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HDP: High Definition Printing****
HDP: Health Device Profile****
HDP: Historically Disadvantaged People****
HDP: Human Dimensions Programme***
HDP: Housing Development and Preservation***
HDP: Hans Dieter Pearcey***
HDP: Humanitarian Demining Programs***
HDP: High Density Packaging***
HDP: Heart Disease Program***
HDP: Help Desk Plans***
HDP: Harbour Development Plan***
HDP: hotels de paris***
HDP: High Definition Print***
HDP: high definition pan***
HDP: High Demand and Production***
HDP: Historical Dictionary Project***
HDP: Hardcopy Document Processing***
HDP: Human Development Program***
HDP: Horticulture Development Project***
HDP: Hardship Duty Pay***
HDP: Haiti Democracy Project***
HDP: Human Development and Psychology***
HDP: Hotel Distribution Platform***
HDP: Horizontal Data Processing***
HDP: Help Desk Professionals***
HDP: Health and Development Policy***
HDP: Hutchison Delta Ports***
HDP: Host Defense Potentiators***
HDP: Hillside District Plan***
HDP: Heat Dissipation Probe***
HDP: Human Dimensions Program***
HDP: High Definition Printers***
HDP: Held Data Processing***
HDP: Hard Disk Password***
HDP: Hillside Development Permit**
HDP: Hispanic Dropout Project**
HDP: haem-derived porphyrins**
HDP: Hampshire Depression Project**
HDP: helix-destabilizing protein**
HDP: hemoglobin-derived pigments**
HDP: hemolytic degradation products**
HDP: heparin derived pentasaccharide**
HDP: high density particles**
HDP: high density proteins**
HDP: High dispersed powder**
HDP: high-density platelets**
HDP: high-dose paclitaxel**
HDP: high-dose platinum**
HDP: human dental pulp**
HDP: hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate**
HDP: hypnotic drug poisoning**
HDP: Health Development Partners**
HDP: 99mTc-hydroxymethylene diphosphonate**
HDP: 99Tcm-hydroxymethyl diphosphonate**
HDP: helix destabilizing protein**
HDP: homology-dependent plasmid**
HDP: Tc-hydroxymethylene diphosphonate**
HDP: hen-day egg production**
HDP: Hen-day percent production**
HDP: hen-day percentage production**
HDP: high-density polyethylene particles**
HDP: high-dose cisplatin**
HDP: high-dose methylprednisolone**
HDP: high-dose prevention group**
HDP: higher-dose platelet component**
HDP: hypertensive disease in pregnancy**
HDP: hypertensive disease of pregnancy**
HDP: hypertensive diseases of pregnancy**
HDP: hypertensive disorders in pregnancy**
HDP: Hopling Discovery Protocol**
HDP: human decidua associated protein**
HDP: human decidua-associated protein**
HDP: Hulp Der Patroons**
HDP: Handbuch Der Physik**
HDP: Homeless Demonstration Project**
HDP: Health Development Project**
HDP: Heuristic Dynamic Programming**
HDP: Highland Development Program**
HDP: High blood pressure**
HDP: High Detonation Pressure**
HDP: Healthcare Directive Partners**
HDP: Heavy Duty Package**
HDP: Hillside Dev Permit**
HDP: Health Delivery Plan**
HDP: Host Defense Peptide**
HDP: High Density Platform**
HDP: Higher Diploma in Psychology**
HDP: Hereditary Disorders Program**
HDP: High Density Packages**
HDP: Hockomock Digital Photographers**
HDP: Histoire De Perles**
HDP: Hardware Development Plan**
HDP: Hoochi Doo Productions**
HDP: Health Data Program**
HDP: Home Delivery Plan**
HDP: Heavy Duty Parts*
HDP: Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes*
HDP: Hourly Digital Precipitation*
HDP: Het Deskundig Panel*
HDP: High Dimensional Probability*
HDP: Humboldt Diabetes Project*
HDP: Hydrosphere Data Products*
HDP: Hard Disk Project*
HDP: Health Design Plus*
HDP: Heavy Duty Plenum*
HDP: Hepatitis Demonstration Project*
HDP: Hierarchical Design Planner*
HDP: High Definition Progressively*
HDP: Halftone Digital Proof*
HDP: Health Delivery Plans*
HDP: Hobo Dyer Projection*
HDP: Horizontal Display Period*
HDP: High Density Porcelain*
HDP: Host Defence Potentiators*
HDP: Harley Davidson Performance*
HDP: Hazardous Decomposition Products*
HDP: Harley Davidson Page*
HDP: High Defition Progressive*
HDP: Highly Distraught Person*
HDP: Hazardous Decompostion Products*
HDP: High lift Diesel Pump*
HDP: Hilton at Dedham Place*
HDP: History Department at Parks*
HDP: Homepage Didaktik der Physik*
HDP: Horizontal Dilution of Precision*
HDP: Hound Dog Productions*

Note: Acronym Finder has 39 verified definitions for HDP

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