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What does IMMS stand for?

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IMMS: Incident Management Message Sets***
IMMS: Infrastructure Maintenance Management System***
IMMS: Interactive Mobile Marketing Service***
IMMS: International Multimedia Messaging Service***
IMMS: Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometer***
IMMS: Interactive Multi Media System***
IMMS: Interactive Multimedia Messaging Service***
IMMS: Internet Marketing Management Services***
IMMS: Intelligent Multimedia Management System***
IMMS: Institute for Multiscale Materials Studies***
IMMS: Istrouma Middle Magnet School***
IMMS: Interactive Mobile Marketing System***
IMMS: Integrated Metadata Management Solutions***
IMMS: International Maritime Mobile Service***
IMMS: Irrigation Management and Monitoring System***
IMMS: Institute of Mathematical Machine and System***
IMMS: Integrated Materials Management System***
IMMS: Institute for Microelectronic and Mechatronic Systems***
IMMS: Integrated Multi Media Solutions***
IMMS: Inventory Maintenance Management System***
IMMS: Indian Mound Middle School**
IMMS: InforMed Medical Management Services**
IMMS: Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science**
IMMS: Informal Meeting on Mass Spectrometry**
IMMS: Instructional Materials Motivation Survey**
IMMS: Integrated Material Management System**
IMMS: Infrastructure Management and Monitoring Solutions**
IMMS: Integrated Management and Monitoring System**
IMMS: interactive multi media service**
IMMS: Intelligent Memory Management System**
IMMS: Intelligent Medical Micro Systems**
IMMS: Interactive Media Management System**
IMMS: Intelligent Music Management System**
IMMS: International Material Management Society**
IMMS: Institute for Marine Mammal Studies**
IMMS: Instructional Material Motivational Survey**
IMMS: Integrated Marine Management System**
IMMS: International Marketing and Management Services**
IMMS: Internet Mobile Messaging Services**
IMMS: Integrated Mine Management System**
IMMS: Informatics and Manufacturing Systems**
IMMS: Intermediate Maintenance Management System**
IMMS: International Mail Measurement System**
IMMS: International Military Medical Symposium**
IMMS: Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry**
IMMS: International Meeting on Materials Science**
IMMS: Iowa Manure Manager Series**
IMMS: Insurance Mass Marketing Systems*
IMMS: Interim Marketing Managers SM*
IMMS: International Meeting on Medical Simulation*
IMMS: International Mesostructured Materials Symposium*
IMMS: Integrated Medical Management Service*
IMMS: Internet Maintenance Management System*
IMMS: International Meetings Management and Services*
IMMS: Introduction to Medicine and Medical Science*
IMMS: Integrated Modular Modeling Software*
IMMS: Integrated Mooring and Monitoring Systems*
IMMS: Intelligent Material Management System*
IMMS: Information and Materials Management Software*
IMMS: Information Materials Management System*
IMMS: Integrated Manufacturing Management System*
IMMS: Integrated Marks Management System*
IMMS: Interactive Multimedia Marketing System*
IMMS: International Meeting for Medical Simulation*
IMMS: Internet Money Management System*
IMMS: Imode Multimedia Messaging Service*
IMMS: Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies*
IMMS: Intl Marine Minerals Society*

Note: Acronym Finder has 10 verified definitions for IMMS

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