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What does GATE stand for?

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GATE: Growing America Through Entrepreneurship***
GATE: Gypsy and Traveller Education***
GATE: Gypsy and Traveller Exchange***
GATE: Government and Technology Enterprise***
GATE: German Airport Technology Equipment***
GATE: Geelong Adult Training and Education***
GATE: Golden Apple Teacher Education***
GATE: Geant4 Application for Tomographic Emission***
GATE: Global Academic Travel Experience***
GATE: Gifted and Talented Enrichment***
GATE: Geant4 Application for Emission***
GATE: Guide to Academic Training and Education***
GATE: Guaranteed Admission for Transfer Entry***
GATE: Guaranteed Access to Education***
GATE: Global Awareness Through Experience***
GATE: Gay Alliance Toward Equality***
GATE: Golf and Trout Estate***
GATE: German Appropriate Technology and Ecoefficiency***
GATE: gamma-activated transcriptional element**
GATE: genetically assisted target evaluation**
GATE: Glenn Alliance for Technology Exchange**
GATE: Global Alliance for Transforming Education**
GATE: Gay Alliance for Tolerance and Equality**
GATE: gamma-IFN activated transcriptional element**
GATE: gamma-IFN-activated transcriptional element**
GATE: General Aviation Telephonic Entry**
GATE: Ghana Association of Teachers of English**
GATE: Gang Awareness Training Education**
GATE: Guide to the Administration of Trusts and Estates**
GATE: Georgia Association of Teacher Educators**
GATE: Global Association of Teachers of Economics**
GATE: Global Alliance for Trade Efficiency**
GATE: Gay Alliance Towards Equality**
GATE: General Aviation Turbine Engine**
GATE: Global Alliance for Timeshare Excellence**
GATE: Georgia Association of Educational**
GATE: Girls and Technology Education**
GATE: Global Asia Trade Exchange**
GATE: Global Assets and Technology Exchange**
GATE: Gregory Abels Training Ensemble**
GATE: Glendive Agri Trade Exposition**
GATE: Global Alliance for Technology and Education**
GATE: Government Alliance for Training Education**
GATE: Growth in Agriculture Through Education**
GATE: General Aptitude in Terror and Extremism**
GATE: Graham Alliance on Tobacco Education**
GATE: Graduate Aptitude Test Examination**
GATE: Gaining Access to Training Employment**
GATE: Global Association of Technology Experts**
GATE: Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers**
GATE: GPRS Application Test Environment**
GATE: Ground to Air Transmitter**
GATE: Global Associates for Transformational Education**
GATE: Graduate Apptitude Test in Engineering**
GATE: Gift and Talented Education*
GATE: Global Automotive Technology Exchange*
GATE: Guide to Acquisition Training and Education*
GATE: Guide to Assistive Technology Experiences*
GATE: Gentle Art of True Education*
GATE: Government Agencies Technology Exchange*
GATE: Government Assistance for Tertiary Education*
GATE: Group for Action Together in Europe*
GATE: Galashiels Action for Teenage Enablement*
GATE: Gambling Addiction Treatment Evaluation*
GATE: Gamma Trial for Emergencies*
GATE: Generalized Algebraic Translator Extended*
GATE: Generic Analytical Technology for Enterprises*
GATE: Global Atlantic Tropical Experiment*
GATE: Global Awareness in Teacher Education*
GATE: Global Atmosphere Tropical Experiment*
GATE: Graphical Analysis Tool Environment*
GATE: general access transport extension*
GATE: Guatemalan Auto Theft Enforcement*

Note: Acronym Finder has 24 verified definitions for GATE

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