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IAAS: International Association for Semiotic****
IAAS: International Accounting and Auditing Standards****
IAAS: Internationally Accepted Accounting Standards****
IAAS: Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies***
IAAS: Internal Audit Advisory Services***
IAAS: Immigration to American Society***
IAAS: Institute for African American Studies***
IAAS: Institute for Asian and African Studies***
IAAS: Inner Asian and Altaic Studies***
IAAS: Institute of Asian and African Studies***
IAAS: Internationally Accepted Auditing Standards***
IAAS: Internal Audit and Advisory Services**
IAAS: Institute of Architecture of Application Systems**
IAAS: Institute of Agriculture and Animal Sciences**
IAAS: Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers Scotland**
IAAS: intra-abdominal abscess infections**
IAAS: International Association of Ambulatory Surgery**
IAAS: International Association of Academies of Sciences**
IAAS: Institutional Assessment and Studies**
IAAS: International Association of Agriculture Students**
IAAS: Institute of Afro Asian Studies**
IAAS: Insurance Actuarial Advisory Services**
IAAS: Illawarra Area Assistance Scheme**
IAAS: Institute for Asian American Studies**
IAAS: Indian Association for American Studies**
IAAS: International Ambassador Alumni Society**
IAAS: Institute of Aquatic and Atmospheric Sciences**
IAAS: Integrated Agri Aquaculture Systems**
IAAS: Institute for Advanced Architectural Studies**
IAAS: International Auction Appraisal Services**
IAAS: Is Awarded by the Senate**
IAAS: Individuellen Aerob Anaeroben Schwelle**
IAAS: Indian Audit and Accounts Services**
IAAS: Inspection of an Asset**
IAAS: International Association of Adaptive Sciences**
IAAS: Institute of Aviation and Aviation Safety**
IAAS: Institute of Auctioneers Appraisers in Scotland**
IAAS: Intercultural Alliance of Artists Scholars**
IAAS: In African American Studies**
IAAS: Institute of Aesthetic Arts Sciences**
IAAS: Institute of African and Asian Studies**
IAAS: International Assessment of Agricultural Science**
IAAS: International Association of Asian Studies**
IAAS: Indian Accounts and Audit Service**
IAAS: Irish Association for American Studies**
IAAS: Immigration Appeals Advisory Service**
IAAS: Institute of Agricultural and Animal Sciences**
IAAS: Institute of Agriculture and Science**
IAAS: Institutes of Advanced Advertising Studies**
IAAS: Israel Association of American Studies**
IAAS: Incident Alerting and Assessment System**
IAAS: Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies**
IAAS: Institute of Applied Aboriginal Studies*
IAAS: Integrated Asian Advice Service*
IAAS: Internal Audit and Advisory*
IAAS: International Anti Aging Show*
IAAS: Institute for Agriculture and Animal Science*
IAAS: Institute of Agriculture Animal Sciences*
IAAS: International Association of the Academies of Sciences*
IAAS: Indigenous Australian Admission Scheme*
IAAS: International Association of Administrative Sciences*
IAAS: Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme*
IAAS: Institute of Agricultural and Animal Science*
IAAS: Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture Systems*
IAAS: International Association Agricultural Students*
IAAS: Irish American Archives Society*
IAAS: Icelandic Association for American Studies*
IAAS: Independent Alternate Air Source*
IAAS: Indian Association for Advancement of Science*
IAAS: Integrative Approaches to Abiotic Stress*
IAAS: International Associations of Agricultural Students*
IAAS: Institut fur Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik*

Note: Acronym Finder has 13 verified definitions for IAAS

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