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What does HNA stand for?

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HNA: Hockey North America****
HNA: Highlands Neighborhood Association***
HNA: Hardened and Networked Army***
HNA: Hierarchical Network Architecture***
HNA: Hillsdale Neighborhood Association***
HNA: Harrison Neighborhood Association***
HNA: Health Needs Assessment***
HNA: Huron Natural Area***
HNA: Hillside Neighborhood Association***
HNA: hawaii newspaper agency***
HNA: Hellenic Naval Academy***
HNA: Haiku North America***
HNA: Holy Names Academy***
HNA: Housing Needs Assessment***
HNA: Halcinonide-neomycin-amphotericin**
HNA: head-neck angle**
HNA: Healthcare Network Architecture**
HNA: heparin neutralising activity**
HNA: Heparin neutralizing activity**
HNA: heparin-neutralizing activity**
HNA: heteroduplex nucleic acid**
HNA: Hexitol nucleic acid**
HNA: Hexitol nucleic acids**
HNA: high-normal albuminuria**
HNA: higher nervous activity**
HNA: hospice nurse advanced**
HNA: human neutrophil alloantigens**
HNA: human neutrophil antigens**
HNA: Human Neutrophil Antigen**
HNA: Hmar National Army**
HNA: 7-hydroxynalidixic acid**
HNA: 1-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid**
HNA: 2-hydroxy-6-naphthoic acid**
HNA: 4-hydroxy-2-nonenoic acid**
HNA: 6-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid**
HNA: human non-mercapto-albumin**
HNA: hellenic nurses association**
HNA: 4-hydroxynonanoic acid**
HNA: 4-hydroxynonenoic acid**
HNA: Health Needs Assessments**
HNA: Hillside Natural Area**
HNA: human non-mercaptalbumins**
HNA: Helen Neuhaus Associates**
HNA: Host News Agency**
HNA: Havering NALGO Archers**
HNA: Hindokosh News Agency**
HNA: Host and Network Association**
HNA: Habitat Needs Assessment**
HNA: Hilltop Neighborhood Association**
HNA: Home Network Association**
HNA: Heathdale Neighbourhood Association**
HNA: Homeopathic Nurses Association**
HNA: Hmong Nationality Archives*
HNA: Hampshire Netball Association*
HNA: Havelock Neighborhood Association*
HNA: Helderberg Neighborhood Association*
HNA: Hydraulic Network Analysis*
HNA: Haley Nelson Associates*
HNA: Happy Nebula Adventures*
HNA: Hyperlink Network Analysis*
HNA: Hawaii Nurse's Association*
HNA: Hungarian National Assembly*
HNA: Headline News Agency*
HNA: Hungarian News Agency*
HNA: Handbook of Numerical Analysis*
HNA: Herscher Northwest Anticline*
HNA: Historic Newspaper Archives*
HNA: Horowitz Neyman and Associates*
HNA: Hospice Nurses Association. (name changed to: Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association)*
HNA: Hospice Nurses Association. [name changed to: Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association]*
HNA: Host Nation (Agreement/Approval)*
HNA: Host Nation Advisor*
HNA: Hostage Negotiators of America*
HNA: Hubs located in North America*
HNA: Huemul North Andean*

Note: Acronym Finder has 21 verified definitions for HNA

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