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HRS: Health Rehabilitative Services****
HRS: Harmonic Resolution Systems****
HRS: Health and Rehabilitative Services****
HRS: Hoare Research Software****
HRS: Human Resource Solutions****
HRS: Human Rights Studies****
HRS: Human Resources Support****
HRS: Human Resource System****
HRS: Hard Red Spring****
HRS: Head Royce School****
HRS: Human Resources Software****
HRS: Human Resources Section****
HRS: Hose Reel System****
HRS: Health Referral System***
HRS: Health Risk Studies***
HRS: Human Resources Staff***
HRS: Hauser Rutishauser Suter***
HRS: Human Resources Solutions***
HRS: Heart Rhythm Specialists***
HRS: HD Radio Services***
HRS: Hotels Radisson SAS***
HRS: Housing and Residence***
HRS: Housing Resource Specialist***
HRS: Hepato Renal Syndrome***
HRS: High Risk Situations***
HRS: Hawk Ridge Systems***
HRS: Hotel and Restaurant Systems***
HRS: Hypnotherapy Research Society***
HRS: High Resolution Stereoscopic***
HRS: Hair Restoration Surgery***
HRS: Human Recognition Systems***
HRS: Human Rights Standards***
HRS: House of the Risen Son***
HRS: Human Rights Service***
HRS: Human Resources Systems***
HRS: Hazardous Ranking System***
HRS: Holy Rosary School***
HRS: Hallucinogen Rating Scale***
HRS: Hydrocarbon Recovery Services***
HRS: High Response System***
HRS: Heat Recovery System***
HRS: Hair Replacement Systems***
HRS: Hellenic Register of Shipping***
HRS: Hull Repair System***
HRS: Halifax Rack Screw***
HRS: Hans Rosenthal Sportanlage***
HRS: Honor Roll of Service***
HRS: Hoogeveen Racing Scene***
HRS: Hyper Rayleigh Scattering***
HRS: Humboldt Rose Society***
HRS: Household Registration System***
HRS: Horticultural Research Stations***
HRS: Hamilton Rating Scale***
HRS: Holder Reporting Software***
HRS: Holder Reporting System***
HRS: Horizon Rad Station***
HRS: Household Retail Services***
HRS: Humanities and Religious Studies***
HRS: Heartland Rehabilitation Services***
HRS: Hampson Russell Strara***
HRS: Hazardous Radiations Sickness***
HRS: Has Received Such***
HRS: High Resolution Stereographic***
HRS: Horizon Realty Services***
HRS: Heading Reference System***
HRS: Handle Resolver Service***
HRS: Historic Resources Survey***
HRS: Human Resource Specialists***
HRS: Housing Research Summary***
HRS: Harm Reduction Services***
HRS: Hellenic Retina Society***
HRS: Head Restraint System***
HRS: historical reenactment society**
HRS: hairless rat skin**
HRS: Hamilton rating scales**
HRS: heart rate spectrum**
HRS: heat-released substance**
HRS: hemodynamic risk score**
HRS: heparin-responsive sensor**
HRS: hepatic redox state**
HRS: Hexaxial Reference System**
HRS: high rejection-sensitive**
HRS: high resolution sonography**
HRS: high resolution steerable**
HRS: high risk subjects**
HRS: high-rate switchers**
HRS: high-resistance sleep**
HRS: high-resistant starch**
HRS: high-resolution screening**
HRS: highly role-specified**
HRS: hilar renal shunt**
HRS: Hip replacement surgery**
HRS: Hodgkin-Reed-Sternberg**
HRS: Hodgkin/Reed Sternberg**
HRS: Hodgkin/Reed-Sternberg**
HRS: hormonal receptor status**
HRS: hormone receptor status**
HRS: human radiation spectrometer**
HRS: human reconstructed skin**
HRS: human renin substrate**
HRS: human respiratory syncytial**
HRS: humero-radial synostosis**
HRS: hyperimmune rabbit serum**
HRS: hyperintense rim sign**
HRS: hyperlipemic rabbit serum**
HRS: hyperlipidemic rabbit serum**
HRS: hyperventilation related symptoms**
HRS: hepatocyte growth factor-regulated tyrosine kinase substrate**
HRS: Hand Railing System**
HRS: High Risk Search**
HRS: Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services**
HRS: Hydraulics Research Station**
HRS: Hamilton depression rating scale**
HRS: Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression**
HRS: Hamilton Rating Scale Score**
HRS: Hardware Requirements Specification**
HRS: heat inactivated rat serum**
HRS: high rate of stimulation**
HRS: high repeated sequences DNA**
HRS: highest rate of steepening**
HRS: highly reiterated sequence-possessing**
HRS: highly repetitive DNA sequences**
HRS: histidyl-transfer RNA synthetase**
HRS: Hodgkin and Reed/Sternberg**
HRS: Hodgkin's/Reed-Sternberg**
HRS: Hodgkin- and Reed-Sternberg**
HRS: High Resolution Spectrometers**
HRS: Human Resource Store**
HRS: Hard Rock String**
HRS: Honolulu Rose Society**
HRS: Hot Roddicus Supersonicus**
HRS: Historic Resource Studies**
HRS: histidyl-tRNA synthetase**
HRS: Human Review System**
HRS: Human Rights Show**
HRS: Hellenic Radiological Society**
HRS: Hampshire Recorder Sinfonia**
HRS: Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist**
HRS: Hydraulic Research Station**
HRS: Hyper Radiation Sensitivity**
HRS: Highway Research Station**
HRS: Health Research Services**
HRS: Hartford Retirement Services**
HRS: Heat Rejection Subsystem**
HRS: Hrvatska Republikanska Stranka**
HRS: Humanitarian Relief Sectors**
HRS: Harvard Rhetorical Society**
HRS: Haw River Syndrome**
HRS: Health Resource Statistics**
HRS: Hansa Realschule Soest**
HRS: Human Recognition Services**
HRS: Human Rehabilitation Services**
HRS: History of Recorded Sound**
HRS: Low-dose hyper-radiosensitivity**
HRS: High Resolution Stereoscopy**
HRS: Hotel Restaurants Systems**
HRS: Health Retirement Survey**
HRS: Holidaysburg and Roaring Spring**
HRS: Height Reference Surface**
HRS: Hemophilia Research Society**
HRS: Huckerby Royall Systems**
HRS: Human Rehabilitative Services**
HRS: Helpless Rehabilitation Society**
HRS: Hermetic Refrigeration Service**
HRS: Heyke Redlich Schweers**
HRS: Hindu Raksha Samiti**
HRS: Human Relations Services**
HRS: Hair Replacement Specialist**
HRS: Hawaiian Railway Society**
HRS: High Resolution Spectrometry**
HRS: Himalayas Reference Site**
HRS: Harbourfront Reading Series*
HRS: Hawaii Revised Statues*
HRS: Health Risks Studies*
HRS: Hodgkin and Reed Sternberg*
HRS: Hydrologic Remote Sensing*
HRS: Hauser Rutishauser Sutter*
HRS: Human Resources Statistics*
HRS: Hardware Reservation System*
HRS: Historic Reenactment Society*
HRS: horizon reference system*
HRS: Home Ration Scale*
HRS: Humanitarian Resettlement Section*
HRS: Hazard Ranking Score*
HRS: Heavy Restraint Straps*
HRS: Historic Road Sports*
HRS: High Rate System*
HRS: Hanscom Research Site*
HRS: High Resolution Spectograph*
HRS: Hazelden Recovery Site*
HRS: Helsingin Ranskalais Suomalainen*
HRS: hot recycled solid*
HRS: Houston Rockets Sports*
HRS: Hermes Race Systems*
HRS: Horse Racing Square*
HRS: Human Retrovirus Section*
HRS: Hydraulic Roof Supports*
HRS: Hydrofoil Research Ship*
HRS: Hallmark Reminder Service*
HRS: Harrisburg Rescue Station*
HRS: Heathlands and Related Shrubland*
HRS: High Resolution Spectography*
HRS: Historic Roots Surname historie*
HRS: Historical Records Searches*
HRS: History of Remote Sensing*
HRS: Home of the Research Submersible*
HRS: Homes Realty of Springfield*
HRS: Horen Riechen Schmecken*
HRS: Horse Racing Sportsline*
HRS: Housing Referall Services*
HRS: Howe and Roberts Shaft*
HRS: Humanitarian Relief Sites*
HRS: Hunting by Region Select*
HRS: Hurricane Rule Sheet*
HRS: Hypertext and Renaissance Studies*

Note: Acronym Finder has 57 verified definitions for HRS

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