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ICL: International Constitutional Law****
ICL: Interactive Command Language****
ICL: Instructional Course Lectures****
ICL: International Computers Ltd****
ICL: International Christian Leadership****
ICL: Ironman China Ltd****
ICL: Imaging Core Laboratory***
ICL: International College of Linguistics***
ICL: International Correspondence Lawyers***
ICL: In Custom LASIK***
ICL: Index the Civil***
ICL: Industrial Control Links***
ICL: Institute for Christian Leadership***
ICL: Implantable Contact Lenses***
ICL: Integrated Circuits Laboratory***
ICL: Immunology Consultants Laboratory***
ICL: International Common Language***
ICL: India Cricket League***
ICL: Inner City League***
ICL: Idaho Conservation League***
ICL: International Consortium on Landslides***
ICL: Israel Chemicals Limited***
ICL: Indication of the Light***
ICL: Implantable Collamer Lenses***
ICL: Institute for Conservation Leadership***
ICL: Interlab Cell Line***
ICL: Introduction to Lens***
ICL: Institute for Church Life***
ICL: Institute for Continued Learning***
ICL: Ingham County Library (Mason, MI)***
ICL: Ionia Community Library (Ionia, IA)***
ICL: Irwin County Library (Ocilla, GA)***
ICL: Itasca Community Library (Itasca, IL)***
ICL: Inuvik Centennial Library***
ICL: Innovative Community Learning***
ICL: Israeli Center for Libraries***
ICL: IInternational Crystal Laboratories***
ICL: International Certifications Limited***
ICL: Inter Cluster Link***
ICL: Institute of Computational Linguistics***
ICL: International Criminal Law***
ICL: Independent Cement and Lime***
ICL: industrial containers ltd***
ICL: Integra Capital Limited***
ICL: Income Contingent Loans***
ICL: Israel Corporation Limited***
ICL: IBM Classroom LAN***
ICL: International and Comparative Law***
ICL: Intraocular Contact Lenses***
ICL: Institute of Children***
ICL: Insured Closing Letter***
ICL: India Cements Ltd***
ICL: Index of Countries and Localities***
ICL: Institute for Community Living***
ICL: Indiana Citizens for Life***
ICL: Implanted Contact Lens***
ICL: International Cricket League***
ICL: International Consortium of Landslides***
ICL: Interactive Cognition Lab***
ICL: Interlink Communications Ltd***
ICL: Innovative Concert Lighting***
ICL: Independent Concrete Ltd***
ICL: Idiopathic CD4 Lymphocytopenia***
ICL: IDEC Canada Ltd***
ICL: Independent Container Line***
ICL: Integrated Computer Literacy***
ICL: Indian Champions League***
ICL: Image Converter Library***
ICL: Indonesia Communications Limited***
ICL: Income Contigent Loan***
ICL: International Computer Limited***
ICL: Instructional Computing Laboratory***
ICL: India Cements Limited***
ICL: Insured Closing Letters***
ICL: Illinois Citizens for Life**
ICL: Idiopathic CD4(+) lymphocytopenia**
ICL: idiopathic CD4+ lymphocytopenia**
ICL: idiopathic CD4+ lymphopenia**
ICL: independent culling levels**
ICL: infectious canine laryngotracheitis**
ICL: inferior calyceal length**
ICL: initial cell loading**
ICL: inner cell layer**
ICL: inner cellular layer**
ICL: inner collagenous layer**
ICL: inner cortical labyrinth**
ICL: innermost chorion layer**
ICL: innermost chorionic layer**
ICL: intermediate chorionic layer**
ICL: interstrand cross-link**
ICL: interstrand cross-linking**
ICL: interstrand cross-links**
ICL: intestinal collagen layer**
ICL: intraoperative colonic lavage**
ICL: intrapapillary capillary loops**
ICL: iris-clip lenses**
ICL: Inter Controller Link**
ICL: Instrument Control Language**
ICL: In Company Languages**
ICL: International Crystal Laboratories**
ICL: Israel Corporation Ltd**
ICL: Image Cash Letters**
ICL: Institute of Certified Locksmiths**
ICL: Interagent Communication Language**
ICL: Idiopathic CD4 T lymphocytopenia**
ICL: idiopathic CD4+ T lymphocytopenia**
ICL: idiopathic CD4+ T-lymphocytopenia**
ICL: intra-corporeal laser lithotripsy**
ICL: International Center of Languages**
ICL: Inrush Current Limiting**
ICL: Iron City LUSINE**
ICL: Inductive Classification Logic**
ICL: IDCOL Cement Ltd**
ICL: Israel Composers League**
ICL: Implantable Corrective Lens**
ICL: Islamic Center of Livermore**
ICL: Inkjet Cartridges Laser**
ICL: International Council for Local**
ICL: Immobilien Consulting Luzern**
ICL: catecholamine-induced Cl**
ICL: Indus Clothing Ltd**
ICL: Israel Chemicals Ltd**
ICL: Indian Confederation of Labour**
ICL: International Cuisine Limited**
ICL: Indoor Champions League**
ICL: Institute of Continued Learning**
ICL: Internal Contact Lens**
ICL: Incoming Call Line**
ICL: Insertable Contact Lenses**
ICL: International Computer Ltd**
ICL: Island Communications Ltd**
ICL: Information and Control Layers**
ICL: Interoperability Certification Labs**
ICL: Integration of Content and Language**
ICL: Interstate Container Lowell**
ICL: International Certifications Ltd**
ICL: Issued Certificates List**
ICL: Interministeriële Conferentie Leefmilieu**
ICL: Invincible Cat Lovers**
ICL: International Contact Lens**
ICL: Individual Calling Line**
ICL: Institute for Creative Living**
ICL: Interpool Containers Limited**
ICL: Independent Cut Length**
ICL: Initial Contact Letter**
ICL: Italiana Commissionaria Legnami**
ICL: Incomming Call Line**
ICL: Informatics Corporate Learning**
ICL: Institute for Collaborative Leadership**
ICL: Inter Clan League**
ICL: International Commercial Litigation**
ICL: International Conference of Leaders**
ICL: Intrahealth Canada Limited**
ICL: Institut of Comparative Law**
ICL: Introduction to Computational Logic**
ICL: International Clinical Laboratories**
ICL: International Construction Law**
ICL: Islands Certified Local**
ICL: Image Communication Lab**
ICL: Image Communications Lab**
ICL: Ingham County League**
ICL: IRT Command Language**
ICL: IBM Class Library**
ICL: Installation Control Library**
ICL: Institute for Creative Leadership**
ICL: Instructional Computing Laboratories**
ICL: Interface Control Logic**
ICL: International Centre for Languages**
ICL: International Compliance Laboratories**
ICL: Indexed Compensation Level*
ICL: Institut Commercial Lyonnais*
ICL: Instruction and Curriculum Leadership*
ICL: Integral Container Line*
ICL: ID Conservation League*
ICL: Industrial Code and Logic*
ICL: Integrated Curricular Lesson*
ICL: Interband Cascade Lasers*
ICL: International Corporate Law*
ICL: Iglesia Cristiana Latinoamericana*
ICL: Incoming Callers List*
ICL: Independent Components Ltd*
ICL: Instructional Computer Laboratory*
ICL: International Coil Ltd*
ICL: Implanted Corrective Lens*
ICL: Incremental Class Loading*
ICL: Indentation Crack Length*
ICL: Innovative Computing Laboratories*
ICL: Integrated Cloud Liquid*
ICL: International Cooperative License*
ICL: Item Classification Level*
ICL: industrial coolers low*
ICL: Inner Clan League*
ICL: Input Control Logic*
ICL: Inter Canel Ltd*
ICL: International Certification Ltd*
ICL: International Commission on the Lithosphere*
ICL: Isometrics Consulting Limited*
ICL: Israel Chemical Ltd*
ICL: Industrial and Commercial Links*
ICL: Interface Control Ledger*
ICL: Irish Continental Line*
ICL: Illinois Case Law*
ICL: Inacom Corporation List*
ICL: Index Canadian Law*
ICL: Index Comprehensive Listing*
ICL: Index of Crystallography Links*
ICL: Indian Code and Law*
ICL: Indian Creek Landfill*
ICL: Indonesian Christian Library*
ICL: Information Calculated to Lead*
ICL: Institute of Continuing Legal*
ICL: Interactive Computer Laboratories*
ICL: Internal Calibration Laboratory*
ICL: International Compose List*
ICL: Internet Cartography Links*
ICL: Internet Chain Letter*
ICL: Internet Country List*
ICL: Intra Communication Link*
ICL: Italian Cities Locator*

Note: Acronym Finder has 45 verified definitions for ICL

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