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IMR: International Marketing and Recruitment****
IMR: infant mortality rates****
IMR: Injury Management and Rehabilitation****
IMR: Instance Membership Recovery****
IMR: Institute for Medical Research****
IMR: Injection Molding Resource***
IMR: Interest Maintenance Reserves***
IMR: Into the Mainstream***
IMR: Institute of Metal Research***
IMR: Institute for Music Research***
IMR: Illness Management Recovery***
IMR: Independent Music Review***
IMR: International Market Recruiters***
IMR: Institute for Management Research***
IMR: Intelligent Mobile Redirect***
IMR: International Marketing Review***
IMR: Ivan Moore Research***
IMR: India Mobility Research***
IMR: Integrated Management Resources***
IMR: Inventory Management Report***
IMR: Institute for Media and Re***
IMR: Interruption Mask Register***
IMR: Internet Marketing Resources***
IMR: Interactive Multimedia Retrieval***
IMR: Insurance Market Research***
IMR: Interactive Media Response***
IMR: Instrumentation for Materials Research***
IMR: Industrija Motora Rakovica***
IMR: Internet Marketing Research***
IMR: Internet Monthly Reports***
IMR: Internet Music Radio***
IMR: International Manpower Resources***
IMR: Information Management Resources***
IMR: Internal Mould Release***
IMR: Induced Mutant Resource***
IMR: Innovative Mobility Research***
IMR: Intergovernmental Midterm Review***
IMR: Interrupt Mask Registers***
IMR: Interdomain Multicast Routing***
IMR: Infant Mortality Risks***
IMR: Independent Marketing Representatives***
IMR: international market research***
IMR: International Marketing Reports***
IMR: Individual Membership Registration***
IMR: Integration Management Review***
IMR: Institute for Manufacturing Research***
IMR: Institute of Mathematical Research***
IMR: Internal Medicine Residency***
IMR: Institute of Materials Research***
IMR: Indian Monsoon Rainfall***
IMR: Inverse Mills Ratios***
IMR: International Medical Rights***
IMR: Interventional Magnetic Resonance***
IMR: IIMB Management Review***
IMR: Institute for Marketing Research**
IMR: Institute for Material Research**
IMR: International Machine Register**
IMR: idiopathic mentally retarded**
IMR: incontinence monitoring record**
IMR: incubation metabolic rate**
IMR: Incubation metabolic rates**
IMR: industrial magnification radiography**
IMR: infectious mononucleosis receptor**
IMR: installation/maintenance/repair**
IMR: intensity modulated radiotherapy**
IMR: inter-molar rugae**
IMR: Interactive Medical Record**
IMR: intermediate medullary region**
IMR: intermediate mobility region**
IMR: intima-medial reflectivity**
IMR: intima/media ratio**
IMR: intima/media ratios**
IMR: intima/media relationship**
IMR: Ischemic mitral regurgitation**
IMR: Independent Manufacturer Representatives**
IMR: Infant Mortality Reduction**
IMR: Institute of Metals Research**
IMR: In the Middle Range**
IMR: Interactive Media Report**
IMR: International Model Registries**
IMR: Iowa Medicaid Reform**
IMR: Imagery by magnetic resonance**
IMR: index of metabolic response**
IMR: Institute for Medical Radiobiology**
IMR: ischemic mitral valve regurgitation**
IMR: Inverse Mills Ratio**
IMR: Intermediate Module Repeaters**
IMR: Inmate Medical Records**
IMR: intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging**
IMR: Inst for Med Research**
IMR: Institute for Magnetics Research**
IMR: Internal Mold Release**
IMR: Immersive Media Research**
IMR: Intelligent Medical Record**
IMR: Information Management Report**
IMR: Intelligent Message Router**
IMR: Integrated Medical Records**
IMR: Italian Medical Research**
IMR: International Mineral Resources**
IMR: Intensity Measure Relationships**
IMR: International Materials Review**
IMR: Integrated Management Report**
IMR: Internet Marketing Results**
IMR: In Instructional Materials**
IMR: Information Monitoring and Research**
IMR: Integrated Multiport Repeater**
IMR: Internet Mediated Research**
IMR: Improvement in Reducing**
IMR: Infant Mortality Review**
IMR: International Management Review**
IMR: Independent Medical Reviews**
IMR: Insurance Managed Recruitment**
IMR: infant mortality risk**
IMR: Idiopathic Mental Retardation**
IMR: Institute for Metals Research**
IMR: Indian Media Review**
IMR: Initial Modification Requests**
IMR: Inpatient Medical Record**
IMR: Infant Mortality Ratio**
IMR: Integrated Managing for Results**
IMR: Idaho Mountain Recreation**
IMR: Imma Mitta Ruhe**
IMR: Insect Monitoring Radars**
IMR: Intelligent Meeting Room**
IMR: Investment Management Resources**
IMR: Independent Management Resources**
IMR: Institute of Marine Reseach**
IMR: Instructional Media Resources**
IMR: inventori masalah rakyat**
IMR: Ill Minded Racing**
IMR: Interchange Modification Reports**
IMR: Individual Management Reviews*
IMR: Information Management Representitive*
IMR: Institute of Marine Reasearch*
IMR: Integrated Model Repository*
IMR: Icq Message Responder*
IMR: Innovations in Materials Research*
IMR: Institution for the Mentally Retarded*
IMR: Interlocking Machine Rooms*
IMR: Internal Management Review*
IMR: Insititute of Materials Research*
IMR: Installation Maintenance Representative*
IMR: Internationally Mobile Resources*
IMR: Internet Map Redistribution*
IMR: Ideo Motor Responses*
IMR: Industrial Mineral Reports*
IMR: Infant Morality Rates*
IMR: Institute of Metal Repair*
IMR: Institute of Mineral Research*
IMR: Integrity Media Resources*
IMR: International Micham Resources*
IMR: Imaging Microwave Radiometer*
IMR: Internet Medical Resources*
IMR: inventory management review*
IMR: Individual Master Roster*
IMR: Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks*
IMR: Interim Monitoring Relief*
IMR: Investment Management Reserve*
IMR: Idyllwild Mountain Retreat*
IMR: Illinois Mineral Resources*
IMR: Illinois Mines Regulations*
IMR: Illinois Mining Regulations*
IMR: Illinois Mining Requirements*
IMR: Imelda Marcos Representative*
IMR: Impaler Music Reviews*
IMR: Improved Mining and Reclamation*
IMR: Index of Mountain Ranges*
IMR: Indian Mining Resources*
IMR: Indiana Mine Reclamation*
IMR: Industrial Minerals and Rocks*
IMR: Inland Metal Refining*
IMR: Inside Magic Resource*
IMR: Inspections and Maintenance Records*
IMR: Installation Mission Review*
IMR: Institute of Marine Resources*
IMR: Instructional Media and Resource*
IMR: Internal Macedonian Revolutionar*
IMR: International Mediterranean Region*
IMR: International Mediterranean Registry*
IMR: Iowa Mineral Resources*

Note: Acronym Finder has 50 verified definitions for IMR

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