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What does GBA stand for?

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GBA: Game Boy Advancelle****
GBA: Gas Balancing Alert****
GBA: Georgian Bay Association****
GBA: Government Banking Account****
GBA: Games Based Approach****
GBA: Greater Bay Area****
GBA: Groen Brothers Aviation****
GBA: Greater Baltimore Alliance****
GBA: Global Business Assist****
GBA: Global Business Association****
GBA: Graduate Business Association***
GBA: Gay Business Amsterdam***
GBA: Genius Boys Academy***
GBA: Grameen Bank Approach***
GBA: Grange Business Association***
GBA: Global Billing Association***
GBA: Gahagan Bryant Associates***
GBA: George Butler Associates***
GBA: German Barbecue Association***
GBA: game boy adavance***
GBA: General Business Administration***
GBA: Gay Business Association***
GBA: Georgia Bankers Association***
GBA: Georgia Building Authority***
GBA: Georgia Balloon Association***
GBA: Global Business Academy***
GBA: Grace Baptist Academy (Kankakee, IL)***
GBA: Global Biodiversity Assessment***
GBA: General Baptist Association***
GBA: Global Basketball Alliance***
GBA: Games the Battle***
GBA: German Business Association***
GBA: Going to Be Any***
GBA: Glucosidase Beta Acid***
GBA: Germinal Beerschot Antwerpen***
GBA: Government Benefits Administrators***
GBA: Gibraltar Bankers Association***
GBA: Georgetown Baseball Association***
GBA: Gamecube and Also***
GBA: Global Business Administration***
GBA: Gallagher Benefit Administrators***
GBA: Global Banking Alliance***
GBA: Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie***
GBA: German Boxing Association***
GBA: Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus***
GBA: Group of Business Administration***
GBA: Groundwater Banking Authority***
GBA: Greater Beirut Area***
GBA: Ganglionic Blocking Agent***
GBA: Gamma Band Activity***
GBA: Genetic Bit Analysis***
GBA: Gaming Blog Advance***
GBA: Greenfield Baseball Association***
GBA: Global Business Agency***
GBA: Glendale Bar Association**
GBA: gall bladder adenocarcinoma**
GBA: Geriatric Basis Assessment**
GBA: Gliding bacterial adjuvant**
GBA: global biological activity**
GBA: glomerular binding activity**
GBA: glomerular binding assay**
GBA: Greater Buenos Aires**
GBA: group B antigen**
GBA: guanidino butyric acid**
GBA: guided bone augmentation**
GBA: Guilt-by-Association**
GBA: Governing Bodies Association**
GBA: Government Buildings Agency**
GBA: Group Benefit Administrators**
GBA: Group Benefits Agency**
GBA: Good Beginnings Alliance**
GBA: Global Bill Acceptors**
GBA: Gender Budget Analyse**
GBA: Green Builders Alliance**
GBA: 4-guanidinobenzoic acid**
GBA: gamma-guanidinobutyric acid**
GBA: Greater Bangor Area**
GBA: group B polysaccharidic antigen**
GBA: Group Brokerage Associates**
GBA: Groton Business Association**
GBA: Gossens Bachman Architects**
GBA: Glog Blog Archive**
GBA: Government Benefits Administration**
GBA: Global Basketball Association**
GBA: Grain Biotech Australia**
GBA: Goulbourn Basketball Association**
GBA: Greater Banjul Area**
GBA: Group Benefit Associates**
GBA: Guernsey Blind Association**
GBA: Georgia Bowhunters Association**
GBA: Greater Bothell Association**
GBA: Gillett Business Association**
GBA: Group on Business Affairs**
GBA: Grace Baptist Academy**
GBA: Gulf British Academy**
GBA: Game Bioy Advance**
GBA: Grenada Bar Association**
GBA: Gudang Berlesen Awam**
GBA: Good Beginning Alliance**
GBA: Guyana Bar Association**
GBA: Guam Bankers Association**
GBA: Global Benefit Associates**
GBA: Global Boxing Association**
GBA: Glocester Business Association**
GBA: Group of Booksellers Associations**
GBA: Gainesville Builders Association**
GBA: Gay Business Alliance**
GBA: Greenfield Business Association**
GBA: game banjo advance**
GBA: Gobal Bill Acceptor**
GBA: Green Brain Associates**
GBA: Graphics Blow Away*
GBA: Game Boy Adanced*
GBA: Geologische Bundesanstalt Austria*
GBA: Gloucestershire Bowling Association*
GBA: Guild Basic Agreement*
GBA: Gainesville Bisexual Alliance*
GBA: Gambia Bar Association*
GBA: Game BoyB Advance*
GBA: Gauteng Backpackers Association*
GBA: Georgia Badminton Association*
GBA: Ghana Business Alliance*
GBA: Guide by AlasterB*
GBA: Guide by Awasai*
GBA: Gemstone Brokerage Associates*
GBA: Ghana Booksellers Association*
GBA: Guide by Android50*
GBA: Guide by Aspartate*
GBA: Game Builders Academy*
GBA: Geo Business Association*
GBA: Geostationary Broadcast Area*
GBA: Glenolden Business Association*
GBA: Goodnews Bay Alaska*
GBA: Graduate Biochemists Association*
GBA: Gordon Bailey Assoicates*
GBA: Gary Boone Atlanta*
GBA: Gem Brokerage Associates*
GBA: Geodetic Benchmarks by Area*
GBA: Global Ballooning Austalia*
GBA: Global Benchmarks Alliance*
GBA: Gordon Bailey and Assoicates*
GBA: Guide to the Book Arts*

Note: Acronym Finder has 33 verified definitions for GBA

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