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What does IMV stand for?

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IMV: Immunology Microbiology Virology****
IMV: Immunology Microbiology and Virology****
IMV: Inoperative Motor Vehicles***
IMV: Idido Misty Valley***
IMV: International Meeting Venues***
IMV: In Modern Vaccines***
IMV: Intelligent Magnetic Valve***
IMV: International Multipurpose Vehicle***
IMV: Instituto Maurino Veiga***
IMV: Integrity Measurement Verifiers***
IMV: Instituto Madeira Vivo***
IMV: International Marketing Ventures***
IMV: Institute of Microbiology and Virology***
IMV: HFJV/intermittent mandatory ventilation**
IMV: impedance minute ventilation**
IMV: inactivated Marburg virus**
IMV: inactivated measles vaccine**
IMV: instantaneous minute ventilation**
IMV: insulin-mediated vasodilation**
IMV: internal mammary veins**
IMV: internal mammary vessels**
IMV: internal maxillary vein**
IMV: interventional mitral valvotomy**
IMV: intracellular mature virion**
IMV: Intracellular mature virions**
IMV: irradiated melanoma vaccine**
IMV: Inter Module Ventilation**
IMV: inactivated measles haemagglutinin virus**
IMV: intercostal muscle/rib vibration**
IMV: intermittent mandatory mechanical ventilation**
IMV: intermittent mandatory ventilation mode**
IMV: 4-iodomethylene violet**
IMV: Ina Memoire Vive**
IMV: Inferior Mesentric Vein**
IMV: International Media Visits**
IMV: Intracellular Mature Virus**
IMV: Interessengemeinschaft Meidericher Vereine**
IMV: Intermittent Mechanical Ventilation**
IMV: Institute of Molecular Virology**
IMV: Institutt for Museumsvirksomhet**
IMV: Immunology Microbiology and Vaccine**
IMV: Immunopotentiators in Modern Vaccines**
IMV: Institut for Milj Vurdering**
IMV: Inner Membrane Vesicles**
IMV: Intermittent Motion Vertical**
IMV: Infinite Main Verb**
IMV: Inoue Melnick Virus**
IMV: Inverted Membrane Vesicles**
IMV: In Mechanical Ventilation*
IMV: Information Meta View*
IMV: Inverted Model View*
IMV: Injurious Mechanical Ventilation*
IMV: Internal Mammary Vessel*
IMV: Intermittent Mandatory Volume*
IMV: Illini Mens Volleyball*
IMV: Illinois Midland Victor*
IMV: Index of Microbiology and Virology*
IMV: Indonesian Mining Venture*
IMV: Isle of Man Vagabonds*
IMV: Issuance Modification or Vacation*

Note: Acronym Finder has 17 verified definitions for IMV

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