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GES: Government Economics Service****
GES: General Education School****
GES: Global Education Summit****
GES: Gemini Executive Search****
GES: Guadalupe Elementary School****
GES: GSFC Earth Sciences****
GES: Gatlin Education Services***
GES: Gender Equity Strategy***
GES: Grenada Electricity Services***
GES: Graysville Elementary School***
GES: Good Environmental Status***
GES: Generator Efficiency Standards***
GES: Global Entrepolis Singapore***
GES: Globe Express Services***
GES: Global Enterprise System***
GES: Global Election Systems***
GES: Ground Engineering Solutions***
GES: Georgetown Economic Services***
GES: Government Economic Services***
GES: Grace Evangelical Society***
GES: Ground Engineering Services***
GES: Geological and Environmental Sciences***
GES: Global Education Services***
GES: Gas Equipment Suppliers***
GES: Global Education System***
GES: Geography and Environmental Science***
GES: Gomez Elementary School***
GES: Glenville Elementary School***
GES: Grainwood Elementary School (Prior Lake, MN)***
GES: Greendale Elementary School (Abingdon, VA)***
GES: Greenleaf Elementary School (Apple Valley, MN)***
GES: Griffith Elementary School (Freeport, TX)***
GES: Guild Elementary School (Gallatin, TN)***
GES: Geography and Environmental Studies***
GES: Greenland Expedition Society***
GES: Greyhound Exposition Services***
GES: Geophysical Exploration Services***
GES: Geospatial Extension Specialist***
GES: Graduate Education Subcommittee***
GES: Grounding Electrode System***
GES: Globalisation Education and Societies***
GES: General Engineering and Science***
GES: Global Ethical Standard***
GES: Glass Engineering Science***
GES: Governors Education Symposium***
GES: Gigabit Ethernet Switch***
GES: Gastric Emptying Scan***
GES: Ghana Education Services***
GES: Groundwater Enviromental Services***
GES: Greening Earth Society***
GES: Geography and Earth Sciences***
GES: Global Economic Symposium***
GES: gig enterprise services***
GES: Georgia Entrepreneurs Society***
GES: Global Executive Search***
GES: Great Eastern Sun***
GES: Global Event Services***
GES: Global Energy Services***
GES: Gujarat Education Society***
GES: Gastric Electrical Stimulation***
GES: Gulidon Electro Station***
GES: Global Enterprise Services***
GES: General Estimate System***
GES: Gulf English School***
GES: Galileo Educational System***
GES: Gezondheids Effect Screening***
GES: Global Exploration Services***
GES: Giant Edison Screw***
GES: Geac Enterprise Solutions***
GES: Graphics Exchange Specification***
GES: Ground Earth Stations***
GES: General Engineering Services**
GES: Geochemistry of the Earth S**
GES: Gastric emptying scintigraphy**
GES: gastric emptying studies**
GES: gastric emptying study**
GES: gastric-emptying studies**
GES: Geriatric Evaluation Service**
GES: glucose/electrolytes solution**
GES: gradient elastic stockings**
GES: Graduated Embryo Score**
GES: Group E Streptococci**
GES: Global Electronics Solutions**
GES: Golden Eagle Safe**
GES: Gold Electroforming System**
GES: Gujarat Ecological Society**
GES: Globally Exponentially Stable**
GES: Geothermal Energy Society**
GES: Global Energy Systems**
GES: GAC to Establish**
GES: Group Environment Scale**
GES: gastric emptying of solids**
GES: Genel Elektrik Sistemleri**
GES: Granite Embedded Systems**
GES: Greenleaf Environmental Services**
GES: 2-guanidinoethane sulfonate**
GES: Glucose Electrolyte Solution**
GES: general environmental science**
GES: Generalized Estimation System**
GES: Gaz Effet de Serre**
GES: Gardner Erle Stanley**
GES: gastroesophageal reflux scintigraphy**
GES: General Estimation System**
GES: Geographical Enterprise Solutions**
GES: Gene Expression Signature**
GES: Grangeville Environmental Services**
GES: Gemeinschaft Evangelischer Soldatinnen**
GES: Geostatistics for Spatial**
GES: Groundwater Environmental Services**
GES: Global Environment Solutions**
GES: Geniko Epiteleio Stratou**
GES: Global Evaluation Scale**
GES: Ground Exploitation Station**
GES: Guam Employment Service**
GES: Greening European Security**
GES: Governing for Enterprise Security**
GES: Graduate Engineering Society**
GES: General Engineering Sub**
GES: Governance of Electrical Standards**
GES: Graduate Entrance Scholarship**
GES: Ground Electronic System**
GES: Global Educational Services**
GES: Global Energy Strategy**
GES: Globalisation Education Societies**
GES: Galactic East Side**
GES: Gilt Edged Securities**
GES: Global Enterprise Solutions**
GES: Group Event System**
GES: Greedy Equivalent Search**
GES: Geological and Economic Survey**
GES: Graduated Embryo Scoring**
GES: Grid Enterprise Services**
GES: Goldman Engelman Steitz**
GES: Groom Energy Solutions**
GES: Gretchen Everhart School**
GES: General Engineering Studies*
GES: Giner Electrochemical Systems*
GES: Greentech Energy Systems*
GES: Grupo Editorial Sinos*
GES: Generator Efektu Searla*
GES: Generic External Shell*
GES: Graduate Enrollment Services*
GES: Graduate Evaluation Services*
GES: Grupo de Engenharia de Software*
GES: Gay Education Strategies*
GES: General Episcopal Synod*
GES: Generic Environmental impact Statement*
GES: Geology and Environmental Sciences*
GES: Gifted Ed Staff*
GES: Guardian Environmental Services*
GES: Gardiner Elementary School*
GES: GCOS Environment Simulator*
GES: Gelman Envirochek Standard*
GES: Generator Entry System*
GES: Geographic Entry System*
GES: Geological Extension Service*
GES: Global Epidemiology Services*
GES: Greenfield Elementary School*
GES: Ground Exploitation System*
GES: Goddard Experiment SuPport*
GES: General Electronic Support*
GES: Geography Education Software*
GES: German Electron Synchrotron*
GES: Gender Equity in Sports*
GES: Geo Environmental Search*
GES: Glendale Elementary School*
GES: Graphics Exchange System*
GES: Ground Engineering Systems*
GES: Geological and Environmental Science*
GES: Geostationary Environmental Satellite*
GES: Gigabit Earth Station*
GES: Gigabit Earth Stations*
GES: Greenflow Environmental Services*
GES: Galway Elementary School*
GES: Ganch Enterprize Shaft*
GES: Garment Export System*
GES: Gazetteer England and Scotland*
GES: Geldhauser Efendi Schnief*
GES: General Enterprize Shaft*
GES: General Environmental Sources*
GES: Genesis Environmental Solutions*
GES: Geneva Earth Sciences*
GES: Geoindex Environmental Searcher*
GES: Geoscience and Engineering Software*
GES: Geosoft Earth Science*
GES: Geosystems Engineering Sources*
GES: Geotechnical Engineering Seepage*
GES: Global Entomology Server*
GES: Global Ethic Sustainability*
GES: Goldie Eade South*
GES: Goodwin Elementary School*
GES: Gopherable Environmental Studies*
GES: Governadoria do Estado da Sergipe*
GES: Governor Edward Schafer*
GES: Granger Elementary School*
GES: Graphic Edge Systems*
GES: Graphic Element Samples*
GES: Graphic Enter Store*
GES: Gravity Equipotential Surface*
GES: Greater Event as Specified*
GES: Guidelines for Efficient Surfing*
GES: Gulf Electronics System*
GES: Gymnastics Executive Suite*

Note: Acronym Finder has 52 verified definitions for GES

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