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ICE: International Card Establishment****
ICE: Infensus Clan Europe****
ICE: Intensive Care Experience****
ICE: In Continuing Efforts****
ICE: Inter Client Exchange****
ICE: International Casino Expo****
ICE: In Company Education****
ICE: Irish College of English****
ICE: Ignite Clean Energy****
ICE: Information Communication Education****
ICE: Internship and Cooperative Education****
ICE: Image Correction and Enhancement****
ICE: Istituto Commercio Estero****
ICE: In Car Electronics****
ICE: Instructor Course Evaluation****
ICE: Institute for Computational Engineering****
ICE: International Centers of Excellence****
ICE: Introduction to Computer Engineering****
ICE: Immigration Customs Enforcement****
ICE: International Conferences Events****
ICE: Illinois Computing Educators****
ICE: International Conference and Exhibition****
ICE: Interface for Cycling Expertise****
ICE: International Conference on Entrepreneurship****
ICE: Institute of Clinical Education****
ICE: International Commodities Exchange****
ICE: Institutional Change and European****
ICE: Intergovernmental Coordination Element****
ICE: International Comparisons of Education****
ICE: International Centre for Entrepreneurship****
ICE: Interactive Content Exchange****
ICE: Infantry Combat Equipment****
ICE: International Chamber Ensemble****
ICE: Iowa Chicago Eastern****
ICE: Image Correction Enhancement****
ICE: International Congress of Egyptologists****
ICE: Immigration Control and Enforcement***
ICE: Internet Connections for Engineering***
ICE: Innovative Concepts in Entertainment***
ICE: Iris Challenge Evaluation***
ICE: Internal Combustion Engined***
ICE: Itanium Conference Expo***
ICE: International Conference Events***
ICE: Interactive Collaborative Environments***
ICE: Immigration and Custom Enforcement***
ICE: Integrated Content Environment***
ICE: Image Capture Engineering***
ICE: International Conference on Electroceramics***
ICE: Inner City Evangelism***
ICE: International Construction Engineering***
ICE: International Collage Exhibition***
ICE: Introduction to Canoe***
ICE: Interface to Enable***
ICE: International Conference of Electronic***
ICE: In Car Entertaiment***
ICE: Information Communication and Entertainment***
ICE: Institute for Community Empowerment***
ICE: Insight Central Europe***
ICE: International Construction Equipment***
ICE: Institution of Chemical Engineers***
ICE: Internet Commerce Enabler***
ICE: Information Communications and Entertainment***
ICE: International Congress of Endocrinology***
ICE: Information Communication Entertainment***
ICE: Industrial Commercial Enterprises***
ICE: Inner City Enterprise***
ICE: Indiana Computer Educators***
ICE: Immigration Custom Enforcement***
ICE: Information Content Exchange***
ICE: Island of Ceylon***
ICE: Internet Communication and Entertainment***
ICE: International Converting Exhibition***
ICE: International Commodity Exchange***
ICE: Indigenous Community Enterprises***
ICE: International Conference on Ergonomics***
ICE: International Coatings Expo***
ICE: Intelligence Counter Espionage***
ICE: Inspired Cycle Engineering***
ICE: Industrial Cooperative Education***
ICE: Improving Customer Experience***
ICE: Introduction to College English***
ICE: Individual Combat Equipment***
ICE: Indirectos Como El***
ICE: Institute for Civic Engagement***
ICE: Institute for Cultural Enterprise***
ICE: Infection Control Environment***
ICE: Institute of Christian Education***
ICE: Institute for Clinical Evaluation***
ICE: Instant Cellulite Eraser***
ICE: Industry Competency Exams***
ICE: Information Centre for Entrepreneurship***
ICE: Itanium Conference and Expo***
ICE: Ideas for Creative Exploration***
ICE: International Cooperative Education***
ICE: International Congress of Entomology***
ICE: International Cultural Experience***
ICE: In Creating an Exhibition***
ICE: Interactive Consumer Electronics***
ICE: Instrumentation and Control Equipment***
ICE: Internet Commerce Excellence***
ICE: Institute for Computational Earth***
ICE: Illinois Cooperative Extension***
ICE: Increased Cooperative Efforts***
ICE: Isolated and Confined Environments***
ICE: International Contemporary Ensemble***
ICE: Inhibition of Ced***
ICE: Intellectual Capital Exchange***
ICE: Intelligent Concept Extraction***
ICE: Info the Coolest***
ICE: In Canada the Exchange***
ICE: Instrument Control and Electrical***
ICE: Institute for Civic Education***
ICE: Internal Compiler Errors***
ICE: International Center for Exhibition***
ICE: Incorrect the Correct***
ICE: Intelligent Computing in Engineering***
ICE: Illegally Conducting an Enterprise***
ICE: Integrated Collaborative Environment***
ICE: Interdisciplinary Clinical Education***
ICE: Intercambio Cientifico Educacional***
ICE: Ingham Clinton Eaton***
ICE: Intergovernmental Conference on Emergency***
ICE: Interactive Collaboration Environment***
ICE: International Cruise Excursions***
ICE: Inducer of CBF Expression***
ICE: International Centre of Excellence***
ICE: Integrated Cluster Environment***
ICE: Innovative Computer Engineering***
ICE: Ifosfamide Carboplatin and Etoposide***
ICE: Information Content and Exchange***
ICE: Internet Censorship Explorer***
ICE: Institute for Character Education***
ICE: In Chemistry Education***
ICE: Integrated Computing Engines***
ICE: Internet Centric Excellence***
ICE: Innovation Centre of Excellence***
ICE: Independent Continuing Education***
ICE: Institute of Cooperative Education***
ICE: Ifosfamide Carboplatin Etoposide***
ICE: Institute for Catholic Education***
ICE: Issues and Current Events***
ICE: Instrument Control Equipment***
ICE: International Culture Exchange***
ICE: Ionia County Economic***
ICE: Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement***
ICE: Interactive Community Event***
ICE: Innovation Creativity Enterprise***
ICE: Intentional Community Evangelism***
ICE: International Community Experience***
ICE: Identity Construction Environments***
ICE: Is Coming to EVE***
ICE: Initiative for Cuneiform Encoding***
ICE: Institute for Cellular Engineering***
ICE: Institute for Creative Education***
ICE: Immigration and Customs Enforcment***
ICE: IED Countermeasure Equipment***
ICE: Institution for Civil Engineers***
ICE: internal control enterprise***
ICE: ICFAI College of Education***
ICE: Indo China Express***
ICE: Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble***
ICE: Independent Case Examiner***
ICE: Ideas in Cyberspace Education***
ICE: International Collage Exchange***
ICE: International Composites Expo***
ICE: International Commentary on Evidence***
ICE: Inner City Entertainment***
ICE: Independence Cryogenic Engineering***
ICE: International Congress of Esthetics***
ICE: Internet Component Environment***
ICE: Interests of the Converting***
ICE: Information and Computer Engineering***
ICE: Inspire Connect and Educate***
ICE: Immersive and Collaborative Environments***
ICE: International Center for Earth***
ICE: Image at Centre***
ICE: Improving the Chemotherapy Experience***
ICE: Institute for Cell Engineering***
ICE: Industrial Compact Enclosure***
ICE: Insurance Compliance Education***
ICE: In Community Evaluation***
ICE: Innovative Composite Engineering***
ICE: Interchangeable Component Eyeshield***
ICE: Ignatius Critical Editions***
ICE: Indoor Cycling Evolution***
ICE: International Cirrus Experiment***
ICE: Istituto Certificazione Europea***
ICE: Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics***
ICE: International Cryptographic Experiment***
ICE: Information Consulting Engineer***
ICE: Innovative Conference and Exhibition***
ICE: Interleukin Converting Enzyme***
ICE: interactive coding equipment***
ICE: International Communication Education***
ICE: Institute of Civil Engineering***
ICE: International Cargo Express***
ICE: Initiativa Central Europeana***
ICE: It Cultura Ebraica***
ICE: International Career Exchange***
ICE: Imperial Capital Express***
ICE: Indoor Cycling Education***
ICE: Inner Circle Education***
ICE: Independent Counselling Enterprises***
ICE: International Conference and Exhibits***
ICE: Is Composed of Entrepreneurs***
ICE: Image Composite Editor***
ICE: International Community Exchange***
ICE: International Congress on Engineering***
ICE: Improved Combat Efficiency***
ICE: International Consulting on Energy***
ICE: Intelligent Convergence Engine***
ICE: Internet Connection for Education***
ICE: Industrial Control Electronics***
ICE: Inner City Express***
ICE: Institute of Continuing Education***
ICE: Inventory of Conflict Environment***
ICE: Insulin Control Element***
ICE: International Comparative Education***
ICE: Institute for Computing Education***
ICE: Integrated Content Engine***
ICE: International Congress on Entrepreneurship***
ICE: I Circuiti Elettronici***
ICE: Imigration and Customs Enforcement***
ICE: In Core Experiments***
ICE: Interdisciplinary Cryospheric Experiment***
ICE: Import Convert Export***
ICE: Induced Convection Experiment***
ICE: Inrush Current Elimination***
ICE: Interim Christian Education***
ICE: International Comet Explorer***
ICE: Interactive Conference Environment***
ICE: Islamorada Community Entertainment***
ICE: Innovation Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship***
ICE: Interactive Computer Ephemeris***
ICE: IndyGo Commuter Express***
ICE: Icicle Creek Engineers***
ICE: Interoperability Certification Evaluation***
ICE: Instruction Cache Enable***
ICE: Indigo Customer Exchange***
ICE: Info Center Enhanced***
ICE: Indoor Climate and Energy***
ICE: Integrated Communications Environment***
ICE: Internet Commerce Engine***
ICE: Instructor Competency Evaluation***
ICE: Internet Contig Explorer***
ICE: International Congress of Ethnopharmacology***
ICE: Institutional Challenge Exam***
ICE: Instrument Calibration and Evaluation***
ICE: InterCare Clinical Explorer***
ICE: International Crystal Exchange***

Note: Acronym Finder has 187 verified definitions for ICE

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