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IBIS: Integrated Broadband Information System****
IBIS: Information Based Induction Sciences***
IBIS: Integrated Ballistics Identification System***
IBIS: Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics***
IBIS: international business information services***
IBIS: Integrated Business Information Systems***
IBIS: Imager on Board the INTEGRAL Satellite***
IBIS: Indus Basin Irrigation System***
IBIS: Irritable Bowel Information Support***
IBIS: Indicator Based Information System***
IBIS: Interactive Biodiversity Information System***
IBIS: International Breast Intervention Study***
IBIS: Integrated Broadcast Information Systems***
IBIS: International Bodyshop Industry Symposium***
IBIS: Identification Based Information System***
IBIS: Intelligent Building Infrastructure Solutions***
IBIS: International Bodyshop Information Symposium***
IBIS: Irish Banks Information Service***
IBIS: Integrated Ballistic Information System***
IBIS: Initiative for Bilingual Studies***
IBIS: Integrated Business Improvement Services***
IBIS: Integrated Biometric Identification System***
IBIS: Interferometric Bump Inspection System***
IBIS: International Benefits Information Service**
IBIS: Integrating Business and Information Systems**
IBIS: Ingleby Barwick Independent Society**
IBIS: Interagency Border Information System**
IBIS: Internet Based Inspection System**
IBIS: Italian Business Information System**
IBIS: Irritable Bowel Information and Support**
IBIS: International Business Intelligence Services**
IBIS: Intelligent Building Integrated Sustainable**
IBIS: Integrated Ballistics Information System**
IBIS: Incident Based Information System**
IBIS: Integrated on Board Information System**
IBIS: Internationale Betriebswirtschaft Interkulturelle Studien**
IBIS: Invasive Bacterial Infection Surveillance**
IBIS: Imaginative Book Illustration Society**
IBIS: Integrated Banking Information System**
IBIS: Initiatives Based in Schools**
IBIS: Intent Based Illustration System**
IBIS: Illini Badminton Intercollegiate Sports**
IBIS: Innovations Beratung in Schwaben**
IBIS: Integrated Background Information System**
IBIS: International Blog Interactive Show**
IBIS: Integrated Ballistics Imaging System**
IBIS: International Business Information System**
IBIS: Improved monitoring for Brain dysfunction in Intensive care and Surgery**
IBIS: International Bioethical Information System**
IBIS: ICAN British International School**
IBIS: Islanders Board of Industry and Service**
IBIS: Independent Bankers Insurance Services**
IBIS: Infant Brain Imaging Study**
IBIS: Integrated Board Information System**
IBIS: Intensive Behavior Intervention Services**
IBIS: Integrated Biomorphic Information Systems**
IBIS: integrated building interface system**
IBIS: Industrial and Business Information Service**
IBIS: Integrated Business Information Services**
IBIS: Industry and Business Information System**
IBIS: Information Based Information System**
IBIS: Idaho Bird Inventory and Survey**
IBIS: Interactive Bytecode Inspection System**
IBIS: Integrating Business Information Systems**
IBIS: International Brokerage Information Systems**
IBIS: International Business Information Systems**
IBIS: Impact Business Information Solutions*
IBIS: Indigo Bridge in Service*
IBIS: Integrated Battlefield Information System*
IBIS: Integrated Bibliographic Information System*
IBIS: Integrated Broadcast Interactive System*
IBIS: International Business and Industrial Secondments*
IBIS: Indian Biodiversity Information System*
IBIS: Indiana Business Incubator Society*
IBIS: Integrated Banking Informational Systems*
IBIS: Integrated Benefit Information System*
IBIS: Integrated Business and Information Systems*
IBIS: Intelligent Building Information System*
IBIS: International Biostatistics and Information Services*
IBIS: Internet Business Income System*
IBIS: Imager on Board of INTEGRAL Satellite*
IBIS: Institute for Biodiversity and Interdisciplinary Studies*
IBIS: Integrated Botanical Info System*
IBIS: Internet Based Input System*
IBIS: Inflight Blade Integrity System*
IBIS: Innovative Biological Imaging and Signal*
IBIS: Institute for Business and Interprofessional Studies*
IBIS: Intensive Biometric Intertidal Survey*
IBIS: Idaho Business Intelligence Solution*
IBIS: Independent Building Investigation Services*
IBIS: Information and Business Intelligence Service*
IBIS: Inquiry Based Information Services*
IBIS: Instrument for Biomolecular Interaction Sensing*
IBIS: Integrated Business Information Solutions*
IBIS: Intelligent Business Integration Suite*
IBIS: Indonesian Biodiversity Information System*
IBIS: Information Botswana Internet Services*
IBIS: International Bryological Information Service*
IBIS: Integrated Bullet Identification System*
IBIS: Index Bina Information Service*
IBIS: ISDN voice processing Board Incorporating SMT*

Note: Acronym Finder has 59 verified definitions for IBIS

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