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IFS: In Financial Services****
IFS: Initial Flight Screening****
IFS: Independent Financial Services****
IFS: Insurance and Financial Services****
IFS: Integrated Food Security****
IFS: Indian Financial System****
IFS: International Financial Services****
IFS: Individual Financial Support****
IFS: International Field Studies****
IFS: Institute of Foreign Studies****
IFS: Internet Financial Services****
IFS: Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminar***
IFS: International Finance Seminar***
IFS: Insurance Financial Services***
IFS: Institute for the Study***
IFS: Independant Front Suspension***
IFS: Institute of Fiscal Studies***
IFS: Impresa Formativa Simulata***
IFS: Institutional File System***
IFS: In Financial Studies***
IFS: Insurer Financial Strength***
IFS: Inspirations for Songwriters***
IFS: Inline Filling Systems***
IFS: Integrated Farming Systems***
IFS: Internationalisation Finance Scheme***
IFS: Imperial Fleet Services***
IFS: Iceland Forest Service***
IFS: Islamic Faith Society***
IFS: Impact on Flight Safety***
IFS: Inland Fisheries Service***
IFS: Indirect Fire System***
IFS: IKEA Food Services***
IFS: Integrated Fixation System***
IFS: Institute for Freedom Studies***
IFS: International Film Series***
IFS: Institut Fuer Sprachvermittlung***
IFS: Independent Forensic Services***
IFS: Integrated Facility Solutions***
IFS: Iterative Function System***
IFS: Inheriting File System***
IFS: International Foundation for Sciences***
IFS: Internationalen Food Standard***
IFS: Installable File Systems***
IFS: Illinois Funding Source***
IFS: Inter Frame Space***
IFS: Interchange File Separator***
IFS: Integrated Financial Systems***
IFS: Ink Formulation Software***
IFS: Inferior Frontal Sulcus***
IFS: International Foundation Studies***
IFS: Integrated Financial Services***
IFS: Idea Factory Software***
IFS: Institut Fur Sprachvermittlung***
IFS: International Federation of Senior***
IFS: Internationaler Food Standard***
IFS: Integrated Forecast System***
IFS: International Food Standart***
IFS: Irish Free State***
IFS: In the Forestry***
IFS: Intelligent Fluid Solutions***
IFS: Informal Food Sector***
IFS: Integra Financial Services***
IFS: Institute for Fusion Studies***
IFS: Integral Field Spectrograph***
IFS: Intelligent Financial Systems***
IFS: International Fulfillment Services***
IFS: International Food Standards***
IFS: Indicative Forestry Strategy***
IFS: Industrial Financial Systems***
IFS: Institute of Fundamental Studies***
IFS: Integrated Furniture Systems***
IFS: Integrity Fact Sheet***
IFS: Innovision Financial Server***
IFS: iver film services***
IFS: International Federation of Social***
IFS: Indigenous Fisheries Strategy***
IFS: international freight systems***
IFS: Institute for Sustainability***
IFS: Intelligent Facility Software***
IFS: Internacional Foundation for Science***
IFS: Independent Fan Site***
IFS: Irish Forestry Services***
IFS: Interiors Forum Scotland***
IFS: Institut Fur Software***
IFS: Inter Frame Spaces***
IFS: Institute for Solid***
IFS: International Foundation of Science***
IFS: Institutional Financial Services***
IFS: Interchange Format Syntax***
IFS: Ipswich Film Society***
IFS: Integated File System***
IFS: Integrated Financing Strategy***
IFS: Internal Field Seperator***
IFS: Indianapolis Fleet Services***
IFS: Integrated Facility System**
IFS: Intensive Family Services**
IFS: International Factors Singapore**
IFS: Interdisciplinary Film Studies**
IFS: image filing system**
IFS: incidental fatigue sufferers**
IFS: India Forest Service**
IFS: Infant Face Scale**
IFS: intensity fluctuation spectroscopy**
IFS: interstitial fluid space**
IFS: intramyocardial fiber stress**
IFS: intraoperative frozen section**
IFS: intratumor fibrous stroma**
IFS: intravenous flow stabilizer**
IFS: iron fortified salt**
IFS: Interactive Financial Services**
IFS: Indicative Forest Strategy**
IFS: Intelligent Forecasting Systems**
IFS: Information Field Size**
IFS: Institute for Foreign Study**
IFS: Initiative on Financial Security**
IFS: Internal Function System**
IFS: International Fluidics Services**
IFS: International Food Security**
IFS: Institute of Family Studies**
IFS: Impact on Family Scale**
IFS: index of functional status**
IFS: inescapable foot shock stress**
IFS: Institutional Financial Self**
IFS: Interruption Function State**
IFS: Information Flow Standard**
IFS: Institutional Financing Services**
IFS: Investment Funds Survey**
IFS: Institut Formation Sociale**
IFS: Intelligent Frequency Select**
IFS: irish finnish society**
IFS: Internal File Service**
IFS: Independent Financial Strategies**
IFS: Instalable File System**
IFS: Indiana Film Society**
IFS: Interim Facility Share**
IFS: Ifrah Financial Services**
IFS: Implementing for Success**
IFS: Integrated Financial Solutions**
IFS: Ireland Freight Services**
IFS: Innovative Fulfillment Solutions**
IFS: Insect Free System**
IFS: Integrated Freight Systems**
IFS: International Fisheries Section**
IFS: Innovative Food Services**
IFS: Innovative Fuel Systems**
IFS: Iowa Fatigue Scale**
IFS: Infrared Fiber Systems**
IFS: intermediate filament proteins**
IFS: International Federation of Science**
IFS: Internationella Fackliga Samorganisationen**
IFS: Independent Fiduciary Services**
IFS: Integrated Feature Server**
IFS: International Feuchtwanger Society**
IFS: Inertia Fuel Shutoff**
IFS: Insurance for Students**
IFS: Internationaler Fremdsprachenservice Sprachen**
IFS: Incursori Forze Speciali**
IFS: International Forum of Solidarity**
IFS: Information Formatting Services**
IFS: Industry Forecast Seminar**
IFS: Intelligent Filtration System**
IFS: inland foundation specialties**
IFS: Integral Field Spectroscopy**
IFS: International Film Service**
IFS: Indian Forests Service**
IFS: international furniture service**
IFS: Iraqi Freedom Struggles**
IFS: Insertable File System**
IFS: Irish Forest Soils**
IFS: Imagine Fulfillment Services**
IFS: Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets**
IFS: Industrial Foam Systems**
IFS: Integrated Field System**
IFS: In Flight Simulation**
IFS: Installation Facilities System**
IFS: Isolated Familial Somatotropinomas**
IFS: International Faculty Services**
IFS: International Film Seminars**
IFS: Institute for Frontier Science**
IFS: Institute of Fusion Studies**
IFS: integrated family services**
IFS: Iterated Fractal System**
IFS: Institutional File Server**
IFS: Inverted File System**
IFS: Indigenous Fishing Strategy**
IFS: Integrated Flight Schedule**
IFS: Islami Financial Services**
IFS: Ivrie Frame Sliders**
IFS: Individual and Family Studies**
IFS: Institute Free Space**
IFS: International Fitness Showcase**
IFS: ICT Facility Services**
IFS: Industrial and Finacial Systems**
IFS: Innovative Fence Systems**
IFS: Insulation Finish Systems**
IFS: Integrated Filtration System**
IFS: International Flight Service**
IFS: Isolated Focal Swelling**
IFS: Innovative Financing Scheme**
IFS: Interactive Film School**
IFS: Information Flow Subsystem**
IFS: Inspectorate of Flight Safety**
IFS: Integrated Fleet System**
IFS: Intelligent File Store**
IFS: Inverness Forest Stingrays**
IFS: In Flight Survey**
IFS: Institute of Fire Safety**
IFS: Individual and Family Supports**
IFS: Institute of Food Security**
IFS: Intensive Freshman Seminars**
IFS: International First Service**
IFS: Independence Federal Savings*
IFS: Integrated Flight System*
IFS: Integrated Forest Study*
IFS: International Financial Standards*
IFS: International Fund for Science*
IFS: Internet File Server*
IFS: Innovative Fitness Solutions*
IFS: Intelligent Flash Simulator*
IFS: International Forestry School*
IFS: Integrated Field Services*
IFS: Integrated Furniture Solutions*
IFS: Inter Faculty Studies*
IFS: International Ferret Society*
IFS: Internet Fraud Screen*
IFS: Improvement for Sale*
IFS: Independent Freight Services*
IFS: Information Fusion System*
IFS: International Foam Systems*
IFS: International Fructan Symposium*
IFS: Istituto Fernando Santi*
IFS: Immunology Foundation Switzerland*
IFS: India Fellowship Seminar*
IFS: Industrial Forestry Services*
IFS: Information Field Sizes*
IFS: Inshore Fisheries Scientist*
IFS: Instead of for Sending*
IFS: Investment Funds Securities*
IFS: It Fan Simpsons*
IFS: International Faculty and Staff*
IFS: Inspection Followup System*
IFS: Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio*
IFS: Independent Forklift Service*
IFS: Illawarra Flying School*
IFS: Indian Foreign Service/Indian Forest Service*
IFS: International Forestry Seminar*
IFS: Imaging and Faxing System*
IFS: Illinois Fairgoer Services*
IFS: Illinois Fish Species*

Note: Acronym Finder has 90 verified definitions for IFS

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