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IPP: Intensive Probation Program****
IPP: Instalment Payment Plan****
IPP: Image Processing Pipeline****
IPP: International Passenger Protection****
IPP: Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention****
IPP: Improving Process Performance****
IPP: Institut Panos Paris****
IPP: Intel Premier Provider****
IPP: Internet Presence Providers****
IPP: International Professional Program****
IPP: International Peer Program****
IPP: Individualized Program Planning****
IPP: Internet Pilot Project****
IPP: Infant Parent Program****
IPP: Investment Protection Plan****
IPP: Integrated Partners Program****
IPP: International Petroleum Products****
IPP: Industry Partnership Programs***
IPP: International Price Program***
IPP: Internationale Parlaments Praktika***
IPP: Institute for Plasma Physics***
IPP: Internet Piracy Prevention***
IPP: Introduction to Professional Practice***
IPP: Irving Pulp Paper***
IPP: Independent Power Projects***
IPP: Iceland Park Project***
IPP: Indigenous Peoples Project***
IPP: Installment Purchase Program***
IPP: Intellectual Properties Policy***
IPP: Infinitivus Pro Participio***
IPP: Independent Power Production***
IPP: International Paper Products***
IPP: Internet Policy Project***
IPP: Industrial Pretreatment Program***
IPP: Internet Print Protocol***
IPP: Individual Program Plans***
IPP: Illinois Prairie Path***
IPP: Information Protection Platform***
IPP: Inhibition of PP***
IPP: INDUSTRY Patent Protection***
IPP: Individual Pension Plans***
IPP: Idiopathic Pulmonary Pneumonitis***
IPP: Import Performance Parts***
IPP: Industrial Participation Programme***
IPP: Ideenschmiede Paul Paul***
IPP: Installment Payment Plan***
IPP: Institutional Partnership Program***
IPP: Intermountain Power Plant***
IPP: Industry Preparedness Program***
IPP: Independent Power Plants***
IPP: Internet Publishing Provider***
IPP: Intellectual Property Policy***
IPP: Investment Planning Programme***
IPP: Investors in People***
IPP: Instituto Profesional Providencia***
IPP: Institute for Public and Politics***
IPP: Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy***
IPP: Individual Power Producers***
IPP: Integrated Participatory Planning***
IPP: instituto pereira passos***
IPP: Independent Power Providers***
IPP: Import Parity Pricing***
IPP: International Planned Parenthood***
IPP: Individual Partnership Programme***
IPP: Interrupted Poisson Process***
IPP: Industrial Partnership Programme***
IPP: International Program of Psycho***
IPP: International Pendulum Project***
IPP: Information Protection Principles***
IPP: Initiative for Proliferation Prevention***
IPP: Intellectual Property Program***
IPP: Institute for Professional Preparation***
IPP: International Peoples Project***
IPP: Institute of Plant Protection***
IPP: Innovative Partnership Program***
IPP: Individual Program Planning***
IPP: International Paper and Power***
IPP: India Population Project***
IPP: Intel Performance Primitives***
IPP: Individually Paying Program***
IPP: Industrial Pollution Prevention***
IPP: Individualized Program Plans***
IPP: Institute for Parallel Processing***
IPP: Improving Port Performance***
IPP: Indigenous Peoples Plan***
IPP: Internet Power Phone***
IPP: Institute for Particle Physics***
IPP: Institute for Political Participation***
IPP: Integreret Produkt Politik***
IPP: Impact on Product***
IPP: Interest Project Patch***
IPP: Interactive Paper Project***
IPP: Individual Partner Programs***
IPP: International Postgraduate Programme***
IPP: International Project Promotion***
IPP: Igbo Presidency Project***
IPP: Internet Protocol Processor***
IPP: Instrument Purchase Plan***
IPP: Incapacidad Permanente Parcial***
IPP: Integrated Paint Process***
IPP: Internetowy Poradnik Podatkowy***
IPP: Injury Prevention Programme***
IPP: International Professors Project***
IPP: Iowa Premium Pork***
IPP: In Person Payments***
IPP: Index Priemyselnej Produkcie**
IPP: Investments Priorities Plan**
IPP: Indywidualny Pakiet Przeciwchemiczny**
IPP: idiopathic precocious pubarche**
IPP: idiopathic precocious puberty**
IPP: imminent premature parturition**
IPP: immobilized pea protein**
IPP: immunoadsorbent plasma perfusion**
IPP: immunoreactive pancreatic polypeptide**
IPP: Impaired Professional Program**
IPP: Implanted programmable pacemaker**
IPP: Improving Prescribing Practices**
IPP: independent practice plan**
IPP: individual programme planning**
IPP: indole propanol phosphate**
IPP: Induration penis plastica**
IPP: Informative Pelishenko Protein**
IPP: initial phase polarity**
IPP: initiation-promotion-progression**
IPP: inosine + phosphate + pyruvate**
IPP: inosine-pyruvate-phosphate**
IPP: inspiratory pleural pressure**
IPP: inspiratory positive pressure**
IPP: intermittent positive pressure**
IPP: intestinal perfusion pressures**
IPP: intrapulmonary particulate pollutants**
IPP: intraurethral pressure profile**
IPP: Irvine Paraprofessional Program**
IPP: isolated pelvic perfusion**
IPP: isolated posterior pituitaries**
IPP: isosexual precocious puberty**
IPP: Improved Piping Products**
IPP: Insight Prison Project**
IPP: Idea Projekt Produkt**
IPP: Independent Power Provider**
IPP: Impact Player Partners**
IPP: Intoxication Par Phycotoxine**
IPP: Intel Premium Provider**
IPP: 1-14C]isopentenyl pyrophosphate**
IPP: p-isopropyl-phenol**
IPP: ISP Philadelphia Pennsylvania**
IPP: International Power Partnerships**
IPP: Independant Power Producer**
IPP: ileal Peyer's patch**
IPP: ileal Peyer's patches**
IPP: in the peripheral palisade**
IPP: indole-3-propanole phosphate**
IPP: inosine, pyruvate and phosphate**
IPP: inositol polyphosphate 1-phosphatase**
IPP: intermediate-term peak power**
IPP: intra-Peyer's patch**
IPP: Instituto Profissionalizante Paulista**
IPP: Introduction to Programming Python**
IPP: Inka Porter Project**
IPP: Indigenous Pastoral Project**
IPP: IMBA Professional Plus**
IPP: Intensive Prison Program**
IPP: Iraq Perspective Project**
IPP: Initial Payment Period**
IPP: Interagency Prevention Partnership**
IPP: Indian Population Project**
IPP: Interfaith Paths to Peace**
IPP: Integrated Products Policy**
IPP: Integrated Plant Protection**
IPP: Immediate Postoperative Prosthesis**
IPP: Invasive Plant Patrol**
IPP: international product promotion**
IPP: Indigenous Pastoral Program**
IPP: Institute of Packaging Professionals**
IPP: Innovative Power Products**
IPP: Intellectual Property Patent**
IPP: Interbay Peninsula Partnership**
IPP: Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan**
IPP: Interventional Procedures Programme**
IPP: Identity Preservation Program**
IPP: Indywidualny Puchar Polski**
IPP: Inmate Placement Program**
IPP: Investments Priority Plan**
IPP: Improving Peacebuilding Practice**
IPP: Information and Publicity Plan**
IPP: Investment Protection Planning**
IPP: Illinois Prairie Painters**
IPP: Institute for Professional Practice**
IPP: Intellectual Property Patents**
IPP: Institut Pengurusan Peladang**
IPP: Investor in People**
IPP: Industrial Partnering Program**
IPP: Information Policy and Plans**
IPP: Institute for Policy and Practice**
IPP: Internal Placement Process**
IPP: Indigenous Peoples Program**
IPP: Instituut Publiek Politiek**
IPP: Integrated Partner Programme**
IPP: Internet Pinball Project**
IPP: In Person Proofing**
IPP: Individual Power Pump**
IPP: Inter Pet Products**
IPP: Information Providers Programme**
IPP: International Process Plants**
IPP: Initial Project Proposals**
IPP: International Personal Pensions**
IPP: Internet Peering Point**
IPP: Internet Printing Protocoll**
IPP: Initial Project Proposal**
IPP: Internet Partners Program**
IPP: Interpreter Prep Program**
IPP: Image Processing Package**
IPP: Independent Practitioner Providers**
IPP: Integrated Point of Presence**
IPP: Ionospheric Penetration Point**
IPP: Irvine Pet Partnership**
IPP: Isannointi Palvelua Paikallisesti**
IPP: Incentive Purchase Program**
IPP: Instruction Pre Processor**
IPP: interpreter planning partnership**
IPP: Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm**
IPP: Implantable Prosthesis Processor**
IPP: Incentive Pay Plan**
IPP: International People Project**
IPP: It Politica Polo**
IPP: Initiative Psychiatrie Positiv**
IPP: Interplast Plastic Products**
IPP: Interpreter Preparation Programs**
IPP: Investment Promotion Program**
IPP: Indefinitely Postponed P**
IPP: Information Policy Plan**
IPP: Information Protection Policy**
IPP: Input Port Processor**
IPP: Internet Payment Platform**
IPP: Investment Priority Program**
IPP: Ivel Polymer Products**
IPP: Ikaalisten Parkanon Puhelin*
IPP: Implementation of the Patent Policy*
IPP: Installation Payment Plan*
IPP: Institut for Plasma Physics*
IPP: Integrated Process and Product*
IPP: International Peace Pilgrimage*
IPP: International Postgraduate Programs*
IPP: Irregular Parcels and Pieces*
IPP: Individual Provider Program*
IPP: Industrial Protection Products*
IPP: Informationsmanagement Prozesse Projekte*
IPP: Ingenieur Partner Pool*

Note: Acronym Finder has 113 verified definitions for IPP

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