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HDM: Healthcare Data Management****
HDM: Health Data Management****
HDM: Hybrid Delivery Model****
HDM: Hierarchical Design Methodology****
HDM: Harvard Design Magazine***
HDM: High Definition Mobile***
HDM: Hypermedia Design Model***
HDM: House Dust Mites***
HDM: House of Detention for Men***
HDM: Heavy Duty Management***
HDM: Home Delivered Meals***
HDM: Highway Development and Maintenance***
HDM: High Density Mezzanine***
HDM: Holz Dammers Moers***
HDM: Hospital Demand Management***
HDM: Highway Development Management***
HDM: Highway Design Model***
HDM: Hagyard Davidson McGee***
HDM: Hypertext Design Model***
HDM: Hydrological Discharge Model***
HDM: High Definition Metrology***
HDM: Hans Dieter Meissner***
HDM: Hardware Description Manual**
HDM: anti-house dust mite**
HDM: hand deboned meat**
HDM: hand dose monitor**
HDM: high dose Methotrexate**
HDM: high- dose Melphalan**
HDM: high-density microsomes**
HDM: high-dose mannitol**
HDM: high-dose methotrexate**
HDM: high-dose metoclopramide**
HDM: higher-dose methylprednisolone**
HDM: hormonally defined medium**
HDM: hydrocarbon degrading microorganisms**
HDM: Hardware Displacement Mapping**
HDM: Human Decision Making**
HDM: Higgs Doublet Model**
HDM: Haus Der Maschinen**
HDM: high dose intravenous melphalan**
HDM: High Dose Melphalan**
HDM: High doses of melphalan**
HDM: high-dose metoclopramide regimen**
HDM: house dust mite allergen**
HDM: house dust mite antigen**
HDM: house dust mite antigens**
HDM: house dust mite extract**
HDM: Hyperreal Dictionary of Mathematics**
HDM: Hays Document Management**
HDM: Heavy Duty Mechanic**
HDM: Hierarchical Dynamic Models**
HDM: Highway Development Model**
HDM: hemodynamics during hexadimethrine**
HDM: Highway Data Management**
HDM: Human Development Management**
HDM: Harmonised Data Model**
HDM: High Density Modem**
HDM: higher dimension medical**
HDM: Hydrological Dispersion Module**
HDM: High Density Module**
HDM: Hermaphroditic Duplex Miniature**
HDM: High Density Material**
HDM: High Density Modulation**
HDM: Hitachi Diagnostic Monitor**
HDM: hydrogel drssing manufacture**
HDM: Hypovigilance Diagnosis Module**
HDM: Hamming Distance Models*
HDM: High Density Metric*
HDM: Hypotetisk Deduktive Metoden*
HDM: Harvard Design Mapping*
HDM: Harley Davidson Motorcycles*
HDM: Hidden Dynamic Models*
HDM: High Definition Magnetics*
HDM: High Desert Mineral*
HDM: Hall Dielectric Machinery*
HDM: High Density Microsome*
HDM: Highways Design and Maintenance*
HDM: Hill Determinant Method*
HDM: Hospital Data Manager*
HDM: Haertel Design Multimedia*
HDM: Haiti Detailed Maps*
HDM: Hammond Digital Maps*
HDM: Harbaugh Drift Mine*
HDM: Hare Drift Mine*
HDM: Harley Davidson of Montreal*
HDM: Harrington Drift Mine*
HDM: Hart and Donelson Mine*
HDM: Haskins Drift Mine*
HDM: Haulk Drift Mine*
HDM: Hayes Drift Mine*
HDM: Hazel Dell Mine*
HDM: Heinz Damberger Mississippian*
HDM: Heinz Drift Mine*
HDM: Heiple Drift Mine*
HDM: Hendricks Drift Mine*
HDM: Heritage Database Manager*
HDM: Hesson Drift Mine*
HDM: Hickory Dell Mine*
HDM: Hillman Drift Mine*
HDM: Hillside Drift Mine*
HDM: Hoffman Drift Mine*
HDM: Holographic Dimensions in Miami*
HDM: Horkstrom Drift Mine*
HDM: Hornbeck Drift Mine*
HDM: Horsebuttocks and Drake Mines*
HDM: Hunky Dory Mine*
HDM: Hunt Drift Mine*
HDM: Hynd Drift Mine*

Note: Acronym Finder has 34 verified definitions for HDM

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