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GLS: Government Liquor Stores****
GLS: Global Learning Semesters****
GLS: Global Language Support****
GLS: Green Labelling Scheme****
GLS: Global Learning Systems****
GLS: Global Language Solutions****
GLS: Great Lakes Society****
GLS: great lakes swimming****
GLS: Global Life Satisfaction***
GLS: Government Law School***
GLS: Global Learning System***
GLS: Geography Learning System***
GLS: Government Liaison Services***
GLS: Government Legal Service***
GLS: Games Learning Society***
GLS: Golf League Secretary***
GLS: Grenade Launcher Sight***
GLS: Going Light Syndrom***
GLS: German Language School***
GLS: Government Land Sales***
GLS: Gross Llewellyn Smith***
GLS: Goodrich Lighting Systems***
GLS: gay lesbian sierrans***
GLS: Gospel Literature Service***
GLS: Guaranteed Loan System***
GLS: Gibbonsville Library Station (Gibbonsville, ID)***
GLS: Grace Lutheran School (Denver, CO)***
GLS: Greenwood-Leflore Library System (Greenwood, MS)***
GLS: Global Logistics Solutions***
GLS: Geographic Learning Site***
GLS: Great Lakes Symposium***
GLS: General Ledger Software***
GLS: global learning services***
GLS: Gypsy Lore Society***
GLS: Generalised Least Squares***
GLS: Grid Learning Services***
GLS: Grand Lodge Seal***
GLS: Garden Lawn Service***
GLS: Genetic Local Search***
GLS: Gordon L Seaman***
GLS: General Library System***
GLS: Guide Live Search***
GLS: Global Locating System***
GLS: Gallium Lanthanum Sulphide***
GLS: Global Laboratory Services***
GLS: Global Logistics Services***
GLS: General Legal Services***
GLS: Global Location System***
GLS: Guided Local Search***
GLS: Goose Lake Sucker***
GLS: Galerkin Least Squares***
GLS: Gorzowska Lecznica Specjalistyczna***
GLS: Gravelly Loamy Sand***
GLS: Guy Lewis Steele***
GLS: Global Linking Solutions***
GLS: Graduated Licensing System***
GLS: GUPTA License Service***
GLS: Global Liquidity Standard***
GLS: Guards of the Light Side***
GLS: Gas Liquid Solid***
GLS: Global Lithotripsy Services***
GLS: Global Logistic System***
GLS: Green Learning Station***
GLS: Great Lakes Strategies***
GLS: Gas Liquid Separator***
GLS: Great Lakes Section**
GLS: general learning system**
GLS: Generalized Lymphadenopathy Syndrome**
GLS: geometric least square**
GLS: geometric least squares**
GLS: geometric least-square**
GLS: glass-lined stainless**
GLS: glomerulus-like structures**
GLS: Graduated Licensing Study**
GLS: Gujarat Law Society**
GLS: Grazer Linguistische Studien**
GLS: Geek of Library Science**
GLS: Glasgow Li+¿ge Scale**
GLS: Glasgow-Li+¿ge Scale**
GLS: Global Load Sharing**
GLS: Gunbound Latino Service**
GLS: GPS Landing Systems**
GLS: Geodetic Laser Scanning**
GLS: Graduated Licensing Schemes**
GLS: Gutcher Lake Stock**
GLS: Gear Lubricant Special**
GLS: Gas Lift Station**
GLS: Gas Lock Siphon**
GLS: Great Lakes Shoreline**
GLS: Government Licensing System**
GLS: General Light Service**
GLS: German Language Studies**
GLS: Guide to Local Services**
GLS: gluteus superficialis muscle**
GLS: Golf League Software**
GLS: General Log in System**
GLS: Glen Logistic Services**
GLS: Global Linguist Solutions**
GLS: Georgia Lakes Society**
GLS: Greater Light Stone**
GLS: Gas Locked Siphon**
GLS: Global Logistics Systems**
GLS: Georgia Legal Services**
GLS: Global Law Scholars**
GLS: Global Line Search**
GLS: Government Loan Solutions**
GLS: Great Lakes Scrip**
GLS: Gem and Lapidary Society**
GLS: General Lighting Services**
GLS: golden light studios**
GLS: Graduate Library School**
GLS: Green Light Syndrome**
GLS: Gray Line of Seattle**
GLS: Gaelic Law Society**
GLS: Global Life Studies**
GLS: Global Limit Switches**
GLS: Global Locating Systems**
GLS: Golden Light Strawberry**
GLS: German Longrun Series**
GLS: Globalization Lecture Series**
GLS: Geomatic and Land Surveying**
GLS: great lakes storm**
GLS: Grid Line Slope**
GLS: Global Legalisation Services*
GLS: Group Legal Services*
GLS: General Ledger Secured*
GLS: General Lighting Surfaces*
GLS: General Logistics Sytems*
GLS: Global Landing System*
GLS: Grain Legumes Scheme*
GLS: Ground Loading Station*
GLS: Geo Logic Systems*
GLS: Geoffrey Lawrence Stacey*
GLS: Global Learning Sites*
GLS: Ground Logistics Support*
GLS: General Light Sources*
GLS: genta laras semesta*
GLS: Girth Limit Selection*
GLS: Global Locating Sensing*
GLS: Guest Lecture Series*
GLS: GLRSHLD Glare Shield*
GLS: Good Local Story*
GLS: Global Limit System*
GLS: German Language Service*
GLS: Generation Light Sources*
GLS: General Ledger Support*
GLS: General Luna Street*
GLS: Geotechnical Logging Society*
GLS: Government Law and Society*
GLS: Great Lake State*
GLS: Genetics Lab Student*
GLS: Geodesy List Server*
GLS: Geographical List of Servers*
GLS: Geography List Server*
GLS: Geography Lund Sweden*
GLS: Geologisches Landesamt des Saarlandes*
GLS: Geology at Louisiana State*
GLS: Geomorphology List Server*
GLS: Geostatistical Library Source*
GLS: Geostatistical Library Sources*
GLS: Gillespie Liberty Shaft*
GLS: Glass Lead Shaft*
GLS: Global Leasing Services*
GLS: Global Life Skills*
GLS: Global List of Servers*
GLS: Good Luck Shaft*
GLS: Gospic Licko Senjska*
GLS: Government List Servers*
GLS: Grant Louis and Son*
GLS: Graphics Library Server*
GLS: Grattendick and Lunte Shaft*
GLS: Graves Lone Star*
GLS: Greek Letters and Symbols*
GLS: GSvleborgs LSn Swedish*
GLS: Guide to Lovecraftian Sites*
GLS: Gullies of Lesser Size*

Note: Acronym Finder has 40 verified definitions for GLS

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