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What does GTP stand for?

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GTP: Graduate Teacher Programme****
GTP: Galois Translation Project****
GTP: Groundwater Treatment Plant****
GTP: Global Trader Programme****
GTP: Global Teenager Project****
GTP: Green Team Project****
GTP: Global Textile Partner***
GTP: Green Tea Polyphenols***
GTP: Greenwich Technology Partners***
GTP: Generic Test Plan***
GTP: Global Trade Programs***
GTP: GPRS Tunnelling Protocol***
GTP: Group of Topical***
GTP: Geothermal Training Programme***
GTP: Geophysical Turbulence Program***
GTP: Gas Technology Products***
GTP: GNOME Translation Project***
GTP: Graduate Teaching Programme***
GTP: Geospatial technology program***
GTP: GPRS Tunnel Protocol***
GTP: Graphic Target Profiling***
GTP: Ghana Textile Printing***
GTP: Group Transfer Polymerization***
GTP: Geometry Theorem Prover***
GTP: Global Thinking Project***
GTP: Good Trading Practice***
GTP: Global Tiger Patrol***
GTP: Guanosine Tri Phosphate***
GTP: Green Transport Plans***
GTP: Global Test Platform***
GTP: gastric terminal portion**
GTP: glycated total protein**
GTP: Glycosylated total protein**
GTP: GPI Tally Processor**
GTP: gustin transportation products**
GTP: alpha-(32)P]guanosine triphosphate**
GTP: ATP)/guanosine triphosphate**
GTP: GDP)-guanosine triphosphate**
GTP: Glean the Planet**
GTP: microM-guanosine triphosphate**
GTP: Generalized Tri Prism**
GTP: green tea phenol extract**
GTP: green tea polyphenol extract**
GTP: green tea polyphenol fraction**
GTP: gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase**
GTP: gamma-glutamyl transpeptide**
GTP: GPRS Tunneling Protocols**
GTP: Global Telematics Protocol**
GTP: Grupo Tarifa Plana**
GTP: Group Technical Program**
GTP: Georgia Transportation Partners**
GTP: Generalized Trunk Protocol**
GTP: Graduate Trainee Programme**
GTP: Government Town Planner**
GTP: Girlfriend Training Program**
GTP: Gran Turismo Power**
GTP: Geraets Training Partners**
GTP: Gran Turismo 4 Page**
GTP: Grid Translator Pro**
GTP: Global Treeline Projects**
GTP: Global Tower Partners**
GTP: Golden Triangle Partnership**
GTP: Gas to Products**
GTP: Global Trade Point**
GTP: Gloucestershire Training Partnership**
GTP: GPRS Tunelling Protocol**
GTP: Ground Tactical Plan**
GTP: Glan Thompson Polarizer**
GTP: Gran Turismo Powerspeed**
GTP: Guanosine Triphos Phate**
GTP: General Text Parser**
GTP: GDP in the Transducinrhodopsin**
GTP: GeBIZ Trading Partners**
GTP: Ghana Textiles Printing**
GTP: Gas Turbines and Power**
GTP: Grady Trauma Project**
GTP: Grammar for Test Preparation**
GTP: Gas to Polyolefins*
GTP: Geometry and Topology Publications*
GTP: Good Tissue Practices*
GTP: Graduate Tax Program*
GTP: GTS Tournament Programs*
GTP: Genomics Teaching Place*
GTP: Gi This Process*
GTP: Global Trading Partners*
GTP: Group Transfer Protocol*
GTP: Good Teaching Practices*
GTP: GPRS Tunnneling Protocol*
GTP: Gastroenterology Teaching Project*
GTP: Generic Test Process*
GTP: Get Tiffany Pimps*
GTP: Good Thinking Program*
GTP: Ground Test Procedure*
GTP: Gualala Town Plan*
GTP: Guide to the Perplexed*
GTP: Good Times Porn*
GTP: Gypsy Theorem Prover*
GTP: Galesburg Till Plain*
GTP: Gary Thomas Presents*
GTP: Gary Titanic Page*
GTP: Garys Titanic Page*
GTP: Gemini Telescopes Project*
GTP: Geology Teaching Pages*
GTP: Georges Tegestology Page*
GTP: Glacial Till Plains*
GTP: Global Trading Post*
GTP: Go To Plain(text)*
GTP: Gold Treatment Plants*
GTP: Government Technology Policy*
GTP: Grinchs Tohshinden Page*
GTP: Guess The Pixel*

Note: Acronym Finder has 51 verified definitions for GTP

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