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IDC: International Diving Centre****
IDC: Instructor Development Center****
IDC: Instructor Development Courses****
IDC: Italian Dance Chart****
IDC: Inter Department Communication****
IDC: Integrated Development Concepts****
IDC: Infrastructure Design and Construction****
IDC: Internet Dynamics Corporation****
IDC: Insulation Displacement Connectors****
IDC: Insulation Displacement Connection****
IDC: Islands District Council****
IDC: International Discussion Club****
IDC: Integrated Design Center****
IDC: Institute on Disability Culture****
IDC: Inter Documentation Company****
IDC: Interaction Design Centre****
IDC: Internet Data Centres****
IDC: International Data Company****
IDC: International Design Congress****
IDC: Internet Dynamics Corp****
IDC: Insurance Direct Canada****
IDC: International Dance Challenge****
IDC: Industrial Design Centre***
IDC: Input Data Control***
IDC: Information Design Conference***
IDC: Infectious Diseases Centre***
IDC: Instructional Design Center***
IDC: Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma***
IDC: Information Development Company***
IDC: International Data Centre***
IDC: International Data Computer***
IDC: Industrial Design Corporation***
IDC: International Disability Caucus***
IDC: Interaction Design for Children***
IDC: Instructional Development Centre***
IDC: International Design Contest***
IDC: international dance committee***
IDC: Ithmaar Development Company***
IDC: Israel Design Center***
IDC: Internationale Democrate Chretienne***
IDC: Internet Data Connector***
IDC: Inter District Championship***
IDC: Internacional Data Corporation***
IDC: Institute of Draped Clothes***
IDC: International Design and Construction***
IDC: Integration Data Center***
IDC: Internet Direct Connection***
IDC: Integrative Design Collaborative***
IDC: Instructional Development Consultant***
IDC: Integrated Disk Controller***
IDC: Illinois Defense Counsel***
IDC: Intangible Development Costs***
IDC: International Development Consortium***
IDC: Institute for Development Communication***
IDC: India Development Center***
IDC: Instructor Development Centers***
IDC: Information and Documentation Centre***
IDC: Integrated Development Consultants***
IDC: International Development Committee***
IDC: Infrastructure Development Committee***
IDC: India Development Centre***
IDC: Industry Development Centre***
IDC: International Dockworkers Council***
IDC: Innovation and Development Corporation***
IDC: International Disability Convention***
IDC: Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy***
IDC: Islandwide Development Corp***
IDC: Itasca Development Corporation***
IDC: Informed Decisions Corp***
IDC: International Development Centre***
IDC: International Direct Connect***
IDC: Independent Distributors Cooperative***
IDC: International Development Commission***
IDC: Independent Distribution Collective***
IDC: International Development Club***
IDC: Intercultural and Development Communication***
IDC: International Dyke Conference***
IDC: Information Dissemination Centres***
IDC: Instituto De Ciencias***
IDC: Inter Departmental Course***
IDC: Integrated Data Corporation***
IDC: Internet Database Connection***
IDC: Island Dolphin Care***
IDC: Interlake Development Corporation***
IDC: Industrial Dynamics Co***
IDC: Industrie Du Cuir***
IDC: International Diplomacy Council***
IDC: India Delivery Centre***
IDC: informatics development company***
IDC: Infinitely Divisible Cascades***
IDC: Intrusion Detection Console***
IDC: Insulation Displacement Contacts***
IDC: Industrial Design and Construction***
IDC: Integrated Data Concepts***
IDC: Image Data Coding***
IDC: injector duty cycle***
IDC: Indiana Democratic Club***
IDC: Interior Design Confederation***
IDC: Industrial Development Corporations***
IDC: Iron Deficiency Chlorosis***
IDC: Internet Database Connectivity***
IDC: Industrial Devices Corporation***
IDC: International Dobermann Club***
IDC: International Dairy Committee***
IDC: Inter Database Communication***
IDC: Integrated Data Catalogue***
IDC: Iraqi Drilling Company***
IDC: Indefinite Delivery Contracts***
IDC: Integrated Data Communications***
IDC: Infiltrating Ductal Carcinomas***
IDC: Institutional Development Committee***
IDC: Integrated Design Capability***
IDC: Islington Deaf Campaign***
IDC: integrated desktop connector***
IDC: Indoor Dummy Camera***
IDC: Invasive Ductal Cancer***
IDC: Identification and Control***
IDC: Industrial Design Center***
IDC: Instrument Development Company***
IDC: Insulation Displacement Connections***
IDC: Industrial Drives and Controls***
IDC: Immigration Detention Center***
IDC: Industrial Development Commission***
IDC: Intertribal Deaf Council***
IDC: International Doberman Club***
IDC: Inter Device Communication***
IDC: Individually Designed Concentrations***
IDC: Integrated Database Connector***
IDC: Island Development Company***
IDC: Instructional Development Committee***
IDC: Interactive Digital Center***
IDC: International Dockers Council***
IDC: Instructor Development Curriculum***
IDC: Inter Dial Clock***
IDC: Interior Design Collaborative***
IDC: Internet Directory Consortium***
IDC: Industrial Design Consultancy***
IDC: INPRO Development Corporation***
IDC: Institut De Cognitique***
IDC: Intelligent Data Communication***
IDC: interior design company***
IDC: International Database Conference***
IDC: Integrated Data voice Channel***
IDC: Intelligent Distributed Controls***
IDC: IT Distribution Co***
IDC: International Design Conference***
IDC: Internetindo Data Centra***
IDC: Integrated Data Collector***
IDC: Innovative Data Communications***
IDC: InterCultural and Diversity Center***
IDC: International Diamond Council***
IDC: Inuvialuit Development Corporation***
IDC: International Degree Certificate***
IDC: Illinois Development Council***
IDC: International Deaflympic Committee***
IDC: Industrially Developing Countries***
IDC: Independent Duty Corpsmen***
IDC: Immigration Detention Centers***
IDC: Initiatives Developpement Conseils***
IDC: Internet Development Corporation***
IDC: Intelligent Device Controller***
IDC: International Defence Club***
IDC: Innovative Dynamics Corp***
IDC: Indian Dairy Corporation***
IDC: Integrated Design Curriculum***
IDC: Instuctor Development Course***
IDC: Internet Distributed Computing***
IDC: Individual Drug Counseling**
IDC: Interaction Design Collegium**
IDC: International Dance Council**
IDC: Ideographic Description Characters**
IDC: Instructor Development and Career**
IDC: International Documentation Center**
IDC: Industrial Development Commissioner**
IDC: carcinoma--infiltrating duct carcinoma**
IDC: idiopathic dilative cardiomyopathy**
IDC: in dilated cardiomyopathy**
IDC: indicator dilution curves**
IDC: infectious disease clinic**
IDC: Infectious Diseases Clinic**
IDC: inferior dental canal**
IDC: infiltrating duct carcinoma**
IDC: infiltrating duct carcinomas**
IDC: infiltrating ductal cancer**
IDC: infiltrative ductal carcinomas**
IDC: infinite dilution conductivity**
IDC: interactive data cp**
IDC: interlocking detachable coil**
IDC: interlocking detachable coils**
IDC: Interstitial dendritic cell**
IDC: Interstitial dendritic cells**
IDC: interstitial dense cells**
IDC: interval-dependent conduction**
IDC: intervertebral disc calcification**
IDC: intervertebral disk calcification**
IDC: invasive duct cancers**
IDC: Invasive duct carcinoma**
IDC: invasive ductal cancers**
IDC: Irrigation Development Corporations**
IDC: ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy**
IDC: ISO Data Centre**
IDC: International Data Cooperation**
IDC: Institute of Digital Communications**
IDC: Industrial Developement Corporation**
IDC: Inizio Del Corso**
IDC: International Diamond Center**
IDC: Infectious Diseases Center**
IDC: Innovation Development Corporation**
IDC: Intercontinental Development Corporation**
IDC: Israel Development Center**
IDC: Intelligent Digital Compass**
IDC: idoxuridine , deoxycytidine**
IDC: interdigitating reticulum cells**
IDC: Invasive Ductal Carcinomas**
IDC: Italian Dramatic Club**
IDC: Information Data Centers**
IDC: International Data Consulting**
IDC: Independent Development Corporation**
IDC: Insulation Displacing Connector**
IDC: erlocking detachable coils**
IDC: index of dietary control**
IDC: infiltrating ductal breast carcinomas**
IDC: informed decision making checklist**
IDC: interdigitating dendritic reticulum cells**
IDC: International Design Creation**
IDC: interstrand DNA cross-link**
IDC: invasive ductal adenocarcinoma**
IDC: invasive ductal breast cancer**
IDC: invasive ductal breast carcinomas**
IDC: Invasive ductal mammary carcinomas**
IDC: International Development Centere**
IDC: Inter Departmental Charging**
IDC: Incoming Digit Conversion**
IDC: International Distribution Center**
IDC: Information Dynamics Corporation**
IDC: Intangible Drilling and Completion**
IDC: Interfaith Dialog Center**
IDC: Interior Design Connections**
IDC: Internal Delivery Channels**
IDC: Infusion Dance Company**
IDC: interdigitating DC-type cells**
IDC: Islay Development Company**
IDC: Imperial Defence College**
IDC: Internet Direct Communications**
IDC: Infectious Disease Center**
IDC: Image Design Consultants**
IDC: IBM Data Connectors**
IDC: Intersection Development Corp**

Note: Acronym Finder has 114 verified definitions for IDC

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