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IAM: Institute of Advanced Media****
IAM: Integrated Assessment Modelling****
IAM: Institut Agronomique Mediterraneen****
IAM: Interactive Arts and Media****
IAM: Interactive Ancient Mediterranean****
IAM: Istro Asset Management****
IAM: Infrastructure and Asset Management****
IAM: Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer****
IAM: Incorporated in the Most****
IAM: Information Access Management****
IAM: Inversiones Aguas Metropolitanas****
IAM: Internet Attack Map****
IAM: International Artist Management****
IAM: In Acute Myocardial****
IAM: Institute for Athletic Medicine****
IAM: Installation And Maintenance****
IAM: Identity Access Management***
IAM: Integrated Asset Management***
IAM: Indirect Assessment Methods***
IAM: Immobilien Asset Management***
IAM: Institute of Advanced Motoring***
IAM: International Affiliate Membership***
IAM: Individual Animal Management***
IAM: Intelligence Agents Multimedia***
IAM: International Academy of Minnesota***
IAM: Interfaith AIDS Ministry***
IAM: Israel Academia Monitor***
IAM: Integrated Alarm Management***
IAM: Institute for Applied Mathematics***
IAM: Illinois Association of Museums***
IAM: Indian American Medical***
IAM: Industrial and Applied Mathematics***
IAM: In Administrative Management***
IAM: International Automotive Manufacturing***
IAM: Institute for Advanced Materials***
IAM: Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo***
IAM: Intesa Asset Management***
IAM: Institute of Archaeomythology***
IAM: Independent Asset Management***
IAM: Initial Address Messages***
IAM: Institute for Aesthetic Medicine***
IAM: International Asset Management***
IAM: Institute for Applied Meditation***
IAM: Institute of Applied Microbiology***
IAM: Institute of Applied Mechanics***
IAM: International Antioch Ministries***
IAM: International Assets Management***
IAM: Itisallat Al Majghrib***
IAM: In Addition to Meeting***
IAM: Institute Academy of Management***
IAM: Identity and Access Managment***
IAM: Information Awareness Month***
IAM: Integrated Amrita Meditation***
IAM: Infrastructure Asset Management***
IAM: Interactive Acculturation Model***
IAM: International Arts Movement***
IAM: Integrated Assessment and Modeling***
IAM: Interface Access Methods***
IAM: I Access Management***
IAM: Impact Assessment Matrix***
IAM: Incidence Angle Modifiers***
IAM: Integrated Assessment Models***
IAM: Is the Administrative***
IAM: Is A Monumental***
IAM: Internal Auditory Meatus***
IAM: International Aircraft Management***
IAM: International Association of Mechanics***
IAM: Inventors Association of Manhattan***
IAM: Instituto Agroforestal Mediterraneo***
IAM: Information Assurance Methodology***
IAM: insurance asset manager***
IAM: Informal Advisory Meeting***
IAM: India Archive Music***
IAM: International Advanced Materials***
IAM: Intelligence Agents and Multimedia***
IAM: Impact Artist Management***
IAM: International Arts Manager***
IAM: Incremental Analogy Machine***
IAM: Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts***
IAM: In Aviation Medicine***
IAM: Institute of Aviation Management***
IAM: Institute of Asset Management***
IAM: Industrial Asset Management***
IAM: Implement and Manage***
IAM: Information Assurance Management***
IAM: Instant Advanced Meditation***
IAM: Intelligent Automated Manufacturing***
IAM: Informatics and Applied Mathematics***
IAM: Impax Asset Management***
IAM: Industrial Applications and Methods***
IAM: Indonesia and Malaysia**
IAM: Integrated Applied Mathematics**
IAM: Information for Many**
IAM: International Apostolic Ministries**
IAM: Information Analysis Method**
IAM: International Association of Meiobenthologists**
IAM: Input Attenuator Modules**
IAM: immobilised artificial membrane**
IAM: immobilized artificial membranes**
IAM: infectious allergic myocarditis**
IAM: infectious-allergic myocarditis**
IAM: infinite allele model**
IAM: infinite alleles model**
IAM: infinite-allele model**
IAM: inner acrosomal membrane**
IAM: inner acrosomal membranes**
IAM: inspiratory accessory muscle**
IAM: instrumental activity measure**
IAM: inter-antero-medial**
IAM: intermittent active motion**
IAM: invasion-associated marker**
IAM: Institute of Advanced Management**
IAM: International Association of Ministries**
IAM: Information Assessment Methodology**
IAM: Information and Management**
IAM: Individual Annuitant Mortality**
IAM: International Admissions and Mobility**
IAM: Institute of Arts and Multimedia**
IAM: Institute of American Music**
IAM: Independant Asset Management**
IAM: India Association of Memphis**
IAM: immobilized artificial membrane chromatography**
IAM: infectious-and-allergic myocarditis**
IAM: International Accelerated Missions**
IAM: Index Address Mark**
IAM: Irish Academy of Management**
IAM: IGaming Affiliation Magazine**
IAM: International Academy of Macomb**
IAM: Intelligent Access Map**
IAM: integrated asset mgmt**
IAM: Institute for Advanced Motorists**
IAM: integ asset manage**
IAM: India Association of Minnesota**
IAM: Institute of Applied Materials**
IAM: INFOSEC Assessment Methodologies**
IAM: Initiative to Manage**
IAM: Inco Australia Management**
IAM: International Airline Marketing**
IAM: International Alliance Members**
IAM: Interfaith Assistance Ministry**
IAM: Independent Account Managers**
IAM: Is an Alphanumeric**
IAM: direct and maternal**
IAM: iodoacetic acid , iodoacetamide**
IAM: Institut Adam Mickiewicz**
IAM: Interaction Abstract Machines**
IAM: Independent African Movement**
IAM: Individual Accommodations Model**
IAM: integrated asset manager**
IAM: Independent Artist Movement**
IAM: Investment Account Manager**
IAM: Indiana Association of Mediators**
IAM: Information Access Manager**
IAM: Internal Auditory Meatuses**
IAM: Institiute of Advanced Motorists**
IAM: Intelligent Attack Map**
IAM: International Antioch MinistriesTM**
IAM: Institut Akhbar Malaysia**
IAM: Interactive Algebraic Manipulation**
IAM: Insitute of Applied Mathematics**
IAM: Institute of Apparel Management**
IAM: Interactive Activity Map**
IAM: International Association of Metaphysicians**
IAM: Idaho Association of Museums**
IAM: International Association of Missions**
IAM: Innovation Access Method**
IAM: Indexed Access Method**
IAM: International Academy of Music**
IAM: Islamic Association of Massachusetts**
IAM: Intelligent Adventure Manager**
IAM: Inverse ATM Multiplexing**
IAM: Insurance to Max**
IAM: International Asset Monitor**
IAM: Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic**
IAM: Illinois Aviation Museum**
IAM: Indians in American Media**
IAM: Inferential Abstract Modeling**
IAM: Information Assurance Managers**
IAM: Image Appearance Manifolds**
IAM: Inclusive Affirming Ministries**
IAM: Incorporation of Artists on the Move**
IAM: Integrated Area Management**
IAM: Integrated Assessment Modules**
IAM: independent artist management**
IAM: Index Access Method**
IAM: Indian Affairs Manual**
IAM: Individual Addressable Modules**
IAM: Industrial Auction Marketplace**
IAM: Institute for Asian Mission**
IAM: Integrated Audit Methodologies**
IAM: Islamic Association of Montreal**
IAM: India Association of Maine*
IAM: indole-3-acetamide*
IAM: Institute of Architects Malaya*
IAM: International Arcade Museum*
IAM: ISDN Access Module*
IAM: Indian Artifact Magazine*
IAM: Inertially Aided Munitions*
IAM: Initial Arbitration Meeting*
IAM: Institute of Agricultural Medicine*
IAM: Institute of Apostolic Ministry*
IAM: Institute of Awakened Mutuality*
IAM: International Account Management*
IAM: Ikhwan Al Muslimeen*
IAM: Intense Athletic Marketing*
IAM: Internal Audit Memorandums*
IAM: International Academy of Mastery*
IAM: International Action Ministries*
IAM: Iberian Atlantic Margins*
IAM: Incident Angle Modifiers*
IAM: Income Accounting Manual*
IAM: India Abundant Ministries*
IAM: India Archives Music*
IAM: Initial Address Management*
IAM: Initial Address Msg*
IAM: Insurance Administration Manual*
IAM: International Afghan Mission*
IAM: International Alliance Member*
IAM: Independent Actors of Marin*
IAM: Index Allocation Maps*
IAM: Indigo Adults Moderated*
IAM: Industrielle Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mechatronik*
IAM: Instrument Approach Minima*
IAM: Integrated Access Module*
IAM: Interagency Arrangement Model*
IAM: International Asteroid Mission*
IAM: Internet Acess Management*
IAM: Impact Assessment and Management*
IAM: Inactive and Abandoned Mines*
IAM: Intermediate Access Memory*
IAM: Integrated Assistance Menu*
IAM: Interface Adaptor Module*
IAM: Investing in African Mining*
IAM: Institut fnr Angewandte Mathematik*
IAM: International Avino Mines*
IAM: Internet Arts Museum*
IAM: Inzegane Ait Melloul*
IAM: Iraklion Archaeological Museum*
IAM: Illinois Alden Mine*
IAM: Index Ashton Methodist*
IAM: Indian Affairs Minerals*
IAM: Inspector Alan Meyers*
IAM: Instant Access Music*
IAM: Institure of Advanced Microelectronics*
IAM: Institute of Advanced Motorcycli*
IAM: Institute of Advanced Motorcycling*
IAM: Institute of the Americas Mining*
IAM: Integrated Area Measure*
IAM: Interactive Aviation Magazine*
IAM: International Association of Mat*

Note: Acronym Finder has 73 verified definitions for IAM

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