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IPA: Institute for Pacific Asia****
IPA: Internationales Phonetisches Alphabet****
IPA: Institute to Prepare****
IPA: In the International Phonetic Alphabet****
IPA: international partnership agreement****
IPA: Internet Power Auction****
IPA: Independent Project Analysis****
IPA: Institute of Physical Art****
IPA: In Paris the Aim****
IPA: Independent Practice Associations****
IPA: Impact Pathway Analysis****
IPA: Integrated Planning Act****
IPA: Investment Promotion Agencies****
IPA: Individual Pension Accounts****
IPA: Indiana Paralegal Association****
IPA: Interactive Product Animator****
IPA: International Photo Awards****
IPA: International Psychoanalytic Association****
IPA: International Photo Agency****
IPA: Infrastructure Partnerships Australia****
IPA: In Person Authentication****
IPA: Inter Procedural Analysis****
IPA: Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam****
IPA: Intuitive Park Assist****
IPA: Integrated Policy Appraisal***
IPA: International Psychohistorical Association***
IPA: Indigenous Peoples Alliance***
IPA: India Pale Ales***
IPA: Illustrators Partnership of America***
IPA: Interaction Process Analysis***
IPA: Idler Pulley Assembly***
IPA: Indian Pale Ale***
IPA: Illinois Purchasing Act***
IPA: Independent Professional Associations***
IPA: International Play Association***
IPA: InterAmerican Press Association***
IPA: Insurance and Pensions Authority***
IPA: Initial Project Assessment***
IPA: Iniciativa Pro Astma***
IPA: In Protected Areas***
IPA: Idaho Psychological Association***
IPA: Israeli Prison Authority***
IPA: independent property agents***
IPA: Image Processing and Application***
IPA: International Parenting Association***
IPA: Institute for Programming***
IPA: Issuing and Paying Agents***
IPA: Ingenuity Pathways Analysis***
IPA: Iraqi Patriotic Alliance***
IPA: International Powerlifting Association***
IPA: Indigenous Protected Area***
IPA: International Programme for Antarctic***
IPA: Internationale Phonetische Alphabet***
IPA: Internet Privatstiftung Austria***
IPA: International Phonetic Alphabets***
IPA: International Placement Agency***
IPA: Iowa Pharmacists Association***
IPA: Iraqi Port Authority***
IPA: Investment Promotion Authority***
IPA: Indigenous Protected Areas***
IPA: Independent Professional A***
IPA: Independent Production Agreement***
IPA: Information Practices Act***
IPA: Institut Perkhidmatan Awam***
IPA: Investor Protection Agency***
IPA: Independent Physician Associations***
IPA: International Psychogeriatrics Association***
IPA: Institute for Practitioners***
IPA: i pharmaceutical and***
IPA: India the Professional***
IPA: Industrial Perforators Association***
IPA: Industrial and Power Association***
IPA: International Palaeontological Association***
IPA: Institute for Physics of the Atmosphere***
IPA: Independent Public Accountants***
IPA: Industrial and Professional Advisory***
IPA: International Phonetics Association***
IPA: Institute for Policy Analysis***
IPA: Illinois Philological Association***
IPA: Indian Pharmaceutical Association***
IPA: International Power America***
IPA: Integrated Planning and Assessment***
IPA: In Process Audit***
IPA: International Procurement Agency***
IPA: Innovative Process Administration***
IPA: Investment Protection Agreement***
IPA: Illinois Press Association***
IPA: International Primal Association***
IPA: Illinois Psychological Association***
IPA: Intellectual Property Agreement***
IPA: International Phonetics Alphabet***
IPA: Inhibition of Platelet Aggregation***
IPA: Institutional and Program Assessment***
IPA: Indian Paint Association***
IPA: individual practice associations***
IPA: Instant Pre Approval***
IPA: International Pen Association***
IPA: Information Promotion Agency***
IPA: Intercounty Paving Associates***
IPA: instituto porto alegre***
IPA: International Planning Alliance***
IPA: International Pompe Association***
IPA: International Protea Association***
IPA: Institute for Propaganda Analysis***
IPA: International Pharmaceutical Academy***
IPA: Information and Public Affairs***
IPA: indian polo association***
IPA: International Piano Archive***
IPA: International Petroleum Association***
IPA: Independent Police Auditor***
IPA: Indian Patent Act***
IPA: Insurance Planning Associates***
IPA: Independent Petroleum Association***
IPA: Independent Producers Alliance***
IPA: Image Processing and Analysis***
IPA: Industrial Power Association***
IPA: Intellectual Property Association***
IPA: Indigenous Peoples Apostolate***
IPA: Institutional Performance Agreements***
IPA: Important Plant Areas***
IPA: International Pedicure Association***
IPA: Incidencia Parasitaria Anual***
IPA: Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance***
IPA: Interim Political Authority***
IPA: Internal Political Action***
IPA: In Principle Approval***
IPA: Instalasi Penjernihan Air***
IPA: International Producers Association***
IPA: Important People and Activities***
IPA: Illustration in the Past***
IPA: International Production Associates***
IPA: Iowa Pharmacy Association***
IPA: Is Part of Anheuser***
IPA: Instrumented Production Aircraft***
IPA: Institute for Professional Advancement***
IPA: Intelligent Pedagogical Agent***
IPA: Institute of Policy Alternatives***
IPA: IT Promotion Agency***
IPA: International Phoenetic Alphabet***
IPA: Islamic Party of Azerbaijan***
IPA: Initially Preferred Alternative***
IPA: Institute for Peace Affairs***
IPA: Issuing and Paying Agent***
IPA: Independent Practitioner Association***
IPA: Innovation Pipeline Accelerator***
IPA: Induced Plasminogen Activation***
IPA: Illinois Production Alliance***
IPA: In Public Administration***
IPA: Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis***
IPA: International Paediatric Association***
IPA: International Photodynamic Association***
IPA: Information Processing Agency***
IPA: International Paleolimnology Association***
IPA: Indian Physics Association***
IPA: Illinois Paralegal Association***
IPA: Instrument of Pre Accession***
IPA: Independent Physicians Associations***
IPA: Indiana Planning Association***
IPA: Independent Power Associates***
IPA: International Police Associations***
IPA: Intention of the Parties***
IPA: Intergovernmental Personal Act***
IPA: I Propyl Alcohol***
IPA: Inpatient Physician Associates***
IPA: International Polka Association***
IPA: Irish Pool Association***
IPA: Integraal Parapsychologisch Adviesbureau***
IPA: International Performing Arts***
IPA: International Powerman Association***
IPA: Inc Pacific Alliance***
IPA: International Pharmacists Anonymous***
IPA: Illinois Police Association***
IPA: Interactive Publishing Alert***
IPA: Integrated Physician Associations***
IPA: Indiana Pharmacy Alliance***
IPA: International Postgraduate Award***
IPA: Individual Pension Account***
IPA: International Psychoanalitic Association***
IPA: Insolvency Practioners Association***
IPA: Infinitesimal Perturbation Analysis***
IPA: Israel Paragliding Association***
IPA: Iraqi Psychologists Association***
IPA: Institute of Practitioners of Advertising***
IPA: Isopropanol 2 Propanol***
IPA: International Public Affairs***
IPA: Illinois Pilots Association***
IPA: International Process Alimentaire***
IPA: Iso Phthalic Acid***
IPA: Installment Purchase Agreements***
IPA: Inflation Protected Annuity***
IPA: IronMail Privacy Architecture***
IPA: International Programs and Affairs***
IPA: Individual Performance Appraisal***
IPA: Illiana Pullers Association***
IPA: Integrated Plant Assessment**
IPA: Iwaki Pumps Australia**
IPA: International Paleontological Association**
IPA: Is Patterned After**
IPA: Institute of Packaging**
IPA: International Psycho Analytic**
IPA: idiopathic paralysis agitans**
IPA: idiopathic primary aldosteronism**
IPA: idiopathic protrusio acetabuli**
IPA: impedance phase angle**
IPA: incontinentia pigmenti achromians**
IPA: increased palpebral aperture**
IPA: individual particle analysis**
IPA: individual practice arrangement**
IPA: indole propionic acid**
IPA: indole-pyruvic acid**
IPA: induced platelet aggregation**
IPA: infantile papular acrodermatitis**
IPA: inferior phrenic arterial**
IPA: inferior phrenic arteries**
IPA: Injuria Pulmonar Aguda**
IPA: integrated phrenic amplitude**
IPA: interhemispheric pharmacological asymmetry**
IPA: Internal pudendal arterial**
IPA: internal pudendal artery**
IPA: Interobserver percentage agreement**
IPA: intraoperative prereconstruction angiography**
IPA: intravascular platelet aggregates**
IPA: ion pair amphiphiles**
IPA: ion-pairing agent**
IPA: network/independent practice association**
IPA: urokinase-induced plasminogen activation**
IPA: I the Phoenician**
IPA: independent pixel approximation**
IPA: Institute for Policy Alternatives**
IPA: Inter Procedural Analyzer**
IPA: Irish Public Administration**
IPA: Independent Publishers Association**
IPA: Instituto Plan Agropecuario**
IPA: Italian Psychoanalytical Association**
IPA: Individual Performance Award**
IPA: invasion plasmid Ags**
IPA: invasion protein antigens**
IPA: Iowa Psychological Association**
IPA: Institute of Profit Advisors**
IPA: Invasion Plasmid Antigens**
IPA: Independent Procurement Agent**
IPA: Intensive Phonological Awareness**
IPA: International Pragmatics Association**
IPA: Information on Past**
IPA: Infrared Processing and Analysis**
IPA: 5-(N-methyl-N-isopropyl) amiloride**
IPA: 5-(N-methyl-N-isopropyl)amiloride**
IPA: Imidazole propionic acid**
IPA: invasive plasmid antigen**

Note: Acronym Finder has 132 verified definitions for IPA

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