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What does GDF stand for?

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GDF: General Data File****
GDF: Growth Differentiation Factor****
GDF: Guides De France***
GDF: Game Developers Forum***
GDF: Grupo De Fundaciones***
GDF: Guide De France***
GDF: Geographic Data Files***
GDF: Graphics Data Format***
GDF: Graphic Display File***
GDF: General Directorate of Forests***
GDF: Growth and Differentiation Factor***
GDF: Glasnost Defense Fund***
GDF: German Defense Forces***
GDF: GRIPS Development Forum***
GDF: Group Development Fund***
GDF: Graphic Design File***
GDF: Guyana Defence Force***
GDF: Gaziers De France***
GDF: Growth and Differentiation Factors***
GDF: Geographic Data Format***
GDF: General Data Format***
GDF: Geophysical Data Facility***
GDF: Gnutella Developer Forum***
GDF: Guyana Defense Force***
GDF: Grassroots Development Framework***
GDF: gastric drip feeding**
GDF: GDI-displacement factor**
GDF: genomic damage fraction**
GDF: Gobo dietary fiber**
GDF: granulocyte-derived factor**
GDF: Growth Delay Factor**
GDF: growth- differentiation factor**
GDF: growth/differentiation factors**
GDF: General Distribution Function**
GDF: Gasoline Dispensing Facilities**
GDF: Green Development Foundation**
GDF: GEOS Dictionary File**
GDF: Generation Distribution Factor**
GDF: Good Day Fishing**
GDF: Guyanese Defence Force**
GDF: german delta force**
GDF: Graphic Data File**
GDF: Growth Differentiation Factors**
GDF: Generalized Degrees of Freedom**
GDF: General Directorate of Forestry**
GDF: Game Definition File**
GDF: General Discussion Forum**
GDF: Great Dane Foundation**
GDF: Global Drugs Facility**
GDF: GNOME Debugging Framework**
GDF: Growth Differentiating Factor**
GDF: Global Diamond Fund**
GDF: Geographical Data Files**
GDF: Guildford Development Framework**
GDF: General Directorate for Foundations**
GDF: Granular Diffusion Flame**
GDF: General Directorate of Fisheries**
GDF: Game Design and Finance**
GDF: Geospatial Database Framework**
GDF: Global Diversity Forum**
GDF: Global Diversity Foundation**
GDF: Gas Dispensing Facilities**
GDF: Generic Database Framework**
GDF: Global Defense Force**
GDF: Gender Diversity Forum**
GDF: Gildas Data File**
GDF: Google Domination Factor**
GDF: Green Disabled Foundation**
GDF: Group Defense Frigate**
GDF: Genetic Disease Foundation*
GDF: Graphics Data Files*
GDF: Guangdong Dev Fund*
GDF: Geospatial Data Framework*
GDF: Goose Downs Farm*
GDF: general dataformat for*
GDF: Ghost Dance Fault*
GDF: Global Digital Forensics*
GDF: Gnome Debugging Framewok*
GDF: Grenada Defence Force*
GDF: Galerie Du Forum*
GDF: Genealogical Discussion Forum*
GDF: Geschichte Des Fachbereichs*
GDF: Gintis Dan Fuzzy*
GDF: Goebel David and Family*
GDF: Grand Duchy of Fenwick*
GDF: Greater Detroit Freenet*
GDF: Guerra De F·tbol*

Note: Acronym Finder has 32 verified definitions for GDF

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