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IPPA: International Pulp and Paper****
IPPA: Institute Public Policy Analysis****
IPPA: Institute for Public Policy Analysis***
IPPA: Insertion Professionnelle Par Alternance***
IPPA: Illinois Press Photographer Association***
IPPA: Intellectual Property Protection Among***
IPPA: International Planned Parenthood Association***
IPPA: Intellectual Property Portfolio Analysis***
IPPA: 123I-(p-iodo-phenyl-)-pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: 15-(p-I-phenyl) pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: I-phenyl)-pentadecanoid acid**
IPPA: 15-(4'-iodophenyl)pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: 15-(p-[123I]iodophenyl)pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: 15-(p-[125I]-iodophenyl) pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: 15-(p-123I-iodophenyl)-pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: 15-(p-iodine 123-phenyl)-pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: 15-(p-iodophenyl) pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: 15-(p-iodophenyl)pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: 15-p-123I-iodophenyl-pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: 15-p-iodophenyl-pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: In the Production of Palmsel**
IPPA: iodine-123 phenyl-pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: 15-(p-123I-phenyl)-pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: 15-(p-123I-phenyl)pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: 15-(para-123I-phenyl)-pentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: Intellectual Property Protection Association**
IPPA: Indonesia Planned Parenthood Association**
IPPA: Initiative for Public Policy Analysis**
IPPA: 15-p-iodophenylpentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: Investment Project Preparation and Appraisal**
IPPA: iodine 123 phenylpentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: Iodine-123 phenylpentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: Iodine-123-Iodophenylpentadecanoic Acid**
IPPA: Iodine-123-phenylpentadecanoic acid**
IPPA: Initiative of Public Policy Analysis**
IPPA: Internet Privacy Policy Act**
IPPA: International Public Procurement Association**
IPPA: Independend Palmsel Producers Association**
IPPA: International Peace Park Association**
IPPA: Immunization Policy and Practice**
IPPA: Institute of Public Policy and Administration**
IPPA: Independent Power Producers Association**
IPPA: Interim Power Purchase Agreement**
IPPA: Institute for Public Policy Alternatives**
IPPA: Institute of Professional Puppetry Arts**
IPPA: Indiana Pork Producer Association**
IPPA: Industrial Project Preparation and Appraisal**
IPPA: International Poetry for Peace Association**
IPPA: Iraqi Poultry Producers Association**
IPPA: Investment Protection Promotion Agreement**
IPPA: Independent Power Producer Association**
IPPA: Inspect Palpate Percuss Auscultate**
IPPA: Interfaith Partnership for Political Action**
IPPA: Institute of the Philosophy and Psychology of Art*
IPPA: Indiana Press Photographers Association*
IPPA: International Program for Population Analysis*
IPPA: International Payroll Providers Association*
IPPA: Irish Paintball Players Association*
IPPA: Internet Protocol Public Address*
IPPA: Irish Preschools Playgroups Association*

Note: Acronym Finder has 63 verified definitions for IPPA

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