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What does HIPP stand for?

Found 52 meanings of the HIPP acronym and abbreviation
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HIPP: Health Insurance Premium Payment****
HIPP: Highlands and Islands Partnership Programme****
HIPP: Harlequin ICC Profile Processor****
HIPP: Health Insurance Purchasing Program***
HIPP: Health in Prisons Project***
HIPP: Himalayan Interdisciplinary Paleoclimate Project***
HIPP: Help Increase the Peace Project***
HIPP: Have Influence on Public Policy***
HIPP: Highlands Islands Partnership Programme***
HIPP: Health Insurance Pilot Project***
HIPP: Health Insurance Payment Program***
HIPP: Health Insurance Premium Program***
HIPP: HPLC in-line precolumn purification**
HIPP: home improvement partnership program**
HIPP: Haplotype Inference by Pure Parsimony**
HIPP: Health in Prison Project**
HIPP: Health Insurance Policy Program**
HIPP: HOME Investment Partnership Program**
HIPP: hilar perforant path-associated**
HIPP: Home Investment Portfolio Partners**
HIPP: Home Income Producing Parents**
HIPP: Health Insurance Pilot Program**
HIPP: Health Improvement and Prevention Program**
HIPP: Health Infrastructure Priority Projects**
HIPP: Hospital Integration Project Program**
HIPP: Health Insurance Premium Plan**
HIPP: Hafnium Isomer Production Panel**
HIPP: Heat Illness Prevention Plan**
HIPP: Hawaii Injury Prevention Plan**
HIPP: Heavy Ion Plasma Physics**
HIPP: Hifn Intelligent Packet Processor**
HIPP: Head Injury Prevention Project**
HIPP: Health Insurance Premium Purchase**
HIPP: Hispanics Impacting Public Policy**
HIPP: Health Insurance Premium Payments**
HIPP: Helath Insurance Premium Payment*
HIPP: Health Innovations Partnerships Program*
HIPP: Highland and Islands Partnership Programme*
HIPP: Health Insurance Purchase Program*
HIPP: Historically Informed Political Project*
HIPP: Home Injury Prevention Program*
HIPP: Humanity International for Peace and Prosperity*
HIPP: Help Increase Peace Program*
HIPP: Hourly Integrated Pricing Program*
HIPP: Humanity International for Peace Prosperity*
HIPP: Health Infrastructure Priorities Projects*
HIPP: Healthcare Injury Prevention Project*
HIPP: Highly Integrated Packaging and Processing*
HIPP: Home Investment Partnerships Program*
HIPP: Hypertension Intervention Pooling Project*
HIPP: Home Incorporatedome Producing Parents*
HIPP: Homeless Initiatives Pilot Project*

Note: Acronym Finder has 10 verified definitions for HIPP

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