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IAD: Interest Adjustment Date****
IAD: Incredible Art Department****
IAD: Institut Allemand De****
IAD: Instituto Andaluz Del****
IAD: In Addition the Designation****
IAD: Internal Affairs Directorate****
IAD: Investigations and Discipline***
IAD: Information Acquisition and Dissemination***
IAD: Integrated Athletic Development***
IAD: Inter American Division***
IAD: Irish American Democrats***
IAD: Information Access Division***
IAD: International Activities Division***
IAD: Inter American Development***
IAD: Institute for African Development***
IAD: Institute for Aboriginal Development***
IAD: Instituto Azucarero Dominicano***
IAD: Instructor Assisted Deployment***
IAD: Intermittent Androgen Deprivation***
IAD: Institution and Development***
IAD: Internet Access Devices***
IAD: International Advanced Diploma***
IAD: Information Access Disruptions***
IAD: Intelligent Assembly and Disassembly***
IAD: Intelligent Assist Devices***
IAD: Inter American Data***
IAD: International Agricultural Development***
IAD: Internet Application Developer***
IAD: Inteligencia Artificial Distribuida***
IAD: International Astrology Day***
IAD: Investment Advisors Division***
IAD: Internal Audit Department***
IAD: Interior Architecture Design***
IAD: Information Assurance Design***
IAD: Industry Analysis Division***
IAD: Industry Audience Development***
IAD: Information and Analysis Directorate***
IAD: Integrated Air Defense***
IAD: Information Assurance Directorate***
IAD: Institutional Analysis and Development***
IAD: Information Access Dialogue***
IAD: Insitutional Analysis and Development***
IAD: Internal Affairs Department***
IAD: Integrated Area Development***
IAD: Information And Documentation***
IAD: Idaho Allied Dailies***
IAD: Integrated Alarm Display***
IAD: Instrumental Activities of Daily**
IAD: Intraoperative Autologous Donation**
IAD: idiopathic adulthood ductopenia**
IAD: iliac artery disease**
IAD: immediately after diagnosis**
IAD: implantable atrial defibrillator**
IAD: Implantable atrial defibrillators**
IAD: indazole adenine dinucleotides**
IAD: indirect absorbance detection**
IAD: infrarenal aortic diameter**
IAD: infrarenal aortic diameters**
IAD: initial abnormal depolarization**
IAD: initial alveolar deposition**
IAD: interaural amplitude difference**
IAD: internal atrial defibrillation**
IAD: interocular acuity difference**
IAD: intra-abdominal depth**
IAD: intra-articular disc**
IAD: intracranial artery dissection**
IAD: intracranial atherosclerotic disease**
IAD: Institute of Administrative Development**
IAD: Internet Addiction Dependance**
IAD: IRF Association Domain**
IAD: Institute of Aboriginal Development**
IAD: Ion Angular Distribution**
IAD: idiopathic Addison's disease**
IAD: idiopathic adult-onset dystonia**
IAD: Infrastructure Advisory Division**
IAD: isolated Addison's disease**
IAD: Initial Administrative Determination**
IAD: Is an Addiction**
IAD: Intramolecular Aglycon Delivery**
IAD: Iranian American Democrats**
IAD: Internationalen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Donauforschung**
IAD: Intrinsic Atopic Dermatitis**
IAD: Instrument Acquisition Disorder**
IAD: International Affairs Database**
IAD: Integrated Air Defence**
IAD: International Association for Development**
IAD: Irish Association of Dermatologists**
IAD: Internet Addictive Disorder**
IAD: Internet Advertising Designs**
IAD: Internet Applications Division**
IAD: Intimate Apparel Division**
IAD: Iranian Artists in Dialogue**
IAD: Immediate Action Drills**
IAD: Intensity Angular Distribution**
IAD: Inter American Defense**
IAD: IASA Administrative Director**
IAD: Institute of Applied Dermatology**
IAD: Inter Active Domain**
IAD: Information Aggregator and Distributor**
IAD: Intelligence Agency Developments**
IAD: Internal Audit Directorate**
IAD: International Air Distress**
IAD: Institute of Academic Development**
IAD: Integrated Automatic Detection**
IAD: Internal Auditors Division**
IAD: Intrusion Aware Design**
IAD: IETF Administrative Director*
IAD: Integrated Acces Device*
IAD: Intemal Audit Department*
IAD: Inter Axle Differential*
IAD: International Amusement Device*
IAD: Interstate Association of the Deaf*
IAD: iowa automobile dealers*
IAD: Iranian Association for Democracy*
IAD: Informatik Automatisierung Datenverarbeitung*
IAD: Independent ATM Deployers*
IAD: Industrie Africaine Du*
IAD: Institute for Agricultural Development*
IAD: Internal Application Development*
IAD: International Agency Division*
IAD: Imagery Assessments Directorate*
IAD: Imperial Avenue Division*
IAD: Incremental Application Development*
IAD: integrated air defenses*
IAD: Integrated Allowance Document*
IAD: Internal Arrangement Drawing*
IAD: International Association of the Danube*
IAD: International Auditing Department*
IAD: Internet Acronyms Dictionary*
IAD: Independence Air and Dulles*
IAD: Initial Administrative Decision*
IAD: Interactive Access Device*
IAD: Intergovernmental Authority on Development*
IAD: Investigation and Analysis Directorate*
IAD: Incomplete Address Detected*
IAD: Incomplete Address Detected incoming*
IAD: Installation Accounting Division*
IAD: Integrated Atmospheric Deposition*
IAD: Image Acquisition and Display*
IAD: Investigations and Analysis Directorate*
IAD: Identification And Documentation*
IAD: Interagency Alternative Dispute*
IAD: interface agreement documents*
IAD: Investigation and Analysis Division*
IAD: Implementation and Assistance Division*
IAD: Index And Descriptions*
IAD: Indosoft Access Development*
IAD: Industrial Arts and Design*
IAD: Initial Acquisition Date*
IAD: Initial Area to be Disturbed*
IAD: Initialisms and Abbreviations Dictionary*
IAD: Insect Animal Disease atlas*
IAD: Instituto de Apoio ao DiabTtico*
IAD: Insurable Amount as Determined*
IAD: International Aircraft Dealer*
IAD: International Association of Dri*
IAD: Internet Africa Durban*
IAD: Investigaci=n en Alimentaci=n y Desarrollo*

Note: Acronym Finder has 62 verified definitions for IAD

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