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HLA: Hispanic Lawyers Association****
HLA: Human Life Alliance****
HLA: Hayes Large Architects****
HLA: Human Leucocyte Antigens****
HLA: High Levels of Activation***
HLA: Human Lymphocyte Antigen***
HLA: High Level Assemblies***
HLA: Higher Learning Academy***
HLA: Horticulture and Landscape Architecture***
HLA: High Level Assembler***
HLA: Human Lymphocyte Antigens***
HLA: Histocompatibility Leukocyte Antigens***
HLA: Human Life Amendments***
HLA: Hawaii Longline Association***
HLA: Haverhill Library Association (Haverhill, NH)***
HLA: Hurley Library Association (Hurley, NY)***
HLA: Hadassah Leadership Academy***
HLA: Honorary Life Award***
HLA: Humanes Leukozyten Antigen***
HLA: Hearing Loss Association***
HLA: Hiawatha Leadership Academy***
HLA: Haitian Lawyers Association***
HLA: High Level Adjustments***
HLA: Humane Leukozyten Antigene***
HLA: Hospital Lien Act***
HLA: Host Local Authorities***
HLA: Harlan Lee Associates***
HLA: Hawaii Library Association***
HLA: Hungarian Lawyers Association***
HLA: Helen Langridge Associates***
HLA: Hidden Lake Academy***
HLA: Histocompatibility Leucocyte Antigen***
HLA: Horizontal Line Arrays***
HLA: Horst Loader Attachments***
HLA: Harold Levinson Associates***
HLA: Hamilton Law Association***
HLA: histocompatibility locus antigen***
HLA: Hungarian Logistics Association***
HLA: allo-human leukocyte antigen**
HLA: anti-human leucocyte antigen**
HLA: anti-human leukocyte antigen**
HLA: anti-human leukocyte antigens**
HLA: anti-human lymphocyte antigen**
HLA: hemispheric lesion area**
HLA: high left atrium**
HLA: High level aminoglycoside**
HLA: high linoleic acid**
HLA: high-level aminoglycosides**
HLA: high-level amplification**
HLA: hip linear acceleration**
HLA: hippuryl-L-arginine**
HLA: histidine-leucine-alanine**
HLA: histo-leukocyte antigen**
HLA: histocompatibility loci antigen**
HLA: histocompatibility lymphocyte antigen**
HLA: Histocompatibility lymphocytic antigen**
HLA: histocompatible leukocyte antigen**
HLA: histocompatible lymphocyte antigens**
HLA: horizontal long axis**
HLA: human lenkocyte antigen**
HLA: human leucocyte antibody**
HLA: Human Leucocytic Antigen**
HLA: human leucocytic antigens**
HLA: human leukocyte alloantigens**
HLA: human leukocyte antibody**
HLA: human leukocytic antigen**
HLA: Human Leukocytic Antigens**
HLA: human lymphocyte antibody**
HLA: human lymphocytic antigen**
HLA: Human lymphocytic antigens**
HLA: human lymphocytotoxic antigens**
HLA: hybrid linear analysis**
HLA: Hypertrichosis lanuginosa acquisita**
HLA: hypoxic lactic acidosis**
HLA: non-human leukocyte antigen**
HLA: non-human leukocyte antigens**
HLA: nonanti-human lymphocyte antigen**
HLA: peptide/human leukocyte antigen**
HLA: human La antigen**
HLA: Histocompatibility Locus Antigens**
HLA: Human Leukocyt Antigen**
HLA: Histocompatibility Leucocyte Antigens**
HLA: Haplotype Loss Associated**
HLA: Highest Leaf Awards**
HLA: antihistocompatibility locus antigen**
HLA: antihuman leucocyte antigen**
HLA: antihuman leukocyte antigen**
HLA: heart and lung auscultation**
HLA: histocompatibility-related leukocyte antigen**
HLA: histocompatibility-related leukocyte antigens**
HLA: human leucocyte associated antigen**
HLA: human leucocyte-associated antigen**
HLA: human leukocyte allo-antigen**
HLA: human leukocyte antigen complex**
HLA: Human Leukocyte Antigen region**
HLA: human leukocyte antigen-A**
HLA: human leukocyte antigens system**
HLA: human leukocyte differentiation antigen**
HLA: Human leukocyte-associated antigen**
HLA: human leukocyte-associated antigens**
HLA: Houston Livebearers Association**
HLA: Higher Level Architecture**
HLA: Harvest Limit Area**
HLA: anti-histocompatibility antigen**
HLA: human leukocyte group A**
HLA: Human leukocyte locus A**
HLA: human leukocyte series A**
HLA: human major histocompatibility complex**
HLA: Heidy Lawrance Associates**
HLA: Haapsalu Linna Algkool**
HLA: human-leukocyte histocompatibility**
HLA: Historic Landscape Assessment**
HLA: High Level Abilities**
HLA: High Level Architectures**
HLA: Helicopter Loggers Association**
HLA: Houston Lawyers Association**
HLA: Symposium on major histocompatibility antigens**
HLA: Health Lawyers Association**
HLA: Housing Loan Application**
HLA: Home Loan Application**
HLA: Het Logistiek Adviesbureau**
HLA: Horseshoe Lake Association**
HLA: Hubble Legacy Archive**
HLA: Hittle Landscape Architects**
HLA: Hawaiian Lomilomi Association**
HLA: Health Leadership Alliance**
HLA: Honeywell Ltd Australia**
HLA: High Level Ability**
HLA: High Level Application**
HLA: Home and Leisure Accident**
HLA: Health Leadership Associates**
HLA: Hawaiian Library Association**
HLA: Histocompatibility Linked Antigen**
HLA: Home and Leisure Activities**
HLA: Human Leukocyte Ag**
HLA: Huntsville Lacrosse Association**
HLA: HardMUD League of America**
HLA: Hind Limb Arteries**
HLA: Hoosier Llama Association**
HLA: Home Location Area**
HLA: Healthcare Litigation Associates*
HLA: Home and Leisure Accidents*
HLA: Human Major Histocompatibility*
HLA: Human Leukocyte Antigenic*
HLA: Heart Lungs Abdomen*
HLA: High Level Alberta*
HLA: Happy Lauf Anger*
HLA: Human Leucocyte Associated*
HLA: Healthcare Leaderhship Alliance*
HLA: Heavy ion Linear Accelerator*
HLA: Handcrafts from Latin America*
HLA: Harbor Leasing Associates*
HLA: Harvest Los Angeles*
HLA: Hawthorne Los Angeles*
HLA: Hertfordshire Libraries Arts*
HLA: Homepage de L Association*
HLA: Homepage de LAssociation*
HLA: House Loan account*
HLA: Houseworks Limited Atlanta*
HLA: Hyperrealistic Landscape Animation*

Note: Acronym Finder has 40 verified definitions for HLA

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