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IACS: Integrated Access Control System****
IACS: Indian Academy of Science****
IACS: Israel Analytical Chemistry Society***
IACS: Internal Accounting Control System***
IACS: Intelligent Access Control System***
IACS: Independent Angle Calibration System***
IACS: Immigration Automated Clearance System***
IACS: Intra Asia Cable System***
IACS: Industrial Automation Control System***
IACS: Inter Asia Cultural Studies***
IACS: Institute of Asian Cultural Studies***
IACS: Immigration Automatic Clearance System***
IACS: Indigenous Australian Cultural Studies***
IACS: Integrated Administrative Control System***
IACS: Irish Archaeological and Celtic Society***
IACS: Israel Association for Canadian Studies***
IACS: Internal Audit Corporate Security***
IACS: International Association for Coptic Studies***
IACS: International Association of Catalysis Societies***
IACS: Irish American Cultural Society***
IACS: Integrated Administration Control System***
IACS: International Association for Child Safety***
IACS: Independent Air Conditioning Solutions***
IACS: Integrated Administrative and Control System***
IACS: Integrated Agricultural Control System***
IACS: Illinois Association of College Stores***
IACS: International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery***
IACS: Integrated Administrative Computing Services**
IACS: International Academy for Case Studies**
IACS: Italian American Cultural Society**
IACS: International Association of Cultural Studies**
IACS: Indian Association for Canadian Studies**
IACS: Indian Association of Social**
IACS: Imboden Area Charter School**
IACS: International Association of Classification Society**
IACS: Indian Association for Cultivation of Science**
IACS: International Association of Cryospheric Sciences**
IACS: Integrated Administration and Control Systems**
IACS: Indian Assoc for the Cultivation of Science**
IACS: Indian Association for the Cultivation of Sciences**
IACS: Internal Audit and Consulting Services**
IACS: Inter American Conference of Social**
IACS: Indiana Archives of Cognitive Science**
IACS: Indian Association of Canadian Studies**
IACS: Image Activated Cell Selection**
IACS: Idaho Arts Charter School**
IACS: Illinois Association for College Stores**
IACS: Information Assurance Certification Services**
IACS: Indian Association of Cultivation of Science**
IACS: Indoleamine-accumulating amacrine cells**
IACS: Independence and Controllership Services**
IACS: Industrial Applications and Chemistry Section**
IACS: Intensive Ambulatory Care Service**
IACS: Iranian American Cultural Society**
IACS: Island Arts Centre Society**
IACS: Idle Air Control Sensor**
IACS: Integrated Administration and Control Scheme**
IACS: Intelligent Agents in Computing Systems**
IACS: Indian Association for Cultivation of Sciences**
IACS: Indiana Association of Christian Schools**
IACS: International Association of Class Societies**
IACS: Issuer Access Control Server**
IACS: Indian Association of Cosmetic Surgery**
IACS: Indonesian Art Culture Scholarship**
IACS: Inspection and Consultancy Services**
IACS: Institute for Astrophysics and Computational Sciences**
IACS: Infosec Assurance and Certification Services**
IACS: INTERGRAPH Aeronautical Charting System**
IACS: Indian Association of the Cultivation of Science**
IACS: International Aviation Consultancy Services**
IACS: Illinois Association of Cosmetology Schools**
IACS: International Association of Society**
IACS: International Association of Cities**
IACS: Integrated Area Control System**
IACS: International Aeronautical Communications Service**
IACS: International Association of Coptic Studies**
IACS: International Associations of Classification Societies**
IACS: information assurance consultancy services**
IACS: Institute for Applied Consciousness Science**
IACS: International Association of Classification Socities**
IACS: International Association of Classifications Societies**
IACS: International Association of Counselling Services**
IACS: Inclusive and Active Club Support*
IACS: International Association for Counselling*
IACS: Institute for Asian Cultural Studies*
IACS: Illinois Association of C Stores*
IACS: Integrated Accounting and Control System*
IACS: Integrated Air Cargo System*
IACS: Integrated Attitude Control System*
IACS: International Annealed Cooper Standard*
IACS: International Annealed Copper Standards*
IACS: Immigration Auto Clearance System*
IACS: Indian Arts and Crafts Syndicate*
IACS: Integrated Administrative Computing Solutions*
IACS: International Association of Classified Societies*
IACS: Is an Association of Catalysis Societies*
IACS: Image Activated Cell Sorting*
IACS: Inertial Attitude Control System*
IACS: Integrated Administrative Control Systems*
IACS: International Agriculture Control System*
IACS: International Assocation of Classification Societies*
IACS: International Association for Counseling Services*
IACS: International Association of Cooking Schools*
IACS: India Association of the Cultivation of Science*
IACS: Information About the Church of Sciento*
IACS: Intergovernmental Advisory Committee on Surveying*
IACS: Investment Analysis and Consultancy Services*

Note: Acronym Finder has 25 verified definitions for IACS

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