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GMC: Grace Mennonite Church****
GMC: Guidance for Medical****
GMC: Global Mission Church****
GMC: Goa Medical College****
GMC: Gossen Metrawatt Camille****
GMC: General Meeting Committee****
GMC: Government Medical College****
GMC: General Management Club****
GMC: George Medi Clinic****
GMC: global music centre****
GMC: Greater Miami Conference****
GMC: Greater Midwest Chapter****
GMC: Girard Medical Center****
GMC: Global Marketing Conference****
GMC: German Mouse Clinic****
GMC: Global Mind Control****
GMC: Glass Matrix Composite****
GMC: Global Movement for Children***
GMC: Germantown Mennonite Church***
GMC: Grassroots Media Coalition***
GMC: Giant Map Clans***
GMC: Glomerular Mesangial Cells***
GMC: General Motors Canada***
GMC: Geovic Mining Corp***
GMC: General Motion Control***
GMC: GNOME Midnight Commander***
GMC: Greater Middlesex Conference***
GMC: Growth Management Chapter***
GMC: Grant MacEwan College***
GMC: Granulocyte Macrophage Colony***
GMC: Geometric Mean Concentrations***
GMC: Global Management Center***
GMC: Granger Medical Clinic***
GMC: Grants Management Center***
GMC: G M Corporation***
GMC: Groundwater Management Committee***
GMC: Giant Molecular Clouds***
GMC: Gas Machinery Conference***
GMC: Good Moral Character***
GMC: Global Mobile Congress***
GMC: Gothenburg Medical Center***
GMC: Global Motorsports Congress***
GMC: Global Mass Conservation***
GMC: Gomal Medical College***
GMC: Global Marine Communications***
GMC: Genetically Modified Crops***
GMC: Guntur Municipal Corporation***
GMC: Goal Motivation and Conflict***
GMC: Gas Market Company***
GMC: Gland Mucous Cells***
GMC: guaranteed mortgage certificate***
GMC: General Motor Corp***
GMC: Gillingham Methodist Church***
GMC: Gospel Music Centre***
GMC: Georganiseerde Misdaad Club***
GMC: Group Management Committee***
GMC: Global Mining Corporation***
GMC: Georgia Mathematics Conference***
GMC: Glomerular Mesangial Cell***
GMC: Golby Motor Corporation***
GMC: Glasow Management Consulting***
GMC: Geographic Managed Care***
GMC: General Milling Corporation***
GMC: Global Ministry Center***
GMC: Greater Milwaukee Committee***
GMC: Governance and Management Capability***
GMC: Grace Methodist Church***
GMC: General Motors Coach***
GMC: General Management Consultants***
GMC: Guildford Methodist Church***
GMC: Gulf Metal Craft***
GMC: Global Machinery Company***
GMC: Greater Manchester Club***
GMC: Guaranteed Mortgage Certificates***
GMC: Gilmour and Michael***
GMC: General Medicine Clinic***
GMC: Global Mfg Corp***
GMC: Gold Medal Collection***
GMC: Guided Missile Cruiser***
GMC: Grant Medical Center***
GMC: Global Manufacturing and China***
GMC: Geologic Materials Center***
GMC: Ghana Manganese Company***
GMC: Greek Modern Castings***
GMC: General Merchandise Consolidators***
GMC: Gold Medal Classroom***
GMC: Guild Mortgage Company***
GMC: Greek Meister Clan***
GMC: Gibbs Monte Carlo***
GMC: Group Member Certificate***
GMC: Gainsborough Methodist Church***
GMC: Ghana Mennonite Church***
GMC: Georgetown Municipal Complex***
GMC: Generalised Monte Carlo***
GMC: General Management Certificate***
GMC: Guidance Management Corporation***
GMC: General Mountaineering Camp***
GMC: Giant Motor Company**
GMC: Gear Matching Club**
GMC: gastric mucosal capillaries**
GMC: gastric mucous cells**
GMC: gene-modified cells**
GMC: geriatric mock clinic**
GMC: gingival margin cleaning**
GMC: granular multinucleated cell**
GMC: granulocyte-macrophage cells**
GMC: granulocyte-macrophage colonies**
GMC: Guwahati Municipal Corporation**
GMC: gas mask colony**
GMC: Gingival Mononuclear Cells**
GMC: Gerren Motor Company**
GMC: Gaming Marketing Conference**
GMC: Goal Motivation Conflict**
GMC: PG/glyceryl monocaprylate**
GMC: Gnomish Marine Corps**
GMC: Gold Medal Concours**
GMC: Grace Memorial Church**
GMC: Geek of Mass Communications**
GMC: Global Malayalee Council**
GMC: General Medical Council's**
GMC: geometric mean antibody concentrations**
GMC: geometric mean microfilarial count**
GMC: geometric mean titre concentrations**
GMC: guard cell mother cells**
GMC: gulf medical centre**
GMC: GNU Midnight Commander**
GMC: Ganglion Mother Cells**
GMC: General Medical Coucil**
GMC: General Minerals Corporation**
GMC: Global Measurement Committee**
GMC: German Malay Club**
GMC: Graduate Materials Council**
GMC: General Medial Council**
GMC: Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation**
GMC: General Motion Controller**
GMC: Group the Managing Company**
GMC: Guangxi Medical College**
GMC: General Military Council**
GMC: General Military Courses**
GMC: Germann Management Consulting**
GMC: Guildford Mountaineering Club**
GMC: Geiger Mueller Counter**
GMC: government member council**
GMC: Greater Mission Consortium**
GMC: Global Ministry Conference**
GMC: Gateway Motorcycle Club**
GMC: Guangzhou Metro Corporation**
GMC: Group Merchandising Conference**
GMC: General Medical Clinic**
GMC: Ghana Multimedia Centre**
GMC: Gear Measurement Center**
GMC: Gruppo Mineralogico Cremonese**
GMC: Generate Machine Check**
GMC: Glasgow Metropolitan College**
GMC: General Milling Corp**
GMC: Generalised Multi Carrier**
GMC: Generalized Medical Condition**
GMC: Global Missions Conference**
GMC: Greenlaw Marshall Communications**
GMC: Gaofeng Mining Co**
GMC: Global Modding Community**
GMC: Ground Movement Chart**
GMC: Graduate Management Committee**
GMC: Grid Management Committee**
GMC: Ghana Malaria Centre**
GMC: Galkayo Medical Center**
GMC: General Music Council**
GMC: Gingival Mononuclear Cell**
GMC: Global Monitoring Committee**
GMC: Grounds Management Committee**
GMC: Game Masters Clan**
GMC: General Marine Contracting**
GMC: Getting More Coffee**
GMC: Glass Material Council**
GMC: Gross Maximum Capacity**
GMC: Galveston Musical Club**
GMC: Garrett Motors in Coolidge**
GMC: Glenn Medical Center**
GMC: Goldberg McDuffie Communications**
GMC: Graphics Media Center**
GMC: Grievance and Mediation Committee**
GMC: GSM Mobility Controller**
GMC: Gulf Mission Center**
GMC: German Marketing Center**
GMC: Glenn Martin Cannon**
GMC: Great Mountain Chevy**
GMC: greenhaven mothers club**
GMC: Garrett Motors Coolidge*
GMC: Global Management Consortium*
GMC: Got Mechanic Coming*
GMC: Grants Management Committee*
GMC: Gas Market Connector*
GMC: Gatlin Mechanical Contractors*
GMC: Geology and Mines Commission*
GMC: Georgia Municipal County*
GMC: Gas Measurement Committee*
GMC: Geneseo Migrant Center*
GMC: Gimme More Clan*
GMC: Goodguys Motor Co*
GMC: Government Management Center*
GMC: Grabowski Motor Corp*
GMC: Gem and Mineral Club*
GMC: GM as the Chevrolet*
GMC: Golf Medien Cup*
GMC: GAS Measurement Cycle*
GMC: Glenrothes Motorsport Club*
GMC: Governance and Management Committee*
GMC: Group Member Capability*
GMC: General Machinery Corporation*
GMC: GCCS Management Center*
GMC: Gestion Mecanizada de Circuitos*
GMC: Gibraltar Manufacturing Company*
GMC: Governor Mel Carnahan*
GMC: Gardnyr Michael Capital*
GMC: Galesburg Mining Company*
GMC: Gallery Mall Classifieds*
GMC: Galva Mining Company*
GMC: Ganglion Medical Center*
GMC: Ganister Minerals Company*
GMC: Geca Mines Congo*
GMC: Gem and Mineral Collection*
GMC: Gem and Mineral Collections*
GMC: Gene Mapping for Cows*
GMC: General Managers and Conservators*
GMC: General Materiel Category*
GMC: Geography the Mining Company*
GMC: Geologic Map Catalogue*
GMC: Geologic Map of Colorado*
GMC: Geologic Mapping in California*
GMC: Geological Mining Chemistry*
GMC: Geology at Missouri Columbia*
GMC: German Magazine for Climbing*
GMC: Ghibandy and Mackovich Coal*
GMC: Gibbons Mine Company*
GMC: Gibson Materials Company*
GMC: Ginte Mining Company*
GMC: Girls of Monroe County*
GMC: Gleicher Manufacturing Corporation*
GMC: Glenwood Mining Company*
GMC: Global Mineral and Chemical*
GMC: Golconda Mining Company*
GMC: Gold Mining and Cyanide*
GMC: Gold Museum Curator*
GMC: Golden Manufacturing Company*
GMC: Golden Mariah Carey*
GMC: Gospel Music Connection*
GMC: Gospel Music Connections*
GMC: Government Map of Canada*
GMC: Gray Matter Capital*

Note: Acronym Finder has 71 verified definitions for GMC

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