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What does IDE stand for?

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IDE: Industrial Design Engineering****
IDE: Integrated Design Environment****
IDE: Integrated Dynamics Engineering****
IDE: International Data Encryption****
IDE: Integration and Documentation****
IDE: Investissement Direct Etranger****
IDE: Institute of Distance Education****
IDE: Institute for Democratic Education****
IDE: Injection Directe Essence****
IDE: Intended for Developers****
IDE: Investigational Device Exemptions****
IDE: Interactive Development Environments****
IDE: Intergrated Development Environment****
IDE: Integration Development Environment****
IDE: Integrated Definition Electronics***
IDE: Insulin Degrading Enzyme***
IDE: Investimento Directo Estrangeiro***
IDE: Israeli Diamond Exchange***
IDE: Integrated Dev Environment***
IDE: Integrated Digital Electronics***
IDE: Intuitive Development Environment***
IDE: Integrated Device Equipment***
IDE: Institute for Distance Education***
IDE: Innovations in Distance Education***
IDE: Integrated Developer Environment***
IDE: Individual Development Education***
IDE: interface and dedicated***
IDE: Insede Diameter Enhanced***
IDE: Intergrated Drive Electronics***
IDE: Installation for Dozens***
IDE: Interactive Data Entry***
IDE: Industrial Democracy in Europe***
IDE: Integrated Desktop Environment***
IDE: Interactive Design and Engineering***
IDE: imbedded drive electronics***
IDE: Institute of Directors***
IDE: Innovative Designs for Education***
IDE: Integrated Disk Electronics***
IDE: Investigative Device Exemption***
IDE: Independence Development Education***
IDE: Implemented in the Eclipse***
IDE: Integrated Development Enviornment***
IDE: Intelligent Device Electronics***
IDE: Intergrated Development Enviroment***
IDE: Integrated Data Environments***
IDE: Investigational Device Exception***
IDE: Integrated Developm Ent***
IDE: Interface Driver as Evolved***
IDE: Institute of Developing Economics***
IDE: Interfaces and Drives***
IDE: In at the Deep End**
IDE: Integrated Development Environement**
IDE: anti-insulin-degrading enzyme**
IDE: initially deprived eyes**
IDE: inner dental epithelial**
IDE: inner dental epithelium**
IDE: Ins-degrading enzyme**
IDE: insulin-dependent element**
IDE: intervertebral disc extrusion**
IDE: iron deficient erythropoiesis**
IDE: Iron-deficient erythropoiesis**
IDE: isocenter displacement errors**
IDE: submissions--investigational device exemption**
IDE: Interactive Design Environment**
IDE: Integrated Design Environments**
IDE: Israel Desalination Enterprises**
IDE: In Designed to Ensure**
IDE: I Do Everything**
IDE: inner dental epithelial cells**
IDE: Institute of Demolition Engineers**
IDE: IntelliSense Debugging ErrorCorrect**
IDE: Integrated Driver Electronics**
IDE: Institute of Development Economies**
IDE: International Document Exchange**
IDE: Instituut Dirigenten Educatie**
IDE: Integration in Dexter**
IDE: Interface Design and Evaluation**
IDE: Initial Design Evaluation**
IDE: Introduction to Delpi**
IDE: Invoice due Date**
IDE: iowa district east**
IDE: Integrated Digital Environments**
IDE: Israel Desalination Engineering**
IDE: Instituto De Energ**
IDE: Internal Drive Electronics**
IDE: Improved Drilling Efficiency**
IDE: Initial Directional Error**
IDE: Insulin Degradation Enzyme**
IDE: Interpreted on Demand**
IDE: Initial Damage Estimate**
IDE: Institutional Development in the Environment**
IDE: Intrusion Detection Engine**
IDE: Institute of Developing Economy**
IDE: Intergrated Device Electronics**
IDE: Interface Device Electronics**
IDE: Instruments Development Environment**
IDE: Interactive Diagram Editor**
IDE: International Directory of Egyptology**
IDE: IDBB Drug Education**
IDE: Integrated Developers Enviroment**
IDE: Integrated Deployment Environment**
IDE: Intern Data Engineering**
IDE: International Development Eng**
IDE: Inquire for Details**
IDE: International Development Entreprises**
IDE: Institute for Development Education**
IDE: Instrument Domino Effecten**
IDE: Intelligent Dedicated Equipment**
IDE: Institute for Developing Economics**
IDE: Interface 2 Devices**
IDE: Intermediate Development Education*
IDE: International Derivatives Enterprise*
IDE: I Development Environment*
IDE: Implementers and Developers Event*
IDE: Information Display Enhancements*
IDE: Inovasi Dalam Edukasi*
IDE: Integrated Development Environmnet*
IDE: Intergated Design Environment*
IDE: Investissment Direct Etranger*
IDE: Imprenditori Dirigenti Europei*
IDE: Innovation and Design Exhibition*
IDE: Integrated Disk Embedded*
IDE: IUC Distance Education*
IDE: Integrated Develppment Environment*
IDE: Intelligent Driver Equipment*
IDE: Inter Digital Electrodes*
IDE: Interface Design Evaluation*
IDE: Interior Design Engineering*
IDE: International Digital Environment*
IDE: International Dining Experiences*
IDE: Institutional Data Exchange*
IDE: Implementation and Deployment in Europe*
IDE: Internet Diamond Exchange*
IDE: Initial Delivery Error*
IDE: Idaho Department of Education*
IDE: Indiana Department of Education*
IDE: Indiana Department of Environment*
IDE: Institute of Development Economics*
IDE: Instituto De Estadfstica*
IDE: Instituto para el Desarollo Economico*
IDE: Internet Development Expert*
IDE: Internet Diamonds Exchange*
IDE: Investigational Data Exemptions*
IDE: Iowa Department of Education*

Note: Acronym Finder has 42 verified definitions for IDE

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