois River Basin*
IRB: Inside Reactor Building*
IRB: Instructional Resources in Biology*
IRB: Internet Resources for the Biologist*
IRB: Illini Razor Back*
IRB: Indiemowhatever Records by Braid*
IRB: Internetworking Resume Ban*
IRB: Italian Red Brigades*
IRB: Italy Red Brigades*

Note: Acronym Finder has 55 verified definitions for IRB

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