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GMS: Graduate Medical School****
GMS: Governments to Select****
GMS: Guard Monitoring System****
GMS: Green Map System****
GMS: General Multi System****
GMS: Government Metadata Standard****
GMS: Grand Master Series****
GMS: Global Medical Services****
GMS: gates millennium scholarship****
GMS: Georgia Merit System****
GMS: Globalization Management Systems****
GMS: Graduate Medical Sciences****
GMS: German Medical Science****
GMS: Grisham Middle School****
GMS: Girls Middle School****
GMS: General Micro Systems****
GMS: Gladwyne Montessori School****
GMS: Genomic Messaging System****
GMS: Growling Mad Scientists****
GMS: Global Market Survey****
GMS: Global Management Services****
GMS: Gimnazija Murska Sobota****
GMS: Griffin Marketing Services****
GMS: Gold Medal Schools****
GMS: Good Morning Securities****
GMS: Global Material Solutions***
GMS: Gas Metering System***
GMS: Games Management System***
GMS: Global Marketing Systems***
GMS: Global Manufacturing Solutions***
GMS: Global Marketing Services***
GMS: Gender Management System***
GMS: George Mitchell School***
GMS: Grant Management System***
GMS: Gaming Management System***
GMS: Groundwater Modeling Software***
GMS: Golf Marketing Services***
GMS: Gomori Methenamine Silver***
GMS: Georgia Mineral Society***
GMS: Grant Manager S***
GMS: Gainesville Middle School***
GMS: Gigabit Multilayer Switching***
GMS: Global Monitoring System***
GMS: Goshen Middle School***
GMS: Geostationary Meteorological Satellites***
GMS: Golf Management Solutions***
GMS: Gross Merchandise Sales***
GMS: Gaithersburg Middle School***
GMS: General Mechanical Services***
GMS: Global Market Search***
GMS: Grassland Middle School***
GMS: Grooming Mounting Step***
GMS: Governor Morehead School***
GMS: Gilmer Middle School***
GMS: Global Management Solution***
GMS: Gas Management Software***
GMS: Go to Market Services***
GMS: Glycol Mono Stearate***
GMS: Garrison Middle School (Walla Walla, WA)***
GMS: Gladewater Middle School (Gladewater, TX)***
GMS: Gonzales Middle School (Gonzales, LA)***
GMS: Gove Middle School (Denver, CO)***
GMS: Grant Middle School (Denver, CO)***
GMS: Greer Middle School (Greer, SC)***
GMS: Griffin Middle School (High Point, NC)***
GMS: Grissom Middle School (Mishawaka, IN)***
GMS: Guilford Middle School (Greensboro, NC)***
GMS: Group Membership Service***
GMS: Greater Mekong Subregional***
GMS: Game Management Software***
GMS: Geïntegreerd Meldkamer Systeem***
GMS: Gerolf Markup Shredder***
GMS: Gospel Meets Symphony***
GMS: Golf Management Systems***
GMS: Georgetown Middle School***
GMS: Global Marketing Strategies***
GMS: General Monitoring Services***
GMS: Graphics Metafile Standard***
GMS: Gandhi Memorial School***
GMS: global management solutions***
GMS: Global Management Server***
GMS: Global Medical Staffing***
GMS: Growth Management Services***
GMS: Grup Municipal Socialista***
GMS: Gender Management Systems***
GMS: Grant Maintained Schools***
GMS: Guardian Metal Sales***
GMS: Guardian Mortgage Services***
GMS: Genetic Management System***
GMS: Gazetteer Management System***
GMS: Generator and Motor Services***
GMS: Gasoline Management System***
GMS: Global Material Services***
GMS: Great Minds Software***
GMS: Government Metadata Standards***
GMS: Global Management Systems***
GMS: Geographic Modeling Systems***
GMS: Great Mekong Sub***
GMS: Global Mission Society***
GMS: Group Medical Services***
GMS: Gisborne Montessori School***
GMS: Genealogy Management System***
GMS: Gdynia Maritime School***
GMS: Groundwater Modelling System***
GMS: Geosynchronous Meteorological Satellite***
GMS: Garantie Management System***
GMS: General Merchandising Store***
GMS: Graphical Modeling System***
GMS: Genomic Mismatch Scanning***
GMS: General Medical Subsidy***
GMS: Global Media Solution***
GMS: General Medical Sciences***
GMS: Glycerol Mono Stearate***
GMS: Greater Mekhong Subregion***
GMS: Geophysical Monitoring System***
GMS: Glenrosa Middle School***
GMS: General MIDI Standard***
GMS: Government Members Secretariat***
GMS: Glen Mills School***
GMS: Graphical Management System**
GMS: Grace Media Services**
GMS: Geologic Map Series**
GMS: gastrointestinal motor stimulating**
GMS: gel mobility shift**
GMS: general master sequence**
GMS: Genome-mismatch scanning**
GMS: Geriatric Mental Scale**
GMS: giant motor synapse**
GMS: Global Mood Scale**
GMS: glucose mineral salts**
GMS: glucose-mannose sensitive**
GMS: goat milk serum**
GMS: governing mental system**
GMS: Grocott methenamine silver**
GMS: Grocott methenamine-silver**
GMS: Grocotts methenamine silver**
GMS: Ground Mission Segment**
GMS: guided microwave spectroscopy**
GMS: Gold Micro Shunt**
GMS: Geriatric Mental State**
GMS: Gilman Management Services**
GMS: Global Micro Solutions**
GMS: General Medical Scheme**
GMS: General Measurement System**
GMS: Gallagher Marine Services**
GMS: Georgia Microscopical Society**
GMS: Group Membership System**
GMS: Guernsey Marketing Service**
GMS: Ga-67 myocardial scan**
GMS: general medical and surgical**
GMS: Geriatric Mental State Examination**
GMS: Geriatric Mental State schedule**
GMS: Geriatric Mental Status interview**
GMS: Geriatric Mental Status Schedule**
GMS: Gomori methenamine silver nitrate**
GMS: Gomori methenamine silver stain**
GMS: Gomori's methenamide silver**
GMS: Gomori's methenamine-silver**
GMS: Grocott methenamine-silver nitrate**
GMS: Grocott's methanemine silver**
GMS: Grocott's methenamine silver**
GMS: Global MultiMedia Service**
GMS: Glas Metall Salzgeber**
GMS: Gulf Management Services**
GMS: General Monitors Systems**
GMS: Graphic Modeling System**
GMS: Guided Missile Squadron**
GMS: Ghatwary Medical Supply**
GMS: Gopakumar Minwalla Strominger**
GMS: Groundwater Modelling Software**
GMS: Great Mutant Skywheel**
GMS: 90Y-glass microspheres**
GMS: Genetically Modified Seeds**
GMS: Global Measuring System**
GMS: General Mystery Shopping**
GMS: Gomori Methanamine Silver**
GMS: Guarantee Management System**
GMS: Gatan Microscopy Suite**
GMS: Golf Masters Software**
GMS: Gypsum Management and Supply**
GMS: Great Meteor Seamount**
GMS: General Meetings of Shareholders**
GMS: General Military Subjects**
GMS: General Music System**
GMS: Group Management Services**
GMS: Groundwater Management System**
GMS: Gudrun Malmers Stiftelse**
GMS: Gaskill Middle School**
GMS: GSA Management Services**
GMS: General Motors Supplier**
GMS: Geriatric Medicine Society**
GMS: Game Marketing Solutions**
GMS: Gemtec Machinery Systems**
GMS: Global Multilingual Solutions**
GMS: Gas Mass Spectrometry**
GMS: global market share**
GMS: Gas Mass Spectrometer**
GMS: Gloucestershire Minibus Scheme**
GMS: Glebe Montessori School**
GMS: Generalised Matching Service**
GMS: Girth and Mirth of Sydney**
GMS: Global Maintenance System**
GMS: Global Memory Service**
GMS: Grice Middle School**
GMS: Geometric Modeling System**
GMS: Global Mining Services**
GMS: Greater Maekong Sub**
GMS: Gloucester Museum School**
GMS: Groot Motorgas Systemen**
GMS: Group Management Server**
GMS: Genomics Messaging System**
GMS: Goodman Masson Shaw**
GMS: Graves Motor Sports**
GMS: Games Master System**
GMS: Gas Monitoring Service**
GMS: Gesture and Motion Signal**
GMS: Global Movie Services**
GMS: Greater Milwaukee Survey**
GMS: Garantie Management Systems**
GMS: General Mohyal Sabha**
GMS: Global Mapping Satellite**
GMS: Garden Moth Scheme**
GMS: Gemeenschappelijk Meldkamer Systeem**
GMS: General Management Services**
GMS: Global Machinery Systems**
GMS: Government Management System**
GMS: Grapevine Middle School**
GMS: Graphic Management System**
GMS: Gage Management System**
GMS: Global Manufacturing Systems**
GMS: Grocott Methanamine Silver**
GMS: Ground Movement Surveillance**
GMS: Growth Management System**
GMS: Genetically Modified Source**
GMS: Global Memory System**
GMS: Global Movement Strategies**
GMS: Gate Management System**
GMS: Geostationary Meteorology Satellite**
GMS: Global Mask Short**
GMS: Gain Monitoring System**
GMS: GARP Modelling System**
GMS: General Magic Software**
GMS: Generic Managed System**
GMS: Global Meteorological Satellite**
GMS: General Management Support**
GMS: Geostationary Meterological Satellite**
GMS: Greely Middle School**
GMS: Green Medical Systems**
GMS: Ground Monitor Station**
GMS: Game Maker Schools*

Note: Acronym Finder has 86 verified definitions for GMS

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