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What does HIPS stand for?

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HIPS: High Impact Polystyrene Sheet***
HIPS: Historic Iris Preservation Society***
HIPS: Health Information Privacy and Security***
HIPS: High Integrity Protection Systems***
HIPS: Host Intrusion Prevention Software***
HIPS: Health Insurance Plan for Students***
HIPS: Hyper-Interaction within Physical Space***
HIPS: Host Intrustion Prevention System***
HIPS: High Intensity Proton Source***
HIPS: Horizon Institute of Paralegal Studies***
HIPS: Highly Interactive Problem Solver***
HIPS: Host Intrusion Prevention Systems***
HIPS: High Impact Poly Styrene***
HIPS: Home Information Packs Solution**
HIPS: Hospital Information Planning Study**
HIPS: High Island Pipeline System**
HIPS: human immunodeficiency virus Prevention Study**
HIPS: Heparin Infusion Prior to Stenting**
HIPS: Hacettepe Institute of Population Studies**
HIPS: HIV-1-infected but persistently seronegative**
HIPS: health insurance plan survey**
HIPS: Host Intrusion Prevention Service**
HIPS: Home Installed Products and Services**
HIPS: High Impact Polystyrene See**
HIPS: High Integrity Protective System**
HIPS: High Impact Protection System**
HIPS: Hobbies Interests Pastimes and Sports**
HIPS: Home Intrusion Prevention System**
HIPS: High Integrity Pressure System**
HIPS: Hawaii Island Palm Society**
HIPS: Health Initiatives for the Private Sector**
HIPS: Honolulu Internet Permit System**
HIPS: Health Information Processing System**
HIPS: Home Information Pack Sell**
HIPS: Host Intrusion Prevention Solutions**
HIPS: Hipwell International Production Services**
HIPS: Home Information Pack Suppliers**
HIPS: Hybrid Integrating Plate Sphere**
HIPS: Hamdard Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences**
HIPS: Homewood Imaging and Photographic Services**
HIPS: Health in Primary Schools*
HIPS: Historical Iris Preservation Society*
HIPS: Head Injury Participation Scale*
HIPS: Health Informatics Privacy and Security*
HIPS: Hunter Integrated Pain Service*
HIPS: Highway Investment Programming System*
HIPS: Health Information Profiling System*
HIPS: Hardcopy Imagery Processor System*
HIPS: Hoist Integrated Protective System*
HIPS: Horizon Institute of Paralegal Services*

Note: Acronym Finder has 13 verified definitions for HIPS

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